Conference Interpretation Booths

The portable conference interpreter booth provides working accommodation for 1, 2, 3, or 4 interpreters. The whole mobile interpretation booth can be assembled using hook fastenings (depending on the model). The dimensions and weights of the individual modules make it possible to transport and assemble the booths by one person only. The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame that surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material. The standard 2-person interpretation booths are designed to take 2 low-noise tangential fans ensuring an adequate amount of air circulating in the booths. In addition, 2 reading lamps are provided for each booth.

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Conference Interpretation Booths come in different types with the following key criteria:

  • Colors / Labels
  • Seating Capacity / Type
  • Working / Table Surface
  • Size of booth (internal / external dimensions)
  • Weight, incl. transport cases
  • Doors & Windows
  • Cable passages
  • Sound Insulation
  • Ventilation & Lighting
  • Free-space behind / before the booth
  • Material (e.g. odor / anti-static / fire retardant / non-flammable / cause no irritation to eyes, skin, respiratory tract)

Globibo offers a broad range of Interpretation Equipment for conferences and events. Together with mobile interpretation booths, we also provide Interpreter consoles, transmitters, receivers and all other required hardware and software to support small and mega-scale events. Our event consultants and engineering team suggests the best-suited equipment after analyzing the client’s requirement.

Interpretation Booths Types

Standard Conference Booths

Standard Conference Interpretation Booth

The standard Conference Interpretation booth provides a comfortable working space for the interpreter as well as acoustic separation between the audience and interpreters as well as between different interpreters. Interpretation Booth shall also provide good visual and two-way audio communication between the linguists and the participants.

We carry different types of booths with slightly different specifications. 2 example configurations are below:

Option 1:

  • Dimension: 176 cm (L) x 176(B) x 198 cm (H)
  • Material: Black PVC external, Carpeted internal
  • Window : Single tempered glass of 4 sides
  • Door : Outward opening door at the back
  • Ventilation : Ventilated roof
  • Table : foldable table (bolt on)
  • Partitioning : 16 panel, 8 top (88cm x 104cm)and bottom (88cm x 94cm) with corner connecting pole
  • Required Tools : Allen key screwed joining system
  • Flight Case : top and bottom panel flight cases for transportation
Option 2 : Standard Conference Interpretation Booth 2
  • Dimension (internal) : 150 x 155 x 200 cm
  • Dimension (external) : 156 x 160 x 203 cm
  • Dimension (work table) : 155 x 45 x 2 cm
  • Weight : 117 kg
  • Door : Outward opening door at the back
  • Ventilation : Ventilated roof
  • Partitioning : 10 + 1 panels
  • Required Tools : None
  • Material: High-density fire-retardant foam (British Standard BS5852)
  • Finishing : Washable leather as surface; half bottom use black color leather to hide kicking dirt
  • Windows: 5 mm scratch-resistant glass
  • Frame: Aluminium oxide frames
  • Manufacturer Standards: The European Commission (EC) certification, conform to ISO4043 norm
  • Acoustic Insulation : acoustic pressure difference : 250hz->12db, 500hz>15db, 1000hz>17db, 2000hz>22db, 4000hz>23db
  • Flight Case : top and bottom panel flight cases for transportation

Table-Top Interpretation Booths

Table-Top Interpretation Booth

We provide table-top interpretation booths for smaller environments or places that do not require a full enclosure. Table-top interpretation booths with soundproof designs are placed on a surface and are open to the bottom and back. They do not provide full sound insulation, but sufficient barriers to reduce noise pollution.

  • Color: Light Grey
  • Seating Capacity: 2 interpreters
  • Dimensions Outside: 120 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm
  • Material: Expanded Vinyl with acoustic foam
  • Fabric: 9mm woven density / 100% polyester cotton
  • Booth weight (without case) : 23.5 kg (without case)
  • Total Booth weight (with flight case) : 43 kg
  • Assembly Time: approx 5 minutes
  • Assembly Tools: None required
  • Inside Color: Light Grey
Photo of Table-Top Interpretation Booth Download

Interpretation Booths Colors

To ensure the best match of our conference interpretation booth into your environment, we carry different styles of the booth. Based on the location or logistics from our central warehouses, we can offer a Simultaneous Interpretation Booth in different colors and sizes.

