Sales Challenges In Asia: What You Need To Know

In many ways, Asia is the world's most dynamic region, and sourcing and hiring talent for the purpose of sales can be challenging in Asia, especially when the market is changing quickly and competition is so fierce. There are cultural nuances specific to each country that you might not anticipate; also, identifying how market conditions impact customers' buying decisions is important for the sales teams. That’s why Globibo is here to make you aware of these challenges and help improve your ability to succeed in the Asian market.

Globibo offers a variety of sales training programs for companies in different industries to help grow their businesses around the world, which can help you gain a better understanding of senior management's main issues and concerns in order to learn how to become a trusted advisor to them. We know that a successful sales training program is based on effective learning outcomes. At Globibo, our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible training program. We have been working hard to develop a world-class team of trainers and consultants who can help you achieve your goals.

Why Are Sales in Asia Different?

The Asian market has been growing rapidly for decades, but it's never been stable—the region has seen boom times, busts, and everything in between also the need for training an automotive sales team in Asia is driven by the desire to increase market share and revenue in the region.The region is becoming more developed and has the potential to change dramatically. Here are some important factors that make Asian regions different:

  • As everyone knows Asia is one of the most populous regions in the world, so definitely its market would be wide too.
  • Communication styles are different across regions with several languages and cultures which requires a different style of sales technique to upgrade your business.
  • The Asian market has got many opportunities and threats for businesses at the same time. So, one has to be careful and assess the local market as well and create sales strategies accordingly.

But with our sales strategies and skills, businesses can gain a clear vision of how to win in this exciting new ecosphere, as our trainers are the best in the industry and have years of international experience in sales training programs for corporates in Singapore as well.

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What are Some Common Sales Challenges in Asia?

In many ways, Asia is the world's most dynamic region. It has a growing middle class with increasing buying power and aspirations for more. With its huge population and rapidly growing economies, it offers tremendous opportunities for companies looking to expand their reach into new markets. However, Asia also presents some significant sales challenges for businesses that want to succeed there:

  • The region's diversity makes it difficult for companies from different industries (or even countries) to compete effectively against each other.
  • The pace of change in the Asian market is faster than anywhere else on earth, which affects businesses but good sales techniques can help avoid affecting your business.
  • A variety of competing priorities must be balanced at once - for example, maximizing profits versus improving quality control.
  • Sourcing talent for your business could also be challenging due to cultural differences between countries such as China vs Japan vs Korea etc.
  • Due to different communication styles across the region, the sales process is more complex in Asian cultures because people tend to be indirect rather than direct.
  • Asian culture is also more group-oriented and hierarchical, so it's important to understand how people relate to each other before asking questions or making requests of others.

While these challenges are indeed real problems facing many multinationals today, they are also faced here at home! But no worries, Globibo is your partner in sales training to expand your business into the Asian market. Our sales training program for corporates offers practical, easy-to-apply strategies, learnings, tips, tools, and “how-to's”, and to master these strategies enroll now.

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How Can You Overcome These Challenges?

As you begin to work in Asia, it is important to be aware of the challenges that you face, but the most important part is how to overcome these challenges. Globibo has your back with the sales help and training that you are sorely needing in the Asian market with its below-mentioned services:

    1. Customized Training Programs:

    We have customized 25 industry-specific training curriculums for our Sales training programs in a way to ensure that each company's special needs get met, these curriculum outlines the entire path to becoming an expert.

    2. Sales Training Approach:

    The Globibo Advanced Learning & Transition Approach (GALTA) is a training program designed to help your employees learn and advance in their careers. With this training program, you get a complete understanding of the industry, how to work with different technologies, what the company values, and how they operate.

    3. Experienced Instructors:

    Through our sales training programs, you can accomplish your sales goals on a low budget and short time frame through the efficient use of experienced and trusted service professionals as our trainers are highly respected industry leaders and experts with extensive experience in their field. We also use a variety of methods such as case studies, role plays, simulations, and exercises to ensure that you learn best practices from our instructors.

    4. E-learning Programs:

    Offering sales e-learning training programs among a range of business sectors that helps companies to improve their performance and interaction with partners, customers, and employees.

    Better Method of Training

    Globibo's coaching helps employees understand and participate more fully, which speeds up production, lowers costs, and increases sales.

With extensive experience navigating these markets, Globibo has helped several clients succeed. Be a part of our sales training program to learn how we can help you succeed in Asia's cutthroat business climate.


Q.1 What are the biggest challenges in Asia?
Ans. Call resistance is a problem that coexists with the appointment problem, and because of the high call volume in the business world, customers are no longer willing to make appointments, which becomes the biggest sales challenge in Asia.

Q.2 How to Overcome Sales Difficulties in Asia
Ans. The art of sales involves persuading customers to purchase your goods. Understanding the needs of the customer and providing the best services possible are the best ways to overcome the sales challenges in Asia.

Q.3 Why is selling in Asia difficult?
Ans. Salespeople in Asia still conduct business using traditional methods, and instead of being able to perform an accurate calculation, most businesspeople rely on their intuition to determine whether to proceed with a deal or not, which makes selling more difficult.

Here is a secret tip:if you want to catch a fish, you need to find the right bait! If you want to sell your goods, the salespeople must be knowledgeable and skilled enough.

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