Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training Courses

Inter-Cultural Programs to establish Understanding & Appreciation for other Cultures

Supporting international talent's integration into a new environment is a key challenge for organizations. The Globibo cultivation, and integration programs include all key components to support the integration process.

Globalization has enabled multinational corporations (MNCs) to operate in a growing number of different markets, both locally and abroad. Engaging in international operations demands extensive logistics. Companies must ensure that their staff, especially the deployed talents, are recognized and have a positive image. The deployed staff will have to perform new job requirements and adapt to changes in their family lives while adjusting to the new cultural and linguistic environment. Different cultures can mean different interaction/communicative skills in dealing with conflict, etc.

We provide fully individualized virtual cross-cultural training and cultivation instruction to help you communicate more effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds. For Europeans moving to Asia or Asians moving to Europe, Singapore represents a particularly enriching cultural stopover, helping them with Asia cross-cultural training.

Learn about the customs, business practices, etiquette, protocol, and negotiation techniques of various nations like Middle-East cross-cultural training programs. Know how to inspire and lead people from various cultural backgrounds.

Learn how to reconcile and benefit from cultural differences. Learn about the significance of cross-cultural training in the blog, ‘Why Is Cross-Cultural Training So Important?’

Cross Cultural Training Cross Cultural Training

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Why Cross-Cultural Training?

  • At Globibo, we understand the importance of cross-cultural training in today's globalized economy. Our financial services cross-cultural training is designed to help individuals and organizations navigate the complexities of cross-cultural communication and build strong, productive relationships with partners, clients, and colleagues from different cultures.
  • We offer a range of cross-cultural training programs, including automotive cross-cultural training, etc. Our training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in cross-cultural environments.
  • Our cross-cultural training programs help participants understand and appreciate cultural differences and build trust and respect with people from different backgrounds. By developing cross-cultural awareness, individuals and teams can work more effectively and efficiently, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  • Our cross-cultural training programs use a range of innovative and engaging teaching methods to ensure that participants stay engaged and motivated throughout the training. We focus on building practical skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace, including communication skills, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution skills.
  • If you are interested in conducting cross-cultural training for your organization, contact us to learn more about our customized training solutions. And don't forget to read our blog post, "Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting Cross-Cultural Training," to ensure that your training program is a success.

Cross-Cultural Training Topics

Our customized Cross-Cultural training is tailored to the specific need of the client. We have a standard template for most industries and cultures as a starting point. The main generic topics include the following items:

Introduction to the cultural environment

  • Understand and appreciate cultural differences at work.
  • Relocation Administration
  • Local produce and food
  • Identify where to get groceries.
  • Education Options and the Registration Process
  • Entertainment Options
  • Health, Hospitals, and Clinics
  • Travel Options

Cross Cultural Training

Aspects of Cross-Cultural Training

Different cultivation aspects may be perceived differently by people and groups in different cultures. This may differ from high- to low-context cultures. Three of the key aspects reviewed in the Teaching are listed below:

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal, e.g. Eye-contact, facial expressions, personal space, and kinesics
  • Gestures: emblems, illustrators, regulators, affect displays, adaptors

Cross-Cultural Training Background

Professional Cross-Cultural training started during the Cold War to understand both languages as well as the cultural backgrounds of the other parties. Based on many years of experience, more and more interdisciplinary and educational programs have incorporated entire programs or elements of those programs into the curriculum. The Society for Intercultural Education, Teaching, and Research and educational charity WYSE International in the US " provide education independently of political, religious, or social backgrounds and promote visionary leadership capable of responding to evolving world needs.

For more information, examples or customizations on our inclusive cross-cultural training strategic Trainings, please contact us.

Types of Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural teaching is practical in many different environments. There is a wide array of situations where knowledge and sensitivity about cultures can drive business success as well as an improved personal EQ for adults and children. We generally run four types of standard cultivation teaching programs.

