Sales Training Bootcamp

Sales Training Bootcamp

The performance of every sales team is driven by their character and sales technique used in their day to day jobs. In the Globibo Sales Training Bootcamp sales people will practice different sales techniques and the trainer will help staff members to refine their sales character through case studies and role plays.

Sales Training Bootcamp

Sales Training Bootcamp Program Process

Step 1 - Management Prioritisation

In an interview, Globibo will assess the objectives and priorities of the management team that plan the sales training. Based on the information that is gathered, the overall program will be customised and the stakeholder survey adjusted.

Step 2 - Stakeholder Survey

The stakeholder survey will provide quantitative and qualitative input with regard to the strength and weakness of the current sales team. Based on the results, the overall sales training program will be fine-tuned.

Step 3 - Management Alignment

Once the survey results are consolidated, Globibo will discuss with the management how to align current priorities and the company’s objectives with the sales training approach.

Step 4 - Execute 6 GALTA

The Sales Training Bootcamp is also based on the GALTA approach. The six stages of GALTA are: inspiration, preparation, transition, practise, feedback and review. Based on what occurs during the GALTA process, each participant will be asked to formulate an action plan to follow up in the subsequent weeks and month. This action plan will be monitored from the client and / or Globibo.

Step 5 - Participant Feedback

Once the Sales Training Bootcamp has been completed, the participants will be asked to complete a feedback survey on how changes should be taken forward into the organization.

Step 6 - Management Review

After the findings of this survey are consolidated, Globibo will determine with the management team which action should be pursued after the execution of to the sales training activities.

Step 7 - Structured Follow-up

Based on the Sales Training Bootcamp as well as the management review, the trainer will schedule follow-up sessions with the participants and / or the management team to determine whether they are able to apply what they have learned in the workshop to their daily office routines.

Sales Technique Training Agenda

The sales training approach includes three parts: basic, process and management training. Together these sections enable the team to market and communicate its products and services more efficiently.

1. Sales Basics

A solid understanding of the Sales, Marketing and Communication Basics are the basic pillars of successful Sales People. The trainer will revise different types of communication, such as verbal and nonverbal communication techniques as well as review the marketing fundamentals for the specific business industry. In total, there are five different communication scenarios and the sales personnel will be trained to tackle each one. Each salesperson should truly understand the sales and marketing plan so that they positively contribute to the organisation's success.

2. Sales Process

Once the team members have basic sales knowledge, the next step will cover the different sales processes. These processes are: need analysis, solution design, prospecting, opportunity conversion, contract management and aftersales.

3. Customer Need Analysis

To practice a proper need analysis, the participants of the bootcamp will crystallize three core groups of customers of the organization and try to understand what their needs and requirements are.

4. Sales Solution Design

Based on the need analysis the participants will conceptualize three potential solutions ideas that can be suggested to those customer segments.

5. Customer Prospecting

For each salesperson the time will be used to identify avenues of collecting leads. Those avenues will be sampled to work on some precise potential customers. Furthermore a personal strategy will be discussed in which the sales expert feels comfortable to approach the new customer.

6. Sales Opportunity Conversion

Once there is a chance that the customer may be interested, the sales team must be able to convert the opportunity into confirmed projects. This conversion can not be an accidental happening but should be a planned process with action that can be taken in case the customer is not able to decide as quickly as desired.

7. Contract Management

In every confirmed project, there may be a situation where complex legal or procurement issues will need to be solved. As such, the salespeople must be able to solve these contract challenges in order to complete the customer acquisition.

8. After-Sales

Once an initial project has been completed, there has to be a follow-up process to keep the client engaged. If and how to engage a customer and how to keep them motivated to do business with us will be brainstormed and prepared for transitioning into the organization.

9. Sales Management

Performance management concerns the monitoring of the sales team’s progress by the management. Each salesperson is given a sample performance structure so he or she can track his or her performance and allow the management team to optimize the strategy. Internal and external work plans allow the sales team to track and monitor the different tasks handled by the sales team and iron out inefficiencies as much as leverage opportunities of collaboration.

Sales Excellence Contacts

To learn more about our Sales Training program or to get a customized proposal, please contact us. To learn more about our Training approach or eLearning Concepts, please check out our Web site or give us a call.

Sales Training Approach

Our Sales Techniques Curriculum covers the full spectrum of knowledge required to develop true Sales professionals. Designed and curated from Sales Technique experts of different domains together with our panel of trainers and Academic Board, the Sales Technique program balances depth and spectrum acknowledging the latest trends as much as most important Sales basics.

Our standard Sales Courses can be customized according to the current priorities of the organization or teams. With our mix of traditional classroom lessons and online learning media, we can create an Sales Technique program that drives particular knowledge and processes that support the individual and specific responsibilities.

We can provide our Sales Technique Program at any location around the world. With several clients we run regional or global training programs that ensure consistent training and skill-sets at different locations.

Globibo Training

Our Training Curriculum

Globibo is not just providing the basic Corporate Training topics, but has customized 25 industry-specific training curriculum. The industry-specific curriculum describe a full development path to become a subject-matter expert in a particular domain.
Globibo Training

Our Training Approach

The Globibo Advanced Learning & Transition Approach (GALTA) is based on 6 Steps. We believe that modern technology simplifies the transition of learning into application. This is why we choose the latest learning methods and tools to provide the learner the right support until the learning can be applied in the day-to-day functions of your life and job. [ more ]
Globibo Training

Our Trainers

World-class Trainers have to come with the right blend of experience and theoretic knowledge as well as didactic and teaching competence. Our rigerous Academic board works with subject matter experts and trainers around the world to find the right blend of theory and method to facilitate the most efficient and effective learning experience.

Sales eLearning

Our eLearning team provides standard pre-packaged elearning modules for Sales trainings as well develops bespoke solutions based on your specific needs. eLearning modules can be desktop or mobile based with or without SCORM integration.

For more information on our Sales eLearning Solutions, please contact us.

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