Interpretation Booths Black

The black interpretation booth is available in specific locations only and fits discretely into the backdrop and AV setup of your event. The structure consists of smaller modules and is, therefore, more mobile and easier to transport.

Interpretation Booths Black

Interpretation Booths White / Grey

The white/light grey interpretation booth is a practical alternative to the black booth. It consists of slightly larger panels and is, therefore, a little less mobile for transport.

Interpretation Booths White

All portable interpretation booths have the same features as stationary ones and include lighting and ventilation. The tables, chairs, lights, and ventilation are specially fitted to integrate well into the booth and provide the best experience for the interpreter.

Interpretation Booths by Setup

There are many Interpretations Booths available in the market as the size, setup, color, and event requirements. Below are the two types of Interpretation Booths available according to the setup of Interpretation Booths:

Permanent Booths: Booth structures that are fully integrated into the venue. As per some ISO standards, the booth includes access to an Internet connection (WLAN) and power outlets for devices.

Mobile / Temporary Booths: Panel-based booth that can be assembled/disassembled quickly at the venue. According to DIN EN ISO 4043, the booth must have good ventilation arrangements and optimal acoustic conditions in the booth.

Interpretation Booths Setup

The engineering of the booths is very user-friendly. It has has customizable interpretation booths for fast and space-saving setup and tear down. Our highly-trained crews are accustomed to fast turn-overs and room changes at the venue as well as integrating the interpretation booths perfectly into the overall conference environment. For room changes during the event itself, please discuss the details with your account manager to save cost but reduce risk at the same time.

Interpretation equipment booth

Mobile vs Fixed Interpretation Booths

We remain the largest service provider of Mobile Interpretation Infrastructures in many markets around the world. We aim to provide an interpretation booth that allows comfortable working for the interpreter while creating a silent environment to concentrate on the challenging work they pursue. Our compact interpretation booths fulfill the need for space efficiency for all stakeholders - the event/venue organizer as well as the interpreters.
Mobility means that our booth can be assembled/disassembled quickly in a different environment to accommodate the dynamic nature of the event industry and venues. Mobility is not just about the technical equipment but also means that we take care of the logistics around the setup with the right manpower to get things right.


Fixed installations (permanent booths) often have other requirements in regards to the event setup than mobile/temporary setup. Features and components make our Interpretation booth easy to work with. Our interpretation booth follows local and international industry and security standards. Furthermore, they include light and ventilation systems that balance noise obstruction with the highest degree of comfort for interpreters.

Interpretation Booths Location

The location of the Interpretation booth during the event needs careful consideration. Certainly, the overall space has to be optimized, while keeping practical and safety aspects in mind. In general space before and behind the booth has to be maintained (2m before, 1.5m behind). Also, the booth should have a direct vision of the speaker. Often workarounds are needed for the direct vision with a camera/video feed to screens displayed at the location of the booth.
To plan the setup of the booth properly as well as to discuss setup / dismantle timelines, please contact us.

Interpretation Booth & Related Standards

Several international industry standards suggest practices and policies in regards to Interpretation Booth. The list below shows the key standards applicable for this domain:

Conference Interpreter Booth Case Studies

Conference interpreter booth in action.


Simultaneous Interpretation Booth FAQ

The ideal setup of simultaneous interpretation booths follows certain technical guidelines or principles. Below are some basic questions to answer before renting and finalizing the booths for your event:

Q1. What are the different conference interpretation booths type?

Ans: There are two types of conference interpretation booths namely standard interpretation booth and table-top interpretation booth. Your table-top interpretation booths are for smaller environments. And standard interpretation booths provide a comfortable working space for the interpreter. Visit our page for more information on interpretation booths.

Q2. What should I look for when choosing a conference interpretation booth?

Ans: There is an extensive range of criteria one needs to keep in mind when looking for a conference interpretation booth. These include colors, ventilation & lighting, size of booth, sound insulation, cable passages, etc.

Q3. What is Interpretation?

