Sales Training Program for Corporates in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developing countries in the world. Sales training is one of the crucial aspects for the sustainability of the company and the financial health. Singapore has recently been titled as the most welcoming country in the world. Learning sales training has become easier in Singapore as English is considered as the main language of the country. With high level of safety and strict laws on the consumption of drug and alcohol, Singapore is the safest country in the world. Whether you want to learn sales training or want to become a pro in this field, Singapore has everything for your needs.

Most people agree that training is an integral part of any business and many people face sales challenges in Asia. In Singapore, one can practice their critical skills and then become a salesperson that can uncover every obstacle and solve every problem coming into their way.

Sales training programs for corporates transform the role of the sales manager. With the sales training program, the sales person can enhance their skills and functions more effectively. The sales training program improves the seller's knowledge about the new product or the service, this indirectly enhances the skills of the sales person and makes a better alignment between the customer and the sales person. This will also help them to conquer the strategies of the competitors.

As sales are the soul of companies who are looking for different ways to improve their sales performance. Improving the sales performance is the top priority of every salesperson. The sales people are expected to meet the given target every month. Our program is designed to improve your team's knowledge and skills, giving them the tools they need to succeed and we also offer sales training for the automotive industry

Whether you’ve just started your career or you are already a pro in the sales field for many years, the skills and techniques you carry with you are the keys to your success. The theory behind the effective sales skills is a science but mastering these skills and refining them successfully is an art.

Gloibibo's sales training courses in Singapore are one of the top sales training programs. We ensure that the participants must be given the practical knowledge of business and sales information that will improve their performance. In this sales training program, the sales training vendors will learn about the following subjects:

  • Sales Techniques
  • Sales Character
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Analytics

Providing customized sales training e-learning programs as per the client's requirement makes us different from the crowd. We focus mainly on the client satisfaction; whatever their needs are, our priority. The customizable feature allows the client to choose the program based on their need and requirement. The sales training consultant fees at Globibo are affordable as well. The customized sales training program for corporates in Singapore includes the following aspects:

  • The training needs-assessment, reviewing the object objectives whether personal or professional
  • Reviewing KPI
  • A session with the trainer and the line managers before training
  • Joint evaluation of the training program's objectives to concentrate on the desired results
  • Customized Sales Training Material

The Sales Training Process in Singapore

Step 1: Management Prioritisaton

We will evaluate the management team's goals and priorities in an interview for the sales training. Based on the gathered information, we will customize the overall program and also adjust the stakeholder survey.

Step 2: Stakeholder Survey

The stakeholder survey provides quantitative and qualitative input as per the strength and weakness of the current sales team. The whole sales training program will be adjusted in light of the findings.

Step 3: Management Alignment

After the survey result, Globibo discussed with the management on how to match the company's goals and existing priorities with the sales training method.

Step 4: Execution of 6 GALTA

The GALTA methodology is also used in the sales training program in Singapore. There are six different stages of GALTA:

  • Inspiration
  • Preparation
  • Transition
  • Practice
  • Feedback, and
  • Review

Based on the things that occur during the GALTA process, each participant will be asked to create an action plan to be followed up on in the coming weeks and months. The action plans are monitored from the client or the Gloibibo.

Step 5: Participants Feedback

After the completion of the sales training program, the participants are asked to complete a feedback survey on how the changes should be implemented inside the company.

Step 6: Management Review

After the survey, Gloibibo determines the management team which action should be taken after the execution of the sales training activities.

Step 7: Follow-up structure

Based on the sales training bootcamp as well as the management review, the trainer will schedule the session with the participants or with the management team. The team will decide whether they are able to apply what they learned during their workshop.

The Sales Training Agenda (Singapore Edition)

There are three different parts to sales training in Singapore. They include:

  • Basic
  • Process
  • Management Training

These three areas enable the team to advertise and communicate its services and products more successfully.

1. Sales Basics

Understanding sales, its marketing, and its communication are the basic and major pillars of a successful salesperson. Knowing the products or services the salesperson is selling is important, but knowing the customers is also a crucial aspect. In order to interact more with the customers, the salespeople should master their communication skills. The instructor will go over a variety of communication techniques, such as verbal and nonverbal communication tactics, as well as marketing fundamentals specific to the industry. There are five different types of communication scenarios. The salespeople will be trained to cope with each one of them, especially by the sales training program. Understanding the sales as well as the marketing plan helps the salesperson tackle each difficulty that comes their way for success. Ultimately, this will contribute to the organization’s success.

2. Sales Process

After learning about the basics of sales, the salesperson needs to understand the sales process in the next step. The sales process includes the following:

  • Need Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Prospecting
  • Opportunity
  • Conversion
  • Contract Management, and
  • After sales

3. Customer Need Analysis

Under the customer need analysis, the sales personnel needs to understand the product and service requirements of the target customers. Along with this, the salesperson should understand what motivates customers to buy their products and services. The three primary client groups of the company will be identified by the sales training participants, who will then make an effort to ascertain their needs and wants in order to simulate meetings. The strategy is mainly put in place to make the salesperson feel comfortable while approaching new customers, mainly with the hope of converting them from the potential level to the current level.

