Voting System Rental

Our voting systems have set a new standard for intelligent audience engagement. The voting systems allow capturing responses from the participants of any event, from traditional compatible via information surveys to knowledge verification to interactive game shows and AGMs. Our flexible compatible systems are incredibly useful at larger events where you want to poll information from the attendees. One of the biggest values of our compatible solutions is to see the audience's response immediately after the last person provided feedback on an underlying question.

Our Voting systems can be used for various Event types:

  • Conferences for Product Launches, Training, Workshop Feedback & Evaluations
  • Official/Company Meetings (e.g. AGMs) for Open Polls, Surveys, Market research, Opinions & Feedback
  • Business Events for Strategy Development, Action Planning, Brainstorming (Internal meetings/periodic business meets)
  • Academic or Commercial Seminars
  • School/College/University events for Interactive Polls, Evaluations & Interactive Learning
  • Networking events for collecting User feedback and Information
  • Product Launches for Surveys, User response & feedback
  • Marketing events for Roadshows, Product Launches, Market Research & Opinions

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Why Rent a Voting System?

  • Cost- The equipment for a Voting System is not cheap, and your company may not want to spend on equipment that you may only use a few times a year. The equipment would also need to be carefully stored when not in use and this might require storage space.
  • Access to a wide variety of systems – Renting your compatible System from a company that specializes in such equipment will allow you to choose from the many brands and options available. You may be able to test the latest and modern state-of-the-art equipment which would make your events more successful.
  • Flexible rental contracts – Globibo provides different rental contracts to suit your requirements. If it is a large event that you are holding, you would have the choice of renting more equipment, etc. And if the event is small, you would only need the bare minimum. You would be able to sync your budget with the different types of contracts available.
  • Quality and expertise guaranteed – Renting a compatible System from a reputable company such as Globibo ensures that all equipment is the best and latest and that your event goes on without unnecessary hitches.
  • Reliability - Hamilton Rental's team of qualified engineers test and configure the equipment before shipping and provide support for the duration of the rental. They are on hand to help with any hardware queries or issues.
  • Expertise - We can fully manage your IT or AV installation, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business operations. Our IT installation service ensures your IT rental during your event goes as smoothly as possible.

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Voting System Deployments

Voting systems can be used in small, medium, and large events, presentations, conferences, business meetings, council compatibility, team building, and shows. Different types of deployments require different hardware and network infrastructures. The responses captured by the voting system can be displayed in real-time on the screen. Those displays can be configured in different ways to accommodate for the best presentation of the underlying data.

Benefits of Voting System

There are various benefits of using a Voting System during an event. Some of the key benefits are listed follows:

  • The voting system helps to collect ratings or votes automatically from large numbers of participants of an event
  • The voting system helps the organizer to evaluate audience preferences, likes, and dislikes in graphical or tabular formats
  • The voting system provides on the spot results as it is one of the fastest options to capture responses of the audience
  • The Voting systems provide accurate and secure responses to the presenter quickly
  • Voting systems are easy to use
  • Voting systems come with hardware tokens (no smartphone/network required) or mobile app format
  • Voting systems enhance Audience interaction
  • Voting systems can guarantee that votes cast are the ones intended and that the results are true and fair. Votes cannot be easily tampered with as the votes do not pass through the hands of compatible officials but a system
  • As voting systems deliver true and fair results, there is a level of transparency and guaranteed validity to the proceedings
  • Voting systems use an intuitive interface, which provides voters with clear instructions on the voting process and how to cast their votes effectively
Voting System Voting system: Collecting relevant information for your organization

Our wireless voting response system support generating a variety of responses from event participants. Participant responses help you to gather suitable data and feedback for particular questions and topics that your and your team can analyze during or after the event.

Voting system: Professional Display of your collected data

The information gathered through wireless response can be immediately integrated into different types of presentations. Furthermore, group/team comparisons can be made and the segmented results can also be analyzed. The response system blends the traditional compatible modes, which had options of yes/no/abstain and for/against, into the new design and features of game-show style, weighted compatible and alike. Participants can also contribute well to the online-opinion-polling and voting which is an important feature of wireless response.

