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Language plays a vital role when it comes to global communication. The importance of language and culture is prominent when it comes to a proper understanding of the core idea of any document.

When an organization sends an email to its counterparties situated in the other part of the globe, it needs to maintain a formal tone. The message must be brief and precise. It becomes a challenge when language creates a barrier to communication. Certain phrases and expressions may have different meanings in different cultures. Without the proper knowledge, the clarity of an idea is hindered.

This is where translators come in. Translators are native speakers of any language and have a proper understanding of the nuances of the language and expressions. They help in the accurate Translation of any document, decreasing the chances of errors and misrepresentation of facts.


At GLOBIBO, all translation and proofreading services are undertaken by native speaking translators who have relevant technical industry-experience to suit your audience. They come from diverse domains of expertise that is important to proofread and create a document free from errors and punctuations. Globibo Translation uses world-class Quality based on global standards like EN 15038, ISO 11669, ASTM 2575, CAN 131.10 and J2450 that is recognized worldwide by most of the government agencies, embassies, consulates, and chambers.

We translate you or your business partner's Emails from practically any source language to any target language. Based on our DIN Standard Email translations are done from native speakers following the Translation, revision, reviewer model. Our Email translation ensures that not just proper grammar and terminology is used, but also appropriate lexis, styles, and Locale are considered.

Our Email translations are fast and reliable. We certainly also offer long term support engagements for Email translations. For more information, please contact us.

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