4. Sales Opportunity Conversion

Whenever a sales team finds that there is a chance that a customer may be interested in the services or products, the CS team makes every effort to convert the opportunity into a confirmed project. cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval convergent. Perhaps it needs time, a planned process, and a well-organized professional sales team. This action is also taken when a customer is unable to make a decision about a product or service as quickly as he or she would like. Strategies play a crucial role in increasing the conversion rate. Different strategies are used in different scenarios to increase the sales opportunity.

5. Sales Opportunity Conversion

Under the contract management portion of sales training, the main thing on which the participants focus is the contract management. Sometimes, in confirmed projects, there are some complex legal issues that need to be solved on time. To solve this kind of legal issue, a salesperson is needed. Hence, it is very important for the sales people to understand the contract and its challenges in order to finish the customer acquisition.

6. After-sale

In a business deal, making a sale is not the last step. After the initial project is completed, there has to be something to keep the client engaged. Motivating and engaging the customer regularly will be a brainstorming project.

7. Sales Management

Another important aspect of Singapore sales training is sales management. The progress of each salesperson is monitored by the sales team. They are given a sample performance structure during their sales training so that he or she can track their performance. By tracking their performance, the management team will give them a strategy to use. The sales team tracks and monitors the task with the help of internal and external work plans.

Why Choose Globibo?

For many, Globibo is the leading platform to provide the best sales training programs. Leading companies not only in Singapore but also in the world choose Globibo to train their teams for the following key factors:

  • Customized Training Programs
  • Traditional as well as online lessons
  • Provide Sales Training Programs all around the Globe
  • Professional Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Standard Pre-packaged e-learning modules
  • Modules are both desktop and mobile friendly

What We Offer as a Sales Training Expert

Basics of Sales and Sales management

  • Recognizing key companies & Industries
  • Calls and Email Basics
  • How to Pitch?
  • Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Conversion Management, and Account Management
  • Competitior Analysis

Contact Us

To learn more about our sales training program in Singapore and to become a master in sales, don’t forget to contact us. We also provide a customized proposal at a competitive price. Give us a call or check out our website, ‘Globibo’, for more information related to sales training courses in Singapore, e-learning concepts, and the training approach.

Our Training Curriculum

Globibo is a one-stop shop for every salesperson looking for sales training programs. We not only provide basic corporate training but also have 25 customized industry-specific training curricula. We provide the industry-specific curriculum, which describes a full development path to becoming a subject-matter expert in a particular domain.

Our Training Approach

GALTA, or Globibo Advanced Learning and Transition Approach, is based on six major steps. We believe in modern technology and its transition of learning into application, and that is why we choose the modern and latest learning methods to provide learners with the best and fastest way possible. This method can be applied to the day to day functions of your life and job. thus making your life a little easier.

Our Trainers

We have the World-Class trainers who are specialists in both experience and talent. Our trainers come with the right blend of experience and theoretical knowledge. Our academic board works with subject matter experts and trainers all around the world. We provide the most efficient and effective learning experience.


Q1. What are the key components of a sales training program?
Ans. A sales training program's main ingredients are sales techniques, product knowledge, customer engagement tactics, negotiation skills, and sales closing methods.

Q2. Who can benefit from a sales training program?
Ans. Anyone involved in the sales process, from sales representatives to sales managers and executives, can benefit from a sales training program.

Q3. What are some benefits of a sales training program for employees?
Ans. effective sales training program can help employees become more motivated, more confident, and better communicators.

Q4. What are some benefits of a sales training program for the company?
Ans. An organization's increased sales, higher customer satisfaction scores, and stronger sales teams are just a few advantages of a sales training program.

Q5. How long does a sales training program typically last?
Ans. The length of a sales training program can vary depending on the needs of the company and the level of training required. Programs can range from one-day workshops to several weeks of intensive training.

Q6. What types of sales training programs are available?
Ans. A variety of sales training programs are available, including live workshops, online classes, and specialized programs created to address the particular requirements of a company.

Q7. Why is sales training important for corporates in Singapore?
Ans. Sales training is important for corporates in Singapore because it can improve the overall sales performance of employees, resulting in increased revenue for the company in the highly competitive Singapore market.

Q8. How long does a sales training corporate program typically last in Singapore?
Ans. The length of a corporate sales training program in Singapore can vary depending on the needs of the company and the level of training required.
Globibo Training

Our Training Curriculum

Globibo is not just providing the basic Corporate Training topics but has customized 25 industry-specific training curriculums. The industry-specific curriculum describes a full development path to becoming a subject-matter expert in a particular domain.
Globibo Training

Our Training Approach

The Globibo Advanced Learning & Transition Approach (GALTA) is based on 6 Steps. We believe that modern technology simplifies the transition of learning into application. This is why we choose the latest learning methods and tools to provide the learner the right support until the learning can be applied in the day-to-day functions of your life and job. [ more ]
Globibo Training

Our Trainers

World-class Trainers have to come with the right blend of experience and theoretic knowledge as well as didactic and teaching competence. Our rigorous Academic board works with subject matter experts and trainers around the world to find the right blend of theory and method to facilitate the most efficient and effective learning experience.

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