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News from Globibo

December 2023

Globibo provided Event Technology Solutions and Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment for a religious organization in Singapore.

Redemption Hill Church

Globibo supported a prominent Association in Singapore with AGM services.


Globibo provided Aviation Consecutive Interpretation at Subang Airport & JWN.


November 2023

Globibo provides tour-based interpretation services to an event management company in Singapore

klive asia tour guide

Globibo successfully facilitated onsite simultaneous interpretation and provided professional whispered interpretation equipment for this event.


Globibo successfully facilitated 3 days of Consecutive Interpretation for a leading management consulting company in Indonesia.


Globibo facilitates the Simultaneous Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation of a global association of financial professionals.


Globibo organized a smooth hybrid SGM for a prominent club in Singapore.

SI -Globibo-n-Tanglin

Globibo delivered simultaneous interpretation for a renowned fashion brand.


Globibo facilitated virtual Simultaneous Interpretation for a prominent IT firm in China


Globibo successfully facilitated a 2-day immersive event for a leading manufacturing company in Malaysia


Globibo successfully facilitated onsite interpretation for a prominent global IT giant in Singapore.


October 2023

Globibo successfully facilitated onsite solo consecutive interpretation for a leading motoring association in Singapore

Automobile association

Globibo is providing consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for the Aviation industry at Subang Airport for 30 days.

Aviation industry at Subang Airport

Globibo delivered its Silent PA system for the GovWare Conference, ensuring clear communication in a noise-sensitive environment.

noise-sensitive environment

Globibo, a leading language service provider, delivered onsite SI and Et solutions for an esteemed insurance company in New York.

successfully facilitated

Globibo successfully facilitated a Virtual Annual General Meeting AGM) for an esteemed investment firm.

successfully facilitated

September 2023

We are developing a brand-new app featuring a "New Session Page." With this, you can actively participate in polls and engage in discussions while events are in progress.

New App updation

Empowering learning for the Vietnamese delegation through Business training!

Empowering learning

Exciting News! Globibo has launched a brand new blog website!

Exciting News

August 2023

Globibo emerges as one of the top players in the exponentially growing Sound & Lighting Rental Market.

Globibo emerges as one of the top players

Globibo's Resilience in the Amidst COVID-19 Impact. Tour Guide System Market Amidst COVID-19 Impact.

Globibo's Resilience in the  Amidst COVID-19

July 2023

Introducing Globibo's Cutting-Edge Website for Conference Interpreting Services: Elevating Multilingual Communication to New Heights!

Introducing Globibo's Cutting-Edge

Globibo's German to English Consecutive Interpretation - facilitating learning about Singapore's city planning and future.

Globibo's German to English

Globibo supports government projects with Onsite Consecutive Interpreting and Event Tech.


Globibo's Onsite Consecutive Interpretation Services for a global consulting company in Malaysia.

Globibo Onsite Consecutive Interpretation

Globibo provides Event Technology solutions for a religious organization in Singapore with around 3,000 participants.

Globibo provides Event Technology

June 2023

Globibo supports Interpretation for Immigration Authority!

Globibo supports Interpretation

Multilingual Simultaneous Interpretation enhances communication with leading luxury fashion brands.

Multilingual Simultaneous Interpretation

Celebrating Customer Success- Globibo hosts Virtual AGM for NASDAQ-listed Interior Construction Company in Dubai

Virtual AGM

Globibo offered a comprehensive range of services to ensure flawless tour-based silent communication.

Tour Based Silent Communication

May 2023

Globibo is thrilled to organize a remarkable team-building event for one of the top manufacturing companies in the industry!

Team Building

Globibo recently organized a highly successful event for a government project, providing consecutive interpretation services in Bahasa Indonesian (id-ID) and English (en-GB).

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Globibo is acknowledged as a key player in Simultaneous Interpretation Services by Indian Crunch.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Research done by Kaleidoscot on the Remote Interpretation Market highlights Globibo as one of the top brands in the industry.

Remote Interpretation

Successful Annual General Meeting with E-Voting - Globibo Empowers Prestigious Singapore Club

Presentation skills training

April 2023

According to the research done by MR Accuracy Reports, Globibo is one of the key players in Outdoor Tour Guide Systems.

Presentation skills training

Globibo supports global public relationship and marketing communication powerhouse with Video, Audio, and Cantonese Language Interpretation in Hong Kong.

Orbis Research

Globibo supported Simultaneous Interpretation services for Taiwanese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Thai for an international medical conference, driven by one of Singapore’s top boutique creative event agencies

Tri Country Leader

March 2023

Globibo Provides French-to-English Interpretation to a Trading company in Hong Kong.