  1. Cross-Cultural Training Program for Expatriates: This course is designed for expats relocating to different locations. The course covers topics for the entire family.
  2. Cross-Boundary Cross-cultural Program: This course is designed for businesses expanding their operations into a new location. The course provides detailed information about the business environment of the new market.
  3. This course is specially curated for MNCs to train employees about multinational cultures and bridge the gap between team members, enhancing communication and collaboration.
  4. Cross-Cultural Training Program for Higher Management: This course is designed for higher-level management to gain insights about international projects, cultural knowledge, and business expansion plans as per the local markets.

Cross-Cultural eLearning

Our cultivation eLearning programs include standard pre-packaged eLearning modules as well as bespoke solutions for specific industries or clients (e.g., cultivation teaching for hospitality or Cross-Cultural training for financial services professionals).

The general topics covered in the Cross-Cultural eLearning program are:

  • Culture, history, and customs
  • Intercultural Business Competencies
  • Conducting Business
  • Business Skills and Etiquette
  • All Cross-Cultural eLearning modules can be desktop or mobile-based with or without SCORM integration.

For more information about our cultivation eLearning solutions, please contact us.

Cross-Cultural Training FAQ

Q1. What are the different types of cross-cultural training?

Ans: If you are going to get cross-cultural training at Globibo, you can expect mainly 4 types of training programs. We have a cross-cultural training program for ex-pats, a cross-boundary cross-cultural program, a cross-cultural training program for higher management, and a course curated for MNCs.

Q2. Do you provide online cross-cultural training?

Ans: Globibo has decent cross-cultural eLearning training. You can join the program and get standard pre-packaged eLearning modules along with customized solutions depending on your requirements. Our eLearning program consists of different topics, including culture, history, conducting business, and business skills and etiquette.

Q3. What topics do you cover in your cross-cultural training?

Ans: Cover a wide range of topics with Globibo’s expert cross-cultural training. We cover topics such as relocation administration, introduction to the cultural environment, travel options, health, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Q4. Is Cross-Cultural training necessary?

Ans: To have successful businesses globally, there has to be effective global communication, trust between global partners, performing global teams, fewer supplier delays, etc. To achieve all of the above, it is necessary to understand and appreciate intercultural differences. This can be achieved through cross-cultural teaching that will allow your people to overcome communication issues, break down all barriers, open new horizons, and subsequently enjoy more successful business ventures.

Q5. Who are your trainers?

Ans: Our trainers have all the necessary qualifications (such as professional/academic credentials in the industry) plus vast cross-cultural teaching experience. To provide you with teaching sessions led by our top-tier, certified intercultural experts, we ask that you let us know what you need in terms of the ideal facilitators. Our post-evaluation has noted that participants were most impressed by our trainers.

Q6. Can Globibo's cultural training packages be customized?

Ans: We do not use generic training packages - our programs are tailored to meet the requirements of your company. We will conduct teaching needs analysis before preparing the teaching modules. The customized teaching package will contain a customized curriculum, instructions, assessment, etc. that are time-tested and have undergone strict quality control evaluation.

Q7. What is cross-cultural training?

Ans: It is a comprehensive training program that will help you understand the behavioral patterns, body language, and gestures of clients, vendors, and employees from different cultural backgrounds.

Q8. Can the training program be customized?

Ans: Globibo's cross-cultural training program is created to give participants a thorough understanding of the important cultural groups all over the world. Therefore, we can do certain levels of customization on the modules.

Q9. Are there particular types of training programs?

Ans: Yes, depending on the position that your employees hold, you should select a particular training program. For example, the Cross-Cultural Training Program for Higher Management is designed for individuals in managerial positions.

Q10. Is there any training available for ex-pats?

Ans: The Cross-Cultural Training Program for Expats is designed for individuals relocating to a new country. The training program is designed not just for the company employee but for the family as well.

Singapore Cross-Cultural Training

A course that makes you well-versed in its history, tradition, culture, language, and more.


Hong Kong Cross-Cultural Training

A course that makes you well-versed in its history, tradition, culture, language, and more.


Malaysia Cross-Cultural Training

A course that makes you well-versed in its history, tradition, culture, language, and more.


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