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Website translation refers to the process of adapting a website's content from one language to another. The goal of website translation is to create a version of a website that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for users who speak different languages.

We at Globibo are a professional website translation service provider that helps businesses and individuals to expand their online presence by making their websites available in multiple languages. With a team of experienced and skilled translators, we provide high-quality website translation services for various industries and also two popular platforms for website development, WordPress and Typo3, offer powerful translation capabilities that can help businesses create multilingual websites easily and upgrade their business globally.

Our website translation service includes translating the text on the website and adapting the content to the cultural and linguistic nuances of the target audience. It's also crucial to take the text direction of the target language into account and adjust the website layout to guarantee that the translated website is properly displayed and easy to read.

Our service covers all aspects of the website, including the homepage, landing pages, product descriptions, and even the checkout process and by offering a website in multiple languages, we help businesses communicate and engage with their target audience in a better way, which can lead to increased traffic, sales, and customer loyalty in their business.

In addition to website translation services, Globibo also provides localization, transcreation, and multilingual SEO services to help businesses connect with their target audience and drive engagement and conversions. As a linguist and SEO expert team, we offer high-quality website translation & Local SEO services that are tailored to convey your brand message while maintaining the integrity of the design and functionality of your website.

Website Translation Objectives

How Globibo Can help Businesses through Website Translation

We can help businesses through website translation in several ways:

  1. Expand global reach: By translating a website into multiple languages, businesses can expand their reach to new audiences and tap into new markets, resulting in increased visibility and potential sales.

  2. Connect with local customers: Website translation helps businesses connect with local customers by speaking their language and addressing their cultural nuances, which builds trust and improves customer engagement.

  3. Build brand credibility: Having a website available in multiple languages demonstrates a business's commitment to serving its global customers and builds credibility and trust with potential customers.

  4. Improve user experience: Website translation helps users navigate the site in their native language, which improves the user experience and increases the chances of conversions.

  5. Boost SEO: By translating website content into multiple languages, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and increase the visibility of their site in international markets.

However, there are numerous reasons why you should translate your website into other languages, and there will be challenges in website translation along the way, but the most important reason is that it will allow you to reach a larger portion of your audience, which means more business!

Approach to website translation

Globibo takes a methodical approach to website translation that guarantees precision, consistency, and cultural sensitivity. Here are the steps involved in the website translation process:

  1. Content analysis: The first step is to analyze the content of the website to determine the scope of the translation project.

  2. Translation: The content is then translated by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and have expertise in the relevant industry or subject matter.

  3. Editing and proofreading: The translated content is then edited and proofread to ensure accuracy, consistency, and proper adaptation to the target audience's cultural nuances.

  4. Localization: The content is then localized to ensure that it resonates with the target audience by adapting it to the local language, culture, and customs.

  5. Quality assurance: The translated and localized content is then subjected to rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

  6. Integration: The final step is to integrate the translated content into the website's design and layout, ensuring that the translated content is visually appealing and user-friendly.

Globibo uses cutting-edge translation technology and knowledgeable website translators to guarantee consistency, accuracy, and effectiveness throughout the translation process. To guarantee prompt delivery and effective client communication, a dedicated project manager keeps an eye on the entire process.

Additionally, by using a potent tool, such as the Google Translation Widget, you can broaden your reach into new markets and make your website accessible to a global audience, regardless of their language.

Website Translators

In order to ensure accurate and culturally appropriate website translation, website translators at Globibo are essential. Here are some ways in which website translators help with site translation at Globibo:

  1. Native speakers: Our website translators are native speakers of the target language and have a deep understanding of the language's nuances, including idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, and cultural references.

  2. Industry expertise: Our website translators have expertise in various industries and subject areas, allowing them to accurately translate technical or specialized content and ensure that industry-specific terminology is used correctly.

  3. Technical knowledge: Our website translators have technical expertise in website design, layout, and functionality.

  4. A translation memory and terminology databases: Our website translators use advanced translation memory and terminology databases to ensure consistency and accuracy across all translations.

  5. SEO optimization: Our website translators work in collaboration with our SEO experts to optimize the website content for search engines in the target language and region, improving visibility and increasing traffic from the target audience.

  6. Quality control: To guarantee that the translated content satisfies the highest standards of accuracy, coherence, and cultural adaptation, our website translators carry out stringent quality control checks.

To ensure that our website translations are accurate, culturally appropriate, and effective in engaging target audiences and driving conversions, our website translators work closely with our technical team, SEO experts, and marketing specialists.

Website Translation

Website Localization

Website localization is the process of modifying a website to meet the needs of a particular target market or audience while taking into account the regional, linguistic, and cultural variations that exist between various nations and regions. Localizing a website involves more than just translating its content into another language; it also entails customizing its functionality, design, and content to appeal to the target audience.

Website localization involves several key steps:

  1. Content localization
  2. Design localization
  3. Functionality localization
  4. SEO localization
  5. Testing and quality assurance

Website localization is crucial for companies that want to increase their customer base locally and globally. Businesses can boost customer engagement, establish brand credibility, and boost conversions in foreign markets by localizing their websites.

Our Translation Services

Website Localization


1. Why do I need to translate my website?
When you opt for website translation services, you are likely to attract more and more audiences to your site. Customers usually prefer websites that use their native language as they feel more connected to it. By translating your website based on the area you are looking to sell, you can broaden your customer base and sell efficiently.

2. Why Should I Choose Your Website Translation services?
We are a reliable website translation service provider who can help you translate your website to target your potential audiences. We offer an extensive range of translation services to meet your business’s needs. Our experts are skilled, informed, and experienced to get the job done for you.

3. Which Pages Should I translate?
If you are not looking to translate your entire website, you should precisely translate the pages you want your international audience to see. Although a half-translated website can break the consistency of your readers so it’s preferred that you maintain the same language throughout the site.

4. Which languages should I translate my website into?
The should be the ones spoken in the countries/areas you are targeting. If you are unsure about this, let our team of experts at Globibo Site Transfer Services advise you on it.

5. Do I need to translate my whole website?
This would depend on your budget, and the amount of information the targeted countries or areas would need to have access to. Initially, you could try out a simple and basic site transferral to cover a summary of your company, products and contact information.

6. Is it necessary to translate my social media too?
Websites can be linked to social media presence and vice versa, so, if your company has a strong social media in the targeted country, you should also translate your social media in sync with your site. Our team of Globibo Website Transfer Services experts is able to assist you with this.

7. Can you provide a test transferral for evaluation of quality?
We can provide samples of our previous work upon request.

8. How long can translation take?
We will only be able to advise you on this once we see the source document.

9. Can you guarantee the quality of my website?
At Globibo, we adhere to quality assurance in everything we do. As such, Globibo provides a 100% guarantee for all translations. If you are not satisfied with the translations, we will do our best to rectify the areas that you are not happy with until the corrections meet your requirements.

10. Can any of my company’s data be made public without my permission?
All our staff especially our translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements. Your data are safe with us.

11. Why do you need website translation?
If you target a particular audience demographic, you should opt for the website to be translated into the language. Then, it can increase sales by 70%.

12. Does website translation change the meta-title, or do you need to do it?
Yes, when you opt for website translation, the meta-title will also change accordingly. It will make it easier for visitors to find your website and understand the snippet displayed

13. Why is it essential to change the meta-title?
The meta-title is the HTML tag that gets displayed when the keywords are typed. Hence, changing the meta-tile as per the language is necessary to ensure a higher ranking in SERPs.

14. Do all global websites opt for website translations?
It will depend on the requirements of the website. It will also depend on the customers and the particular languages that the company wishes to use.

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