Presentation skills training

Feb 2023

Globibo is proud to be working with one of the industry-leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world -fine-tuning presentation & personal branding skills for their top talents.

Presentation skills training

As per Orbis Research, Globibo is one of the top 20 key players in the Global Conferencing System Rental market.

Orbis Research

According to the report of Tri Country Leader, Globibo is one of the top global players in the Simultaneous Interpretation & Remote Interpretation Service Market.

Tri Country Leader

Jan 2023

Projects now get reviewed using readable . We are using quantitive and qualitative analytics for English sources and/or target documents.


Dec 2022

Medical Interpretation at NUHS: Supporting with German English Interpretation over several days of event.


Tamil Medical Interpreting at Gleneagles Singapore: Supporting doctors, researches and patients with Tamil English Interpreation.


Nov 2022

Liaison and Consecutive Interpretation for Italian Clients.


Globibo provided Korean simultaneous interpretation at the tourism event.


Sep 2022

Hybrid Conference Interpretation at Google


Simultaneous Interpretation in Singapore in Huone Theatre


Support Metaverse Multi-Camera recording


Conference Interpreting with long distance intra-venue signal-duplication, including online streaming for prime minister


Multi-track recording of digital conference Interpreting


Interpreting Receivers at Raffles Convention Center


Aug 2022

July 2022

June 2022

Successful Hybrid AGM at Tanglin ClubM

Thank you for the great support from the Tanglin Club, conducting another AGM with our Equipment and AGM Platform.


Nasdaq listed company completes AGM via Events.Studio platform.

Chanel Watch - Live Event

Successful execution of live events of Chanel Watch Group

May 2022

Personal Branding Training Series

Curriculum Redevelopment for Customized Personal Development Training for an international training series - 6 trainings over 4 continents. The curriculum covers Personal Branding, Presentation Techniques, Design Thinking, Motivation, Marketing.

Please find more Information about our Personal Branding Training here.

Virtual AGM Streaming

Preparation for streaming of Virtual AGM, with professional Conference Microphones, Cameras, Lights and Voting Integration.

Please find more Information about our Virtual AGM Solution here.

Silent Conference System Event

Planning and Execution of Silent Conference System at Suntec, Singapore. Quick throughput for unexpected surge of participants with Bar-Code Scanning of Badges and Receivers. Very effective Queue Management for around 300 participants, for both pickup and return of units.

Please find more Information about our Silent Conference Solution here.

Interpretation @ Regional Forum Rare Disease

We were very honored to support the Regional Forum for Rare Disease. World-class Interpretation Services via virtual platform.

Please find more Information about our Interpretation Services here.

April 2022

Virtual AGM @ Tanah Merah

Rehearsals and Live-Streaming of AGM at Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore. Special Light Installation, integration of 2-way sound with inhouse AV team and equipment, 3-camera setup and video editing.

Please find more Information about our Virtual AGM Solutions here.

Event Management & Conference Interpretation

Planning and Execution of Training & Conference Event accross 6 countries in Asia. Provision of Conference Platform and Live Interpretation into 3 languages.

Please find more Information about our Conference Interpretation here.

April 2021

Link Studio recently launched 10 more courses.

2 weeks ago, Link Studio launched Irish A1, Latin A1, Belarusian A1, Kazakh A1, and Galician A1. This week Link Studio added:

  1. Maori A1
  2. Bengali A1
  3. Javanese A1
  4. Hawaiian A1
  5. Latvian A1
  6. Tamil A1
  7. Macedonian A1
  8. Serbian A1
  9. Georgian A1
  10. Catalan A1

Check out the latest courses on Book free demo today.

Older News - March 2021

Link Studio - Launch of 5 New Courses

Link Studio recently launched 5 more courses. 2 weeks ago, we launched Basque A1, Cebuano A1, Persian A1, Sinhala A1, and Ukrainian A1. This week we added:

  1. Irish A1
  2. Latin A1
  3. Belarusian A1
  4. Kazakh A1
  5. Galician A1

Check out the latest courses on Book free demo today.

New Event & AGM Wizard

Launch of Event.Studio new Wizards that allows to quickly configure great events and conferences using analytics of what worked (and didn't) in the past. The Wizards helps you to create effective virtual or hybrid events in less takes time. It answers the main 3 design related questions i.e,

  1. What modules one can use to create a great interactive session ?
  2. How to create a simple and enjoyable user experience ?
  3. How to keep the technical complexity and risk as low as possible ?

