Conference Microphones

Nothing stimulates pro-audio nostalgia like good microphones. The quality of the microphones is a critical success factor of events. With the right technology of the conference microphones and control system, you can ensure that you will make a great impression. Our next generation of conference systems builds on a legacy of flexible and reliable products that have been in successful operation for decades worldwide. Our System is immune to interference from communication devices such as mobile phones, WLAN or Bluetooth, or light systems.

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Conference Microphones Conference Microphones: Great quality for great presentations.

Armed with world-class microphones, your event sets the stage for successful presentations. Microphones are a standard component of larger events and the right knowledge, support and technology ensure that everybody can clearly understand the presentations given.

Globibo offers a variety of different wired and wireless Conference Microphones for short- and long-term installations. We support microphones architectures for small, medium, and large-scale infrastructures.

Conference Microphones: For all types of conferences all around the world.

Our Stand-alone microphone system is easy to use for small as well as large-scale conferences. Our digital, as well as analogs systems, have been successfully used in worldwide operations for over a decade.

Conference Microphones: Advanced technology

The design of our microphone unit for the conference unit is modern. The system is flexible, reliable, and also safe from the interferences that affect mobile phones, Bluetooth laptops, and various other communication and wireless-connected devices. Our digital microphone system has also strong compatibility with analog infrastructures. It can also be used with various components without any signal interference and restrictions. You can integrate the microphone switchboard into the system. The smooth integration helps in the easy and fast operation of all required devices. The integration also enables the system operator to control the microphone from various positions in the conference venue.

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Conference Microphones Types

  • Wired Conference Microphone
  • Wireless Conference Microphone
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Multimedia Conference Microphone

Example Conference Microphones System: Brahler DC10 microphones for events on rental service. The system usually has two units i.e, Central Control Unit DPS202 and Chairman / Delegate Microphone units.

1) Central Control Unit DPS202

Description: The Central Control Unit DPS202 is used for controlling up to 160 system units. These units are delegates'' units with voting facility, system control consoles for controlling the microphone and voting operation modes as well as interfaces for the connection of large-screen displays.

  • The DPS202 is either able to work in stand-alone mode or connection with a PC.
  • In the case of the stand-alone mode, there are 8 buttons to control the unit via an arranged LC-Display.
  • In connection with CDS200 software and a PC, there are manifold options for system parameters and operation modes.
  • The microphone signals at the "UNITS"-input 1 bis 4 may be either routed individually to the corresponding outputs 1 to 4 or all together mixed to output OUT1/all.
  • In addition to the manual numbering, the first time implemented in CDS200 II is the fully automated numbering of delegates'' units. This feature enables a fast start of the equipment.

DPS202: Technical Data

  • Complies with Intern. Standard IEC914
  • Greenlighted mains switch for power on indication with the position for remote power on
  • LC-Display for showing operation mode, baud rate, unit address, and signal assignment to the MIXER/PA out sockets (XLR) and more
  • 8 buttons for clear handling of the LC display
  • 4 green LEDs for indication of the accurate operating voltage at the four outputs (UNITS)
  • 4 yellow LEDs for indication of AF peak Short-circuit protected outputs
  • Short-circuit < 2s: current will be limited
  • Short-circuit > 2s: output will be switched OFF
  • The output will be automatically switched ON again if the short-circuit has been removed
  • Connectors: MIXER/PA OUT ... 4 (XLR-plug) for up to 4 device lines, UNITS 1 ... 4 (S8G-socket) for connection of up to 40 delegates' units at each line (CDS200 2nd generation), AF-LINK (S8G-socket) IN /OUT for coupling the AF-signals of more than one Central Control Unit connected, PC IN (CR15-socket) for connection of a control PC
  • Power Supply: Mains power: (90 ... 250)VAC, (50 ... 60) Hz, Power consumption: 320VA max. Housing
  • Housing: 19", 2 HU, Aluminium, 'silver" anodized, VV x H x D: (433 x 88 x 305)mm, Weight: 4.5KG

2. Delegates Conference Microphone Unit DC10

Description: Within the CDS200 II system the delegates unit DC10 serves as a microphone unit and is equipped with a loudspeaker for decentralized sound.

  • The silver anodized front plate can also be supplied in other colors. So it is relatively simply possible to give your note to the equipment or adapt it to your interior.
  • The operating modes are managed by the central control unit and the CDS200 software

DC10: Technical Data

  • Complies with International standard IEC914
  • Operating Voltage: 48VDC (by default)
  • Microphone key (illuminated) on/off/request for the floor
  • Integrated loudspeaker for decentralized sound
  • Support of dynamic allocation of console numbers (with dps202)
  • Connector socket (minicon) for connecting a microphone TM58/6
  • Connector socket (S8G-GJ) for connecting further delegate units
  • Connecting cable (plug standard S8G-GJ) length 2. 5m, permanently attached
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Conference Microphone Rental Guide

Conference microphone requirement varies from client to client and business requirements. Before you select the conference microphone for your company, consider the following factors before renting:

1. Venue:

Event or conference location is one of the crucial factors for selecting the right microphone. According to the location one can choose between wired and wireless microphone systems. Sometimes it is also important to maintain the signals of the Transmitter and the receiver because of the line of sight. IR signals cannot pass through walls. Those factors also help in determining the right type of microphone.

