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Spanish Translation Services

Globibo's Spanish Translation Service is one of the strongest parts of our operations. We provide Spanish Translations & Interpretation Services to hundreds of international as well as Spanish clients in many countries throughout Asia and around the world. In cooperation with Spanish Chambers, Spanish Embassies, Spanish Consulates and Spanish Ministries our Translations are recognized in more countries than any other Translation agency. Globibo Translations cover basically any language combination from or to Spanish and any file format.

Spanish Translation Linguists

The basic requirements for our Spanish Translators are that the linguist requires either an explicit professional degree in translation or an equivalent degree and documented full-time Spanish Localization experience. As such we do not just look at documented translation experience, but the experience has to be in a full-time capacity. The ISO standard puts further emphasize on the direction for translation. A translator qualified to translate Spanish to English might not be qualified to translate English to Spanish. While industry-standards are not very consistent in regards to translation direction, we developed an own set of standards to ensure quality. Therefore, our linguist working on Spanish Localization require not just the qualifications based on international translation standards like EN 15038 and ISO17100 / 11669 but additionally have to comply to our specific criteria that we found important for Spanish Translations.

Our Spanish Translators have access to the best Spanish Term-Databases that were established and optimized over thousands of projects. The Term-databases have been consolidated for different industries and functional domains. We also create customer-specific Term-databases to improve inter-company translation consistency. Those Term-databases give the linguist additional support to perform the translation faster with a higher quality level leveraging industry or company-specific terms. Lastly, dedicated Spanish Translation Memories that include fully pre-translated segments from all our prior projects improve quality as well as reduce cost and turnaround-time for our clients. The segments from prior translated projects are weighted in regards to context and domain to ensure they fit into the new target context.

Spanish Translation Experts

Spanish Translation Process

Our Spanish Translations follow global Translation standards like EN 15038, ISO 11669, ASTM 2575, CAN 131.10 and J2450 as well as the Globibo Spanish Localization Delivery Model. The Translation Standards define the internal processes for the translation as well as the process with you as a Client. We will do a requirement specification and feasibility analysis for your project. Based on this you will receive a quotation and the underlying terms and conditions. Information about data protection and security are furnished to you and are available on the Web site for your review. Upon your confirmation, we commence with the translation via the 6-step process of which 4 steps are mandatory and 2 steps are optional. The image below describes the Spanish Localization Process in further detail:

Spanish Translation Process

The traditional translation process follows multiple steps to increase the quality of the created content. The graphic above illustrates the process:

  • Translation : Transfer source language material into target language material
  • Checking : Verification by translator to avoid errors and omissions
  • Revision : Bilingual verification of original translation
  • Review : Optional mono-lingual verification from subject-matter expert
  • Proofreading : Optional Value Added Service reviewing the Target Text
  • Final Verification : Verification against Client Service Specification
  • Client Feedback

For questions about our translation process, please contact your friendly local account manager. To learn more about professional translation processes, you can also check out our blogs or numerous publications and social media.

Spanish Translation Certification

Our Spanish Translation also mean world-wide recognition from most government agencies, embassies, consulates and chambers - in Spain and overseas. The certification procedures depend on the country and agencies from which you require the document to be confirmed/certified. While legal firms or a notary public performs a notarization, embassies and consulates provide legalizations. As a translation agency we do the underlying translation certification that can be legalized or notarized by other agencies. As the process differ from country to country and different documents, we can guide you through the process.
To perform certified translation and get the subsequent approvals from a notary public, embassy / consulate or ministry, we follow a set of specific processes and procedures as well as work with linguists with very specific qualifications. Those qualifications are based on industry-standards as well as requirements from local / international government agencies.

Spanish Translation Competence

We translate and certify the following documents:

  • Spanish Academic transcript translation
  • Spanish Adoption certificate translation
  • Spanish Apprenticeship certificate translations
  • Spanish Bank statement translation
  • Spanish Birth certificate translation
  • Spanish Business translation
  • Spanish Certificate of good conduct
  • Spanish Coroner Report translation
  • Spanish Death certificate translations
  • Spanish Degree translation
  • Spanish Diploma translation
  • Spanish document translation
  • Spanish Electricity bill translation
  • Spanish Email translation
  • Spanish Employment pass Translations
  • Spanish Employment contract translations
  • Spanish Employment letter translation
  • Spanish Export permit translations
  • Spanish Financial translation
  • Spanish Identity card / family booklet translations
  • Spanish Insurance Claim Document Translations
  • Spanish Import permit translations
  • Spanish ICA Translation
  • Spanish Journeyman certificate translations
  • Spanish Letter and card translations
  • Spanish Marriage certificate translation
  • Spanish Master tradesman certificate translations
  • Spanish Medical report translation
  • Spanish Migration translation
  • Spanish Motorcycle licence translations
  • Spanish Name-change certificate translations
  • Spanish Payslip translation
  • Spanish Passport translations
  • Spanish Patents and legal contract translation
  • Spanish Penal clearance certificate translation
  • Spanish Police report translation
  • Spanish Police clearance translation
  • Spanish Power of attorney translations
  • Spanish Receipts and invoices
  • Spanish Resume translations
  • Spanish Single-status certificate translations
  • Spanish Statutory declaration translations
  • Spanish Survey translation
  • Spanish Telephone bill translations
  • Spanish Web site translation
  • Spanish Book translation

Leveraging a large pool of templates and terminology databases from previous translation projects, we can perform the entire process fast and cost-efficiently. Standard documents like for example driving licenses, ID cards, passports, do not require any formatting or DTP as the basic templates are all available.

Spanish Translation Technology

Professional Translation Service also means agnostic usage of Translation Management Software - for larger projects we will use the software that makes most sense to you, not what fits into the strategy of our associated software company.
We leverage Wordfast, SDL Trados and DejaVu as standard applications for Spanish Localizations. Furthermore we keep Spanish Translation Memory and Terminology Databases by Client and industry.

1 - Terminology Databases : We structure industry as well as customer specific Terminology Databases or Glossaries. The combination of those 2 types of Terminology Databases permits quick access to industry or customer-specific terms. Those terminology databases are aligned with your internal teams to ensure we match the best translations for your internal functions.
2 - Translation Memory : Similar to Terminology Databases, we have industry- as well as customer specific Translation Memories. A Translation Memory is a database of previously translated segments (e.g. full sentences) that can be reused in subsequent translations. Translation Memories allow increasing quality and turn-around time while lowering cost.
3 - Machine Translation : New MT engines permit leveraging neural networks as well as statistical models to reuse previously translated material for new projects. If our contract permits, we access different MT engines to facilitate professional processing of the translations.
4 - Translation Management Systems (TMS) : TMS allow us to process translation projects in a faster and more coordinated manner. With combine our own internal management system with external applications to create the right blend of operational efficiency with access to world-class external tools.

Practical Reading (external links):
- Wikipedia : Translation Management Software
- Wikipedia : Translation Memories Explanation
- Gartner : Research on Translation Software
- ISO 17100
- Wikipedia : Translation Standards 15038

For more questions in regards to our technology strategy, please contact us.

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