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Research by the Common Sense Advisory (2014), an independent market research firm, showed that 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language and 60% would rarely or never buy products from English only websites. Hence, site transferral Services are necessary and useful in providing better quality service for customers when using their sites, as they can easily navigate everything in their native language. Just like a book is judged by its cover, an organization is judged by its landing page. For an MNC or any corporate with stakeholders abroad, it is of prime importance to have the provision of multiple languages on their site.

At Globibo, we understand that to bring your products and services to your customers in a more effective way, it is imperative that your site has a global approach geared towards your target customers. Keeping this fact in mind we design and translate your company site and help you to garner attention from the global customers. Understanding of the different languages gives you a perception of the culture and traditions of the people. You come to know about their preferences and the rich knowledge they possess. This is especially important when you have to compete with global players and MNCs. Learning a new language gives you the advantage to stay ahead of the learning curve and makes you competitive.

Website Translation Objectives

We translate your or your business partner's websites from practically any source language to any target language. Based on our DIN Standard Web Site translations are done from native speakers following the transferral, revision, reviewer model. Our Web Site transferral not only ensures that proper grammar and terminology are used, but also that appropriate lexis, styles, and region are considered. Our Web Site translations are fast and reliable. We also offer long term support engagements for Web Site Translations.

Main 3 reasons for Website Translation

Research has provided clear evidence that a company can improve its sales by a significant margin when they provide product and service information in the language of the client.

The top 3 reasons to translate your Website:

1. Increased Website Traffic & User-experience: . A localized site is usually immediately better positioned on search engine result pages and attracts local traffic. Also the user-engagement and retention rates increase on localized Websites..

2. Good ROI Visibility: Immediate visibility of increased traffic, conversion and potential sales provide a clear direction if / how site localization helps the business. A step-by-step approach ensures that ROI is maximized.

3. Immediate competitive advantage: A Website in the local language often provides an upper hand in competitive markets as it is a distinct difference towards peers.

Website Translation #1 : Product & Service Localization

  • Translation of Text according to customer demographics
  • Alignment of Copywriting to Brand Image
  • Adjustment of Images and design to market

Website Translation #2 : Search Engine Experience

  • Local Keyword research
  • Keyword Optimization in Copywriting
  • Meta-tag and onsite html optimization
  • Local image optimization
  • Language encoding
  • Image / Video search optimization
  • Local Social Media Integration & Monitoring

Website Translation #3 : Content Management System

  • Compatibility with both CMS and non-CMS technology
  • Provide support in CMS integration, including Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore, Magento, Kentico, Telerik, Silverstripe, Java Script, Squarespace, Jimdo, Weebly, Webflow, Help Scout, Zendesk, Bubble, Unstack, Adobe Dreamweaver, Thinkific, Ghost, and General Integration
  • Also provides support of online shop software, incl PinnacleCart, Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, 3Dcart, X-cart, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, Presta Shop, HubSpot, SAP Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and Salesforce
Website Translation

Website Translations Process

The translation of Web sites has many challenges above and beyond linguistic work.
Pre-Translation Processing First of all, the scope of work often includes text-extraction as well as technical integration. Often Web sites, like general software assets, have text that is just visible based on the user's transactions. Therefore, the word count is already difficult to establish. Depending on the Web site technology and development pattern the word count and text extraction may already require a Web developer to support.
Website transferral Processing The actual translation certainly has to satisfy the context and tone of the potential user of the Web site, but it may also need to consider technical as well as search-engine optimization relevant criteria.
Post-Translation Processing After the linguistic work, a software engineer or web-developer needs to integrate the translations into the system. Depending on the software platform, content management system or database system, this might be a small or major project itself.

Website Translators

Website translation requires good transferral as well as technology expertise. We work with native translators with different industry knowledge as well as a technical team of web / mobile developers. After the project analysis our team assigns the right team of linguistic and technical experts to conduct the site localization.

Our site translators use advanced translation memory and terminology databases that are in sync with keyword research for search-engine optimization. The Website analysis also identifies the need for technical pre- or post-processing, e.g. database extraction, label isolution, code behind, etc. site localization marketing experts also work along with the linguists to recommend the best practices in regards to copywriting or transcreation.

How do we do Website translations?

There are many technical details in site localization that are not known by customers but determined by the technical platform and objectives of the client.

The main considerations to understand the site Translation project:

  • Translate different types of Websites, i.e. Static, Dynamic and Mixed site content
  • Translate deep meta sections, alt/title-tags and links
  • Encode multi-lingual files for Web transferral, e.g. UTF-8
  • CMS analysis before the commencement of site translation as some of the CMS do or do not support specific languages
  • QA Testing after deploying the translated website

Website Localization

Apart from the basic Website Translation, we also provide site Localization service where our team adjusts the site to the cultural and market context of a particular environment. That includes adjusting images, messages as well as market-specific search engine experience optimization.

To know more about site Localization visit Wikipedia - Website Localization

Website Localization

All our Translations Services

Website Translation FAQ

1. Which languages should I translate my website into?
The languages should be the ones spoken in the countries/areas you are targeting. If you are unsure about this, let our team of experts at Globibo site transferral Services advise you on it.
2. Do I need to translate my whole website?
This would depend on your budget, and the amount of information the targeted countries or areas would need to have access to. Initially, you could try out a simple and basic site transferral to cover a summary of your company, products and contact information.
3. Is it necessary to translate my social media too?
Websites can be linked to social media presence and vice versa, and so, if your company has a strong social media in the targeted country, you should also translate your social media in sync with your site. Our team of Globibo Website transferral Services experts are able to assist you on this.
4. Can you provide a test transferral for evaluation of quality?
We can provide samples of our previous work upon request.
5. How long can translation take?
We will only be able to advise you on this once we see the source document.
6. Can you guarantee quality transferral of my website?
At Globibo, we adhere to quality assurance in everything we do. As such, Globibo provides a 100% guarantee for all translations. If you are not satisfied with the translations, we will do our best to rectify the areas that you are not happy with until the corrections meet your requirements.
7. Can any of my company’s data be made public without my permission?
All our staff especially our translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements. Your data are safe with us.
8. Why do you need website translation?
If you target a particular audience demographic, you should opt for the website to be translated into the language. Then, it can increase sales by 70%.
9. Does website translation change the meta-title, or do you need to do it?
Yes, when you opt for website translation, the meta-title will also change accordingly. It will make it easier for visitors to find your website and understand the snippet displayed
10. Why is it essential to change the meta-title?
The meta-title is the HTML tag that gets displayed when the keywords are typed. Hence, changing the meta-tile as per the language is necessary to ensure a higher ranking in SERPs.
11. Do all global websites opt for website translations?
It will depend upon the requirement of the website. It will also rely on the customers and the particular language bases that the company wishes to approach.

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"It was handled professionally. The response from your end was quick and efficient. Globibo managed to produce 4 articles in a span of 5 days for a demanding client. Even though it was a rush, all the articles were well written and delivered in time."

Priscilla Parsanthi
International Networking Company

"Prompt follow up and good customer service.So far all experiences are good."

Candice Mok
International Food and Agri-Business Company

"Fast, friendly, cost-effective. Quick reply in chat."

S. H.
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"We had to get the translated documents to the Embassy at a short notice and Globibo did an exceptional job in getting this done. Thank you."

Carina C.
Legal Counsel, International eCommerce Group

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