2. Number of Participants:

The number of participants helps in selecting the right number of conference microphone units.

3. Sound Quality:

Always check the sound quality of the conference microphones before renting them. Choose a digital audio signal over the analog audio signal. Digital audio signal provides better quality than analog

4. Installation and Usability:

Microphones must be easy to use and install. Check the user guide and contact technical help if required.

5. Support:

Check if technical support is available to help you with the Microphone setup and backup.

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Conference Microphone FAQ

1. Why should you Rent a Conference Microphone?
When you rent conference microphones, you get access to high-quality equipment that would be rather expensive to buy for organizers with less than 100 events per year. You can also rely on the professional support offered with it that ensures you don’t face any problems during the meeting. The microphones available for rental have all the latest features to make things even easier for you and your participants.
2. How to choose a good Conference Microphone?
When choosing a conference microphone, make sure you consider the location first. Depending on the venue, you can choose between wired and wireless. The sound quality must be top-notch so that the speaker can be heard and understood easily. Depending on the event setup, you may need control software/panels to manage the conference microphone setup. Lastly, the easier it is to install and use the microphone without any technical help the better.
3. What are the different Conference microphone types available for rental?
The four popular types of conference microphones that you can rent for different meetings or events are wired microphones, wireless, lapel, and multimedia conference microphones. Each of these microphone types has its specialties.
4. Is there a difference between Chairman Microphone and Participant Microphone?
Yes, the chairman Microphone usually has additional functions to manage other participants (e.g. mute / unmute other microphones). Participant Microphones don't have this function.
5. Which wireless Conference Microphone is the best for my speaker?
This depends on the speaker. Most speakers use either lapel microphones or handheld microphones. In the last years, most speakers have become comfortable with lapel microphones as they keep the hands free and dont require a headset. On the other hand, lapel microphones are sensitive to head movements.
6. Why are conference microphones necessary?
For any conference to be successful, it is vital to have an excellent audio system. A sound microphone system means excellent presentation, a prerequisite of any successful meeting.
7. Is there anything particular about Globibo microphones?
The microphones we provide work on the latest technology. This ensures clarity of sound and accessible communication. In addition, this makes it easier to carry out the meetings even if stakeholders are attending remotely.
8. What are the features of Globibo digital microphones?
The Globibo digital microphones use the latest technology that lets you connect with the participants easily. But you can use the same microphone on a digital platform as well. The flexibility offered by the microphones is unique.
9. Is the same microphone suitable for all conferences?
Yes, you can use the standalone microphone for small and large scale conferences. You can use the same microphone for international conferences as well.

Other Office Equipment Rental

For other related offices/event technical equipment, please check out the categories below. For special requirements, please contact us directly.

Projectors, Screens & Displays

Projectors, Screens & Displays

The content of your presentation will be largely determined by the way it is illustrated via the right projector technology in great screens and displays. Taking advantage of our high-tech or cost efficient projectors, displays and screens will enable you to confidently prepare and deliver impactful presentations. Combined with our other office equipment like clickers, remote navigation tools, mulitmedia or interactive white-boards your excellent technology infrastructure will be the best support factor of your presentation.
Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Adapt the technology to suit your office's needs with Mobile and Fixed line phones. Whether to talk to colleagues and clients via wireless conference phones or through the more private Bluetooth headset attached to standard landline business phones, our phone solutions ensure clear communication. Our cordless phone services offer you the added flexibility of engaging in hands-free conversations while tending to other tasks. Purchasing bulk phones and conference phones will also ensure that no one misses any meeting.
Computer & Printers

Computer & Printers

Mix work and play with our wide selection of powerful computers and laptops. Simple to transport, these laptops and computers are compact and lightweight. Wireless laptop computers are also equipped with a large memory chip that enables you to pre-install different software packages based on your requirements. You can also take advantage of laser or inkjet printer's models that can scan, print and fax.
Network Equipment

Network Equipment

Add considerable flexibility to your computing environment with wireless routers, switches, extenders and other networking equipment. Our wireless networking solutions allow you to roam anywhere in your office with your electronic devices so you can share data, files and other rich media with colleagues and clients. With this networking solution, you get all the advantages of added mobility and higher downloading speed while avoiding dead spots.


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"Very professional and flexible. Our event ran very smoothly."

Jess Mondragon
Virtual AGM - Governing Sports Body

"We used Globibo’s Virtual AGM platform for our organization’s Annual General Meeting in 2020 and it went exceptionally well. Not just the platform but especially the team was very supportive in making sure the entire event created a great experience for our shareholders. Also, our auditors were impressed by the setup."

Head Client Relationship at International Financial Services Company

"To the great relief of our management team, the entire event went very well. Great technical support by the team throughout the meeting even supporting outside the normal event hours."

Senior Manager of Investor Relations at International Logistics Group

"We have used pre-registration services, pre-voting, as well as the Virtual AGM platform. Despite some challenges on our side, the overall process went to our full satisfaction. We will definitely keep on using the platform."

VP IR, International Retail Group


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