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Despite being used interchangeably, the interpretation of the terms is not synonymous. Interpretation refers to the spoken transference of meaning between two languages.

During interpretation, the conversion between the two languages depends on the skill and understanding of the interpreter. He has minimum or no access to a dictionary which is vital for the correct conversion. Moreover, the accuracy of the conversion depends on the experience of the interpreter which is an intangible metric, making the standardization process difficult.

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The translation is a long and descriptive process that involves the understanding of the subject idea, conversion, and presentation of complex ideas in most simple terms. Depending on the language and the culture the complexity will vary. Some languages are inherently difficult to understand and assimilate. Even though we have technologies such as google translate, our understanding of the language will remain limited to the literal meaning, without realizing the underlying thought.

A translator has time and access to resources (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) to produce a faithful, true, and accurate document or verbal artifact (in the case of a recorded text). They believe that it is more important to decipher the meaning of the document rather than interpret it as fast as possible. As explained above, is a long and extensive process that requires in-depth knowledge of the field in purview and also allied field of study.

At GLOBIBO, all proofreading services are undertaken by native-speaking translators who have relevant technical industry experience to suit your audience. They come from diverse domains of expertise that is important to proofread and create a document free from errors and punctuations.

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Translation & Interpretation FAQ

1. Why should I choose Globibo’s translation services?

Globibo offers comprehensive translation services in various languages. We follow ISO standards and provide quality service every time. You should choose us because we are approved by several government agencies and embassies. In case, you need a translation service for an emergency project, we have an express delivery option available as well.

2. Do I need professional translation services?

With the help of a professional translation service, you can take your brand from good to the best. Globibo’s experienced translation experts will allow you to reduce common errors, improve workflow and prevent delays, handle different types of projects, and most importantly get your work quality to the top.

3. Do you also provide proofreading services?

Globibo has a team of trusted native-speaking translators that offers genuine proofreading services. Our translators have the relevant industry experience to get the job done effectively. Discuss your project with our professionals today.

Globibo’s Edge in Translation:

  1. Globibo is approved & accepted in many government agencies, embassies, consulates, and chambers in different countries
  2. Globibo uses the latest Management Tools and a huge Template Database to speed up quality translate
  3. Globibo follows ISO standards, as well as internal policies to ensure world-class Quality
  4. Globibo offers translator services for all language combinations and file- / media -formats
  5. Globibo has a broad pool of native, experienced translators with varying industry backgrounds.
  6. Globibo provides an express delivery option for urgent projects with global delivery centers
  7. Globibo deploys industry-specific movement practices for areas like Legal, financial, Book, art, resume, medical, Sworn, certified, technical, website, contract, and Business plan translations.
  8. Globibo provides two Translate delivery options i.e., Hard Copy movement delivery and/or soft copy movement delivery.

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Globibo Translate means world-class Quality based on global standards like EN 15038, ISO 11669, ASTM 2575, CAN 131.10, and J2450. Globibo Translator means worldwide recognition from most government agencies, embassies, consulates, and chambers. Globibo movement means any language combination and any file format. Globibo Translate means Translator Management Software agnostic - we will use what makes the most sense to you, not our associated software company.

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