Ans: The process of facilitating communication from one language into its equivalent (or near equivalent) in another language form is called interpreting, for e.g. English to French.

Q4. Who is an Interpreter?

Ans: An interpreter is a person who communicates thoughts or expressions in a source language into comparable thoughts or expressions in the target language in “real time”. A skilled interpreter is able to direct every semantic element (tone and register), intention, and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to the target-language recipient/recipients linguistically, emotionally, tonally, and culturally.

Q5. What are the dimensions of the interpretation booths?

Ans: Depending on whether it is a 1, 2, 3 person interpretation booth, the dimensions vary between 1.2 meters to 3.5 meters in width. The height is usually around 2.2 meters and depth around 2 meters.

Q6. How many interpreters fit into 1 interpretation booth?

Ans: Booths are designed for 1, 2 or 3 people to be seated comfortably. Please request the right booth for your setup.

Q7. What is the best location to install the interpretation booth?

Ans: The booth must be placed around 30m away from the speaker stage/place or podium but must be able to see the speakers (either directly or via a screen). The interpretation booth needs to have clearance space to the audience and surrounding walls.

Q8. What visibility needs to be maintained for the Interpretation Booth?

Ans: The booth must have windows with non reflective glass so that the Interpreter is able to view the speaker and/or screens.

Q9. What Ventilation & Lighting is required for an Interpretation Booth?

Ans: The interpretation booth must have proper ventilation to exchange the entire volume of the room and a good light source for the working table.

Q10. What other interpreter equipment or storage is needed with interpretation booths?

Ans: Usually Interpretation booths are used in combination with interpreter Consoles, headsets and lamps. All those components are used to physical or virtual audio switchboards to transmit the audio.

Q11. What is the need of Interpretation Booth?

Ans: Interpreting booths are used in conferences, courts, medical seminars, etc. During those events interpreters are required to be seated in a sound-proof booth where they are able to see the speaker/speakers but are protected from external noise. Furthermore, their own voices should not be heard on the event floor. So the interpreter booths provides a 2-way sound insulation.

Q12. What does the conference interpretation booth consist of?

Ans: A conference interpretation booth will consist of a booth and an acoustic separation between the interpreter and the audience. This is necessary to allow the interpreter to do the translations without disturbance.

Q13. Is there a smaller interpretations system available?

Ans: Yes, you can opt for our tabletop interpretation system. This is ideal for smaller gatherings such as board meetings. This is not a booth but provides adequate insulation against noise pollution.

Q14. What are the different types of interpretation booths?

Ans: You can choose to install temporary or permanent interpretation booths. The permanent stalls will have WLAN connections. The temporary booths are designed to be assembled and unassembled easily.

Q15. Why are mobile booths better?

Ans: Mobile booths mean you do not have to permanently allocate a space to interpretation booths as we provide the complete solution from installing hardware and software and even dismantling the hardware.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

The portable interpreter booth provides working accommodation for one, two, three or four interpreters. The whole booth can be assembled by means of hook fastenings. The dimensions and weights of the individual modules make it possible to transport and assemble the booth by one person only. The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame which surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material. The booth is designed to take two low noise tangential fans ensuring an adequate amount of air circulating in the booth. In addition two reading lamps are provided for each booth.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers

Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers

Our wireless simultaneous interpretation receivers use infrared for audio transmission of up to 32 channels. Based on proven technologies our comfortable wireless Receivers provie noise-free reception. The receiver losses are minimized by using a special design.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Software

Simultaneous Interpretation Software

The interpretation software drives the infrastructure that the presentation is rendered in one or many other languages. Our System consists of all components required to link to wireless transmitters and receivers to provide a voice-silenced communication system that is fully self-contained and portable. This system provides clear, quiet and accurate communication between a speaker and a multilingual audience without distraction, interruption or misunderstanding.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Infrastructure

Simultaneous Interpretation Infrastructure

Apart from interpretation booth, microphones, speakers and headset, our basic infrastructure includes components like transmitters and radiators, the entire cabeling as well as security elements. We make sure that the system has the ability to provide you with the best simultaneous interpreter, equipment and technicians to micromanage every single aspect of your event.

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