While supporting multiple frequencies, just a single radiofrequency can be put to operate more than 10,000 voting units at the same time. In principle, the number of radio channels is five, but usually, one channel is reserved for configuration purposes. It is noteworthy that W-LAN and Bluetooth interference is largely excluded from the used frequency. Data can be inquired over the range of 50-meter radius with a single receiver which is equivalent to a surface area of approx. 3,000 sqm, naturally depending on the architecture or fittings of the building.

Voting System - Hardware Rental

Voting Hardware is used when either not all participants have access to smart devices or if certain regulations in regards to compliance apply. We provide access to different compatible hardware solutions. As such we can support low volume as well as large-scale events.
The voting system hardware consists of chargeable compatible pads as well as transponders/antennas. Depending on the model, 1 transponder/antenna can support up to 5000 participants in a certain radius. If the voting is in a larger environment, more transponders/antennas have to be set up.
Voting hardware remains a more secure environment regarding audit/compliance. Several international standards and regulations prescribe the usage of specific hardware solutions for example for compatibility in formal AGMs, Board meetings, public service-related environments.
The result of hardware-based voting can be visible immediately and integrated into traditional Powerpoint presentations.

Voting System Case Study

As you all know, in the recent US Election 2020, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. However, Trump has refused to concede to Biden’s victory, crying foul over illegal votes. The types of voting systems in the US vary from state to state, although the compatible system in the US is a far cry from the conservative compatible means. Similarly in the more developed countries in the world, gone were the days when voting is by paper only. There are now electronic voting systems available that are compatible that uses electronic means to address casting and counting of votes, touch screens for voters to mark choices, scanners to verify signatures, web servers to display tallies to the public, etc. At Globibo, we can assist you to make your balloting or election a smooth, fair, open, and trustworthy process, minus all the drama of the foul play, etc.

DigiVote - Conference Voting Solution

Voting System VD30 Digivote interactive professional provides a powerful way of creating interactive presentations and training sessions with a user-friendly interface. The transponder TR30 processes all DIGIVOTE VD30 voting unit responses and operates more than 10,000 units on one single radio channel.
  • Functional areas of solution: Name handling, Preparing interactive voting, Running the show
  • Modes of interaction: Parliamentary vote, Audience response, Opinion poll, Multiple choice, Shoot Out, Grouping, Ranking, Text Slide, Auction
  • Voting time: manual start/stop, specification of time
  • Graphical analysis: diagram, bar graph, pie chart, etc.
  • Generating of reports: a detailed list of voting results, sum lists, cross-tabulation
Hardware Voting Pads - Wireless Voting Unit using radio technology
  • Frequency: ISM band 433 MHz
  • Channels: 5 different radio channels selectable
  • Units per Channel: More than 10,000 units per RF channel
  • Polling Speed: up to 200 units per second per channel, depending on the voting mode
  • Display: Backlit LCD, 96 x 32 pixel
  • Keypad: 10 digit keys, 4 function keys
  • Power: 3 x AAA NiMH batteries rechargeable
  • Indicators: for radio reception/battery status
  • Dimensions: 165 x 48 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 140g (incl. batteries)

Sunvote - Audience Polling Device

Audience Polling Device - S52Plus This Interactive Voting Device is suitable for various corporate training, such as pre-job or on-job training, vocational training, sales training, human resources training, finance, insurance, banking training, and so on.

