Conference Equipment

Conference equipment plays a major role in conferences, discussions, meetings, and presentations. Our conference equipment solutions are easy to install and vary as per the nature of the meeting and the number of participants attending. We provide powerful equipment for small and large-scale events based on international standards.

Conference equipment includes a broad range of equipment. This traditionally includes Audio & Visual conference equipment as well as software components to connect the Conference Equipment:

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Audio Hardware

Visual Hardware

Conference Microphones

Conference Microphone equipment are devices that transmit audio from one or more multiple speakers to an audio system. The conference microphone uses different transmission technology and hardware casing to provide the best support to the participants. The audio system finally manages a set of microphones and distributes the sound publicly or via other transmission channels. Without Conference microphones, it will be very difficult for the speaker to convey his/her message to the larger group of Audiences in an event.

Globibo offers a wide range of wired and wireless conference microphones: To know more, please go to

Conference Audio System

Conference Audio Systems are needed in the conference to connect one or multiple microphones to one or multiple audio speakers. The system permits the calibration of the audio as well as to manage all microphones within the conference setup. Globibo offers different types of Conference Audio systems with the corresponding active, passive or studio or subwoofer speakers.

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Video Conferencing Equipment or Conference Video System

Video conference equipment is generally used to connect with the stakeholders, and the team working remotely. Every client’s requirements vary. Selecting the right video conference software is important. Video conference software must have the following features:

Standard conferences also require a setup of video screens/displays, responsive screens, and audio and video integration.

Globibo provides both types of Video conferencing setup. To know more about the conference video system contact our consultant

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Conference Voting System

Conference Voting equipment. is a responsive tool that increases the engagement of participants and creates valuable data that can be used during or after the conference. Along with enhancing the interactivity level of the presentation, the technology can be used to capture participants' preferences, opinions, suggestions, and responses for analysis. We provide various types of voting systems including hardware-based voting systems and mobile-app-based integrated voting systems.

The results and polls can be presented immediately along with insightful analytics. Furthermore, we can integrate voting systems in your company’s software and/or mobile applications via our extensive API library.

Conference Software & Applications

Globibo also offers software and application infrastructure that helps manage different elements of the conference. For example, our Conference mobile application is integrated with hardware components such as RFID, NFC, iBeacon, printers, scanners, SI systems, and a broad spectrum of native technologies.

Virtual Conferences are driven via our Virtual Conference Management Platform that integrates with all major public and private 3rd-party streaming & video conference services.

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Conference Equipment FAQ

Q1. What are conference audio systems?

Ans: These are the equipment required to connect one or more than one microphones to one or more than one speakers. With a variety of conference audio systems offered by Globibo, you can easily manage all microphones used in the conference and more. Contact our team and get detailed information.

Q2. How do I choose the perfect video conference software?

Ans: If you are looking for a video conference software that ensures the conference goes uninterrupted check for a few features while choosing one. For example, the quality of the video should be HD, it should allow screen sharing, recording, and chat features.

Q3. What is included in conference equipment?

Ans: Conference equipment consists of two main types of hardware Visual Hardware and Audio Hardware. This equipment is necessary to help participants gain a clear idea of all discussions in a conference.

Q4. Is there software used in conference equipment?

Ans: Yes, Globibo uses software to integrate the hardware components with various application infrastructures. Software is also used if videos of the conference are live-streamed or when hardware like printers has to be integrated.

Q5. Why is the video conferencing equipment necessary?

Ans: The video equipment is necessary to help the participants who want to attend the conference remotely. They can watch live streaming of the meeting and even participate in it.

Q6. Does Globibo conference equipment offer a voting system?

Ans: Yes, with our conference equipment, you can increase participation from stakeholders. Our mobile app-based voting system makes it easy for participants joining the conference remotely to place their votes.