Professional Voice-over Services

Professional Voice-over Communication Service

Professional Voice-over Services

What is a Voice-over? Imagine your company has just launched a new range of skin products, and your marketing department is developing a short video clip for social media. They have decided on the following scenario - A beautiful woman is waking up early in the morning - as she opens her dreamy, half-closed hazel eyes - a voice gently echoes from somewhere: “Feel alive as you wake up…a whole new day…a whole new experience…a whole new feel…the soft touch of your skin…”.

Hence, a voice-over is a production technique whereby a voice that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic) is used in radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. The Voice-over may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice talent.

Why do a Voice-over? A Voice-over in your advertisements helps you connect with your customers when they watch and listen to your advertisement. Here at Globibo, our voice-over experts will help you communicate your unique brand to your customers with the perfect voice, words, tone, emotions, energy, image, etc. so that your brand or “the voice” remains in their minds.

Understand in-depth the process of a professional voice-over service in our blog ‘Professional Voiceover Process’

For your Voice-over projects, Globibo has:

  • More than 50 Voice-over Languages are available
  • Own technical equipment and sound installations for Voice-over
  • Experienced Voice-over artists on board
  • Experience Project Managers to handle your Voice-over projects
  • Advanced editing tools for the best Voice-over Audio quality

Voice-over Translation Service

Voice-over translation is a common requirement in different media. For classical movies, the sound is normally voiced by at least four actors. The voice artists try to match the original voice and preserve the intonation. The main reason for the use of this type of translation is that, unlike synchronized voice translation, it takes a relatively short time to produce as there is no need to synchronize the voices with the character's lip movements, which is compensated by the quieted original audio. When there is no speaking in the film for some time, the original sound is turned up.

Are you not quite sure about the difference between voice-over and dubbing? Read the blog ‘Voice-over vs Dubbing’

Voice-over Artists

One of the most important things for Voice-over projects is that we identify the right Voice-over artists for you. Globibo has a large pool of professional Voice-over talents on standby to commence small or large-scale projects. To make sure that we allocate the best Voice-over artist for your project, we carefully review the following criteria:

a) Language proficiency: Globibo, first of all, check the working Language pair of the Voice-over artist and his or her proficiency in that particular language

b) Tone: Globibo checks the Voice-over samples of a particular artist to check the tone, accent, and clarity in his/her voice. The Voice-over artist must be understandable to the customers, and if possible with the same accent or language. For example, the English language accent could be either British or American.

c) Voice-over Experience: Globibo then checks the experience of the voice-over talent, if the person is matching the requirements of a particular project.

d) Age: It is necessary to ascertain the target audience. For example, if the advertisement is for the younger generation, then a Voice-over artist with a child’s voice would be preferable. But of course, some Voice-over artists can mimic just about anyone!

Voice-over Client’s preferences: After checking the above four points, samples of shortlisted Voice-over artists are shared with the client to conclude on their preferences.

Voice-over Process

Voice-over Process

Globibo follows some simple process steps to deliver Voice-over projects on time.

Voice-over Step 1: Analysis

Globibo’s initial step is to perform a feasibility analysis where we collect the information about the industry type, target audience, company background, language, the requirements of translation (if any), file type, the format required for the final file, and any particular preference for the Voice-over artist. Based on this, we can develop the quotation and turnaround time for the client.

Voice-over Step2: Document collection

Receive the file from the client and review completeness.

Voice-over Step 3: Artist screening

In this step, the project manager, after analyzing the requirements and industry type of the client, shortlists Voice-over artists and shares the profile as well as previous Voice-over samples with the client for screening.

Voice-over Step 3: Execution

Here, the actual Voice-over begins where the finalized language expert starts the Voice-over.

We follow a particular recording approach to ensure flexibility for future changes:

  • The project manager and voice artist review the voice-over script.
  • The team suggests an audio file structure
  • The suggestion is reviewed by the technical team to calibrate reusability/modularity
Voice-over Step 4: Verification and Validation:

After receiving the Voice-over file from the Voice-over artist, the project manager verifies and validates the file and checks if all the requirements are met.

Voice-over Step 5: Final File

Once the verification is done by the project manager, he or she proceeds to release the final files

Voice-over Step 6: Feedback

Our process does not end at the submission of the final file. We very much value the feedback of our customers to provide the best customer service and improve in future projects.

Voice-over Video

Types of Voice-over

Different types of requirements require different types of voice-over approaches & techniques. Globibo supports the following types of voice-over:

  • Voice-over for animated videos
  • Voice-over for films, game shows, TV shows
  • Voice-over for presentations / educational videos
  • Voice-over for news
  • Voice-over for advertisements
  • Voice-over for language localization
  • Voice Overs for E-Learning
  • Voice Overs for explainer videos
  • Voice Overs for AudioBooks
  • Voice-over for Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice-over for Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music

Voice-over Services FAQ

1. Do you provide different Voice-over services?

Globibo provides a variety of voice-over services to meet the different needs of the customers. We have voice-over for animated videos, news, e-learning, presentations, advertisements, audiobooks, and a handful of more types. Contact our expert team for more detailed information.

2. How do you choose the best Voice-over artist for a project?

With us, you get a large pool of expert voice-over artists who will take your project seriously and offer the best voice-over service. As far as choosing an artist for a project is concerned, we have set criteria for it. We look at the artist’s experience, age, tone, and language proficiency.

3. Why Should I Choose Globibo’s Voice-over service?

At Globibo, we follow a well-planned 6-step process for a voice-over job. These 6 steps are - Analysis, document collection, artist screening, execution, verification and validation, final file, and feedback. Our comprehensive approach to voice-over makes us reliable for the customers.

4. Why do you need voice-over service?

With voice-over service, you can reach out to a broader customer base. In addition, you can use voice-over experts to reach out to broader demographics of customers.

5. What can you expect from our voice over experts?

Our voice-over experts are not just language experts but understand expressions as well. So we know that each language has its expressions that need to be emulated in voice-overs.

6. Do you offer audience-oriented voice-overs?

Yes, at Globibo, we offer voice-overs based the demographics of the target audience. So, for example, if your target audience is the younger generation, we will use voice-overs that appeal to them.

7. How many steps are there for the entire process?

The entire voice-over is a six-step process that ends with feedback from the customer. First, we provide a final file to the customer for feedback, and based on it, we close a project.

Quick Contact

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"It was handled professionally. The response from your end was quick and efficient. Globibo managed to produce 4 articles in a span of 5 days for a demanding client. Even though it was a rush, all the articles were well written and delivered in time."

Priscilla Parsanthi
International Networking Company

"Prompt follow up and good customer service.So far all experiences are good."

Candice Mok
International Food and Agri-Business Company

"Fast, friendly, cost-effective. Quick reply in chat."

S. H.
International Engineering Service Company

"We had to get the translated documents to the Embassy at a short notice and Globibo did an exceptional job in getting this done. Thank you."

Carina C.
Legal Counsel, International eCommerce Group



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