  • Vote types: For / Against / Abstain -3 key vote
  • Choice Types: Single Choice/ Multiple Choice/ Ranking/ True or False
  • Numeric Election: Choose N from M (N≤M)
  • Numerical rating scale: integer and decimal
  • Numeric input: Free combinations of numbers, decimal point, and a negative sign
  • Transmission: 2.4G RF technology
  • Distance: < 30M Reliable Distance
  • Working hours:>280Hour
  • #of Voters: <400 voters (per receiver)
  • # of channels: 80 channels
  • Batteries: 2*CR2032 Button Battery
Sunvote - Wireless Receiver EA4000T

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology
  • Range: >100 meters
  • Number of devices: Each receiver supports up to 2000 keypads
  • Multiplication: Multiple receivers compatible for larger capacity
  • Connection: Can be charged using a USB cable or power adapter
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all 2.4 GHz keypads. Please put the receiver within the range of keypads (some only have the range of 30 meters).
  • Keypads: For wireless 433MHz receivers please use the compatible 433MHz keypads.

Voting Systems via Mobile / Web-based Apps

With Events Studio you can facilitate polling, voting, and any other type of audience response through native iOS or Android devices as well as Web-App. If you choose to select an alternative compatible application, we provide rental tablet devices with or without network connections.

Bar Chart Voting Result

Smartphone solutions and voting mobile applications allow for cost-efficient integration of compatibility into your event. Compared to hardware solutions, it saves on compatible pads and transponder/antenna hardware infrastructure. On the other hand, it might not be allowed to use smartphone solutions in certain environments, e.g. AGMs.

Within our native (iOS / Android) or web mobile application, we allow voting for a different types of questions. This can be compatible with multiple-choice questions, single-choice questions or also allow free text input. The results can be shown in real-time in different presentation screens on a presentation or within the mobile application.

  • Polling can be activated per session upon request
  • Separation of questions by event and sessions
  • There are no limitations for the number of questions and answers
  • Single-choice Questions
  • Multiple-choice Questions
  • Text Questions
  • Text-answers can be displayed as a tag cloud
  • Different Voting Weight / Share / Rights
  • Bar & Pie-Charts
  • Data / Submission over time
  • Moderation & Presentation panels

How does an Interactive Voting system work

Interactive voting systems work on audience response technology where the responses from audiences are captured through voting keypads in a database and are analyzed by AI data analytics tools. Our voting systems and voting mobile application are linked with an in-house AI data analytics tool.

The analytics are further displayed on the screen.

To know more about the voting system setup, contact our consultants.

Voting System - Result Presentation

The results for voting sessions can be either directly integrated into a PowerPoint presentation or summarized on dedicated presentation screens. The integration capabilities depend on the specific solution selected. For smartphone-based solutions, the result can also be presented within the application itself.
For special illustration types, like tag clouds, dynamic charts, etc, we recommend our smartphone solution as it allows for more design options.

Traditional Illustrations: The basic information can be plotted in standard charts on presentation monitors or embedded into your PowerPoint slides.

Bar Chart Voting Result

Pie Chart Voting Result

Live-updating Tag-Clouds: The illustration of word-based results in tag-clouds has become more prevalent in the last year. It provides a modern view of data with the size representing the frequency. Live-updating tag clouds look attractive, but may also dilute polling results.

Voting Result Tag Cloud

Live-updating Charts: A majority of the display methods can be live updating, which means that the chart will refresh once new data arrives. While this method makes the process more interesting to watch, it may impact the polling result. Please speak to us for further details on this.

Data Exports: Certainly, the data can be exported into the common data formats for analysis and import within other environments.

Voting Systems - Charging & Storage

Voting Charging & Storage

The charging and transportation process depends on the type of voting device/pad used. Some devices come with in-built rechargeable battery packs. Some other devices use disposable batteries.

The integrated storage and charging cases allow easy transport of the voting pads as well as organized charging of a maximum number of units. They are used mainly for larger events that need quick and convenient re-charging every day.

  • 50 storage trays
  • Dimensions WxDxH: (640x410x220)mm
  • Weight without units: 11.5kg (approx.)
  • Internal power supply plug: prim.: 90-240V, sec.: 12V/8.3A
  • Lockable case
  • Removable lid
  • Sturdy fold-away handle

Voting Systems and Compliance

Voting systems are used within formal or informal settings. In some areas, governmental regulations enforce certain structures to ensure suitability and compliance with the results generated. For example, Shareholder meetings often still require (specific) hardware solutions for the result to create legal validity. For more information on compliance and audits, please contact us.

