Talent Retention & Development Solution

Artificial Intelligence platform for increased Talent Retention and Engagement. The fully automated system identifies follows up on action plans to avoid problems before they arise.

Attracting, motivating & developing talents remains the most important task of management

We support this process with methods and tools to ensure you find and retain the right people for specific assignments. Our solution portfolio offers different packages based on the priorities of your organization.

Our Talent management retention solutions are specially designed to help organizations identify and develop the right leadership skill sets. The artificial intelligence engine spots potential opportunities for improvement and guides your supervisors through the implementation process.

The platform will continuously probe the employee engagement and retention solutions ecosystem and fine-tune recommendations for the next steps.

Talent Retention Artificial Intelligence

Talent Management requires consistency

Talent Management has to be driven by the organization, not just a couple of individuals. It has to be followed through, it has to be aligned to business objectives, it has to be transparent, it has to be fair, it has to be measured. Our solutions support you in that process.

For more information on talentD.ai, please read the following sections:

  1. Employee Retention Software Solution Context
  2. Solution Objectives
  3. Platform
  4. Pricing

Talent Retention & Development Solution Features

The Talent Retention and Development Solution talentD.ai includes the following features:

  1. Detailed Personality Tests & Benchmarking
  2. Detailed Intelligence Profiles & Benchmarking
  3. Engagement Surveys & Integration Analysis
  4. Suggest and follow up on implementation of action plans
  5. Detailed Analytics

Talent Management Software FAQ

Q1. How will your talent retention and development solution help me?

Ans: When you join our talent retention and development solution, you will find out how to retain the ideal professionals for a specific job. With the help of this training, you will be able to develop the right leadership skill in your organization. Besides, we will let you in about the different aspects of talent retention that most people are unaware of.

Q2. What are the major features of your talent retention and development solution?

Ans: Globibo’s tested talent retention and development solution has a handful of features that include detailed analytics, detailed personality tests and benchmarking, engagement surveys and integration analysis, and more. You can talk with our experts to get more information.

Q3. What is talent management software?

Ans: Talent Management software is any tool or set of tools specially designed to assist, boost, or facilitate core area/s in HR in an organization.

Q4. What are the core areas of HR covered in this talent management software?

Ans: The areas include the following:

  • Talent management – managing the overall structure of the organization, e.g. defining responsibilities, supervision of employees, etc.
  • Employee development – identifying viable employees for job openings, potential candidates for promotions, keeping track of staff trainings, etc.
  • Smart recruitment –detailed personality tests & benchmarking. Detailed Iitelligence profiles.

Q5. How many types of talent management software solutions are there?

Ans: There are two types that can be considered to fill in the gaps in existing HR structures within an organization:

Comprehensive platforms – these tools cover a wide range of HR activities that you can choose from, centralize, and streamline to fit the day-to-day HR activities in an organization.

Specific platforms – these are tools for specific HR activities to address single talent management or HR needs.

Q6. How do you know which talent management software solution is suitable for your organization?

Ans: Some considerations would be:

  1. The organization’s main HR needs.
  2. Its long term goals.
  3. The size of the organization.

Q7. Why do you need a talent retention solution?

Ans: You will need a talent retention solution to evaluate the HR goals of your company. This will help you develop strategies to help the HR team meet its targets. But, again, an AI-based solution makes it simpler.

Q8. Does the solution help with leadership skills?

Ans: Yes, Globibo’s talent retention solution will help your HR team develop leadership skills. Subsequently, they can provide adequate support to your employees and work allocation.

Q9. How can AI help in developing suitable talent retention solutions?

Ans: You can use Artificial Intelligence to identify suitable opportunities to identify opportunities for talent allocation. This is an essential part of talent retention.

Q10. What are the primary features of a talent retention solution?

Ans: The primary features of the talent retention solution are detailed personality tests and benchmarking, analytics and detailed analytics. With AI, you can carry out the analytics easily and without any error.

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