Event Mobile Applications

Event performance suite: One stop solution for managing events through a mobile application. Globibo offers event application development service for any kind of event. We offer a full spectrum of event management solution ideas from Event Website Development, Event-App Customization, over cashless payment solutions, social media integration to hardware like Interpretation Equipment, RFID / NFC solutions and network setup.

Event App Highlights:

  • All-in-1 multi-event app platform
  • Broadest set of configurable modules
  • Live NFC / RFID integration option available
  • Offers smart ticketing & Registration
  • Offers Customer Database integration
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Offers self-service terminals & printing option

GlobiApp is available on Play Store and App Store both. Contact us for a free demo.

To manage event hassle-free, Globibo’s event platform includes the following features:

  1. Event App Administration: Platform offers Back office management features for the Event Organizers for easy management of the overall event.
Event App - Homepage
  • Event App Live Communication: Live communication options via social media, push notification, messaging or live-streaming
  • Event App Personalization & Localization: Localization and personalization of the application/platform
  • Event App Socialization & networking: Participants can socialize & network with each other during and after the event via different channels and methods.
  • Event App Audience Engagement: Various activities available on the application for Audience engagement and contribution, like live polling, surveys, Q&A, whiteboards, mindmaps
  • Event App Marketing: Marketings for sponsors, organizers, exhibitors
  • Event App Data integration: Large data can be integrated easily from other platforms into the conference app in just a few clicks.
  • Event App Performance Suggestions: Managers can access the analytics data and suggestions before, during and after the event.
  • GlobiApp can be used for various types of events like Conferences, Congresses, Exhibitions, Corporate Events and Association Events.

    Event Mobile App for Congresses

    GlobiApp also supports Congress management. Big or small congresses can also be managed through GlobiApp.

    1. GlobiApp supports management of any type of Congress
    2. It supports Pre & Post congress management
    3. All the information about the congress can be updated on GlobiApp like organizers, sponsors, partners, participants, speaker, venue details, floor map, Congress sessions, tours etc.
    4. GlobiApp supports pre-registration for the participants to avoid queues for registration.
    5. GlobiApp also provide check-in through app option
    6. GlobiApp is integrated with Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and also supports live streaming.
    7. Through pre-registration and pre uploadation of information about the congress help in pre and post-analysis of the congress data and audience participation.
    Speakers Page in GlobiApp

    Event Mobile App for Exhibitions

    Exhibitions can also be managed through GlobiApp. Various types of exhibitions can be handled/managed easily through GlobiApp. It supports the following features for exhibition management

    1. GlobiApp supports Technology, manufacturing, Healthcare, Food trade shows.
    2. Information about the exhibition/trade shows will be available to the audience on just one click before the exhibition.
    3. Exhibitions images, video can be updated on the spot and live streaming option is also available
    4. Audience engagement options also available, such as live polling, surveys, like dislike feature, and Q&A feature.
    5. Exhibition floor map can also be integrated.
    6. Alerts and notifications option also available
    7. It supports immediate change management through updating data in the App through the backend
    Exhibitors Page on GlobiApp

    Event Mobile App for Corporate Events & Association Events

    Corporate events and association events can also be managed easily through GlobiApp. Apart from supporting the main features like registration, data integration, media update, like, dislike, features.

    It also supports unique features like:

    • Networking option - It allows the participants to build networks through connection, chatting options.
    • Live Polling: It allows to collect live poll responses from the audience that can also be displayed on the screen live.
    • Q&A feature: It allows users to ask questions (anonymous and non-anonymous option available) from the speaker/representative
    • Live streaming: It allows to live stream the sessions on social media platforms
    • Document upload: Through this feature, the documents can also be uploaded on the app and it can easily be downloaded by users
    • Alerts, notifications and reminders option also available.
    Event App - Customizable

    Event Mobile App for Marathons, Music shows/concerts, Networking Events

    GlobiApp is designed to support Marathons, Music shows/concerts and Networking events as well. The main features support pre-registration, onsite registration through the Web site and GlobiApp as well as all onsite management components. Apart from that Ticketing option is also available in which various features like QR code generation, scanning, Check-In also available.

    It also supports a live analytics option to monitor audience preferences and responses. Apart from this, Globibo also provides a wide range of RFID, screen displays, drones, Speakers, microphones and event equipment on rent. Please check out our Race Management Solutions or contact us.

    Networking Page in GlobiApp

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