Internet Marketing Content Distribution & Moderation

1. The Difference between B2B & B2C Internet Marketing Portals

B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) are common abbreviations that every marketer out there knows about. These terms basically refer to the two kinds of consumers that a business is likely to cater to. The selling principle for both types of consumers is roughly the same – you market your product/service and convince the respective consumer to make a purchase.

However, the marketing strategies do tend to vary significantly when dealing with a B2C audience and a B2B audience. For instance, B2C marketers aim to impress the consumer and develop strategies that work along those lines. They might try to create a viral video for a brand and distribute it across channels such as Facebook or Twitter to engage with their target audience. The same