Check out the latest updates now! Request Demo

Link.Studio - More Courses & Launch of the Manager Reports

10 more courses are currently launched every month on Link.Studio. 2 weeks ago, we launched Afrikaans A1, Albanian A1, Amharic A1, Armenian A1 and Azerbaijani A1. This week we added:

  1. Basque A1
  2. Cebuano A1
  3. Persian A1
  4. Sinhala A1
  5. Ukrainian A1

Furthermore, the Analytics for Managers has been enhanced to provide more immediate access to HR and line managers. For more information, please contact us.

Compliant Electronic Voting System

Globibo voting system has set a new standard for intelligent response systems. The system allows covering responses from the participants of any event, from traditional voting via information surveys and knowledge verification to interactive game shows. Electronic Voting is governed by a myriad of national and industry-specific regulations and policies. Balancing user experience, technical requirements and Personal-Data-Protection best practices require solid infrastructure and experience. Advanced electronic voting system must:

  • Incorporate various levels of anonymity, without sacrificing the auditability of votes
  • Provide Auditor Access for voting results and detailed checks
  • Differentiated Reporting based on Weights / Share Types
  • Detailed Quorum Statistics
  • Multi-Layered Proxy Voting Structures

Know more in detail - Globibo Voting Systems

Link Studio - Available on Apple Store and Play Store

The latest version of is available on the Apple Store and Play Store. Latest Additions:

  1. Request a course feature for instant booking of course
  2. Basque
  3. Cebuano
  4. Persian
  5. Sinhala
  6. Ukrainian
  7. Over 1,000 new videos for language learning
Know more: Link.Studio

Old News

January 2013

Globibo Equipment Rental is strengthened with joining hands with Brahler Singapore.

December 2012

Our upgraded android apps go live. Language Courses the easy way.

November 2012

Our India office starts the collaboration with

October 2012

Our Hong Kong Branch launchese - go check it out.

October 2012

Our 2nd Generation eLearning Platform goes online.

August 2012

Our iPhone apps get a new look. With some functional and design improvements you can download them from the appStore - as always for free.

July 2012

Our Singapore Branch launchese - go check it out.

June 2012

With Storyline Articulate we include a new html5 compliant technology into our support.

May 2012

Our Delivery Team upgrades to Wordfast Professional 3 and Trados Studio 2009.

Latest Research

Based on the latest survey conducted in Singapore (73% female, 27% male; average age 21.84 years) the most important reasons for learning an additional language are travel and because it is fun. In average the sample of Singaporeans speak 2.56 languages. Within the learning process 51% evaluated video content as the primary learning source. Interestingly 46.15% highlighted that "Friend recommendation" is the primary decision criteria for the Language School selection.

International Woman Day

We celebrate International Woman Day.

Globibo Celebrates Holi

Globibo India celebtrates Holi. The other entities join the celebration with events around the festival of colors.

Chinese New Year:

Globibo Singapore celebrates Chinese New Year. Check out the youtube video.

5th January 2012:

We are part of an advertisment campaign in central Singapore. Good luck finding our napkins.

3rd January 2012:

Our New Website is live. Please give us still some time until all new sections are available.

15th December 2011:

Finally our GlobiPlus Voucher are available for 'New Graduates'.

Quick Contact

   Australia: +61 28317 3495
   China: +86 21 8024 6090
   France: +33 6 1302 2599
   Germany: +49 (030) 8093 5151
   Hong Kong: +852 5801 9962
   India: +91 (11) 7127 9949
   Malaysia: +603 9212 4206
   Philippines: +63 28548 8254
   Singapore: +65 6336 9002
   Spain: +34 675 225 364
   Vietnam: +84 985 611 322
   UK: +44 (20) 3468 1833
   US: +1 (718) 713 8593


ISO 27001
ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System - Certificate #: CCL/ISMS/70818/GIPL
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 - Quality Management System - Certificate #: CCL/QMS/70818/GIPL
ISO 17100
ISO 17100 - Quality Translation Services Management System - Certificate #: CCL/QMS/70821/GIPL
ISO 20121
ISO 20121 - Event Sustainability Management System - Certificate #: CCL/QMS/70822/GIP





Globibo News

Globibo News

Globibo Panda Run

Join 28th of March, in Singapore 8.15pm Marina Bay Sands...

Globibo News

Globibo Hong Kong

A new milestone was hit in September 2012 with our own office in Hong Kong.

Globibo News

Corporate Training Website

Our Our Globibo Corporate Training Website is finally online.

Globibo News

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013. May it bless all of us with loads of joy & success.

Globibo News

Our new Web site dedicated to Language Courses in Singapore goes...

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