Contract Translation Services

Professional Contract Translation

Contract Translation Services

We translate your or your business partner's contracts from practically any source to any target language. We designed a specific practice for contract translations using the very best of the international translation standards (ISO17100 / 111669 / EN 15038 / etc) and our own in-house processes and platforms. Contract translations are done from native (A-language) linguists following the translation, revision, reviewer model. Our Contract translation Service ensures that not just proper grammar and terminology is used, but also appropriate lexis, styles and locale are considered.

Based on our extensive experience working with legal firms around the world, our contract translations are fast and reliable. We certainly also offer long term support engagements for Contract translations. For more information, please contact us.

Contract Translation Linguists

The basic requirements for our Contract Translators are that the translator requires either an explicit professional degree in translation or an equivalent degree and documented full-time localization experience. As such we do not just look at documented translation experience, but the experience has to be in a full-time capacity. The ISO standard puts further emphasize on the direction of translation. A translator qualified to translate German to English might not be qualified to translate English to German. While industry-standards are not very consistent in regards to translation direction, we developed an own set of standards to ensure quality. Therefore, our linguist working on Contract Translation Projects require not just the qualifications based on international translation standards like EN 15038 and ISO17100 / 11669 but additionally have to comply to our specific criteria that we found important for Contract Translations.

Our Legal Translators have access to the best Contract Translation Term- and Template-Databases that were established and optimized over thousands of projects. The Term- and Template databases have been consolidated for different industries and functional domains. We also create customer-specific Term- and Template databases to improve inter-company translation consistency. Those Term-databases give the linguist additional support to perform the translation faster with a higher quality level leveraging industry or company-specific terms. Lastly, dedicated Contract Translation Memories that include fully pre-translated segments from all our prior projects improve quality as well as reduce cost and turnaround-time for our clients. The segments from prior translated projects are weighted in regards to context and domain to ensure they fit into the new target context.

Contract Translation Process

Our Legal Translations follow global Translation standards like EN 15038, ISO 17100, ISO 11669, ASTM 2575, CAN 131.10 and J2450 as well as the Globibo Localization Delivery Model. The Translation Standards define the internal processes for the translation as well as the process with you as a Client.

Simple Contract Translation Process Steps:

  • Analysis:We will do a requirement specification and feasibility analysis for your project (NDA can be signed before analysis, if required)
  • Quotation:Based on this, you will receive a quotation and the underlying terms and conditions.
  • Confidentiality Agreement : Information about data protection and security are furnished to you and are available on the Website for your review.
  • Translation: Upon your confirmation, we commence with the translation via the 6-steps process (4 mandatory and 2 optional).

We are certified based on the ISO 17100 standard. Considering the significant shortcomings of this international standard, we have increased our process framework by our internal checkpoints to ensure quick turnaround time with high quality.

Contract Translation Specific Processes

Legal and contract translations are usually used in a context that requires other services or support. We support customers in affidavits, notarizations, certifications, legalizations as well as on sworn or court interpretation. Also our Conference Technology team has plenty of resources to support legal processes (e.g. interpretation booth, recording infrastructure, transcription technology, etc).
For more information on auxiliary services, please contact us.

Contract Translation FAQ :

1. What are International & Local Translation Standards ?

There is 1 international standard ISO 17100, which has been derived from the transnational standard EN 15038. ISO 17100 links to a technical specification of Translation ISO 11669. Some countries have / had local translation standard, e.g. CAN 131.10 and ASTM 2575.

2. What do the translation standards cover?

All translation standards cover the same basics with small differences in the process and requirements towards the linguists. Key items

  • Definition of Translation Process
  • Definition of Responsibilities
  • Definition of Project Register / Specification
  • Qualification Requirements for Translators

3. What types of contracts can be covered under Contract Translation?

All types of contracts can be translated from any source language to any target language. Following are the common types of contract translation:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Leases
  • Deeds
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Rental Agreements

4. How secure is our contract translation?

Globibo can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement Template or reviews 3rd party NDAs. Furthermore, we are ISO 27001 audited and certified. Also all our subcontractors, including but not limited to translators and revisers are bound to non-disclosure policies.

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