Virtual AGM compatible Systems

To learn more about our Virtual AGM Solutions, please check out our Website.

Other Conference Audience Response Services

Voting System

Voting Systems

Our voting system has set a new standard for intelligent response systems. The system allows covering responses from the participants of any event, from traditional voting via information surveys and knowledge verification to interactive game shows. Our flexible voting systems are incredibly useful at larger events where you want to poll the attendees. One of the biggest value of our voting solutions is to see the audience response immediately after the last person provided feedback on an underlying question.

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Auction System

Auction Systems

Our Auction system has been designed to be capable of supporting large numbers of bidders in an active auction. The auction system is oriented toward lot-based block auctions where a catalogue of items is entered into the system in advance, and the auction takes place for a fixed period of time. Many of our clients use our solution to simplify the bidding process during events, making it more fun or discrete as well as to maximize the price for the listings.

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Audience Feedback System

Audience Feedback Solutions

The audience's feedback is important in closing the gap between presenter and audience. Our solutions gives you an idea of how the message is being received and whether it needs to be modified. With audience feedback systems that are easier to use, simpler to setup and affordable. We have the latest technologies for eliciting Audience Feedback displaying responses in the presenter's desk, presentation slides or web browser instantly.

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Conference Mobile App

Smartphone Conference Solutions

Smartphones enable you to work efficiently and securely anytime and anyplace. The use of smartphones during events and conferences replacing classical hardware driven solutions will definitely reduce the overall technology cost. Our Smartphone Solutions come with our great understanding of event and conferences as well as technology.

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Voting System Rental FAQ

1. How can you choose an Online Voting System?
Choosing an Online Voting System depends on the number of people voting, the type of voting, when you need the results, and how you want the voting to be presented. We will advise you which voting solution is the most convenient and flexible to be used at your specific event.
2. Where can you access Online Voting System?
You can access and make the best use of our online voting system through web apps or smartphone solutions. We offer a compatible voting system that you can use as per your requirement on any device with any operating system.
3. How hard is it to use this voting system?
Our Online Voting System is seamless and not at all hard to use. We will guide you through how to use our flexible solutions to hold votes even in the largest of events. This is an easy-to-use and effective voting solution.
4. What hardware needs to be set up for the voting system?
Depending on the area you need to cover in a single voting system, you will have to set up the transponders or the antennas.
5. What is the minimum coverage of a single voting system?
The primary voting system offers coverage of 5000 participants within a certain radius. This can be covered by setting up a single transponder.
6. What is the primary difference between Sunvote and DigiVote?
The Sunvote is designed to get the audience response in three areas, for against and abstain. On the other hand, DigiVote is more comprehensive, letting you create interactive voting options.
7. Does DigiVote use a different transponder?
Yes, DigiVote uses the T30 transponder, and it allows you to operate more than 10,000 units and various other functions on a single radio channel. You can carry out the entire conference with DigiVote.


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"Very professional and flexible. Our event ran very smoothly."

Jess Mondragon
Virtual AGM - Governing Sports Body

"We used Globibo’s Virtual AGM platform for our organization’s Annual General Meeting in 2020 and it went exceptionally well. Not just the platform but especially the team was very supportive in making sure the entire event created a great experience for our shareholders. Also, our auditors were impressed by the setup."

Head Client Relationship at International Financial Services Company

"To the great relief of our management team, the entire event went very well. Great technical support by the team throughout the meeting even supporting outside the normal event hours."

Senior Manager of Investor Relations at International Logistics Group

"We have used pre-registration services, pre-voting, as well as the Virtual AGM platform. Despite some challenges on our side, the overall process went to our full satisfaction. We will definitely keep on using the platform."

VP IR, International Retail Group


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