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World-Class Event & Conference Technology from Globibo ensures that you make a great impression on your audience. With the dedicated team, a global infrastructure, latest technology and years of experience Globibo Event Technology has served thousands of customers in Events and Conferences around the world.


Globibo Event Technology is part of the Globibo Group focusing on Event & Conference Technology Services. Together with our Network Partners we have equipped over 100,000 national and international conferences since established in 1958.

The Globibo Group also offers the following services:

  • Interpretation Services
  • Translation Service
  • Language Courses
  • Corporate Training

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For information on our Event Performance Management System, please check out the Intro Video (more information only on request)

Event Performance Solution


Smartphone Pathfinder
The first multi-platform compatible Exhibition Booth pathfinder becomes part of the Event Performance Solution.

Peer Review System
Peer Review Management System developed and integrated into overall platform.

Auction System
Auction System migrated into Event Platform.

Smartphone Voting
With our Smartphone Voting Software you can make your event more interactive without the necessity of external hardware.

Tour Guide System
Globibo Event Technology extends its infrastructure to new Tour Guide Technology.

Smartphone Audience Response
Our Smartphone Audience Response System goes into version 2.0 - with more features and a slicker User-Interface


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  • +49 (030) 8093 5151
Hong Kong
  • +852 5801 9962
  • +91 11 4248 4066
  • +603 2630 8476
  • +63 2231 2180
  • +65 6336 9002
United Kingdom
  • +44 (020) 3239 5530
United States
  • +1 (718) 713 8593

Our Services

We provide the following services:
  • Application Development
  • Audio & Visual
  • Audience Response
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Conference Equipment
  • Interpretation Equipment
  • Tour Guide Systems
  • Office Equipment
  • Project Management
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Translation & Interpretation Service

  • Certified Translation & Sworn Translation Services
  • Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Liason Interpretation and Whispered Interpretation Services
  • Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting Services
  • Transcription and Voice-Over Services
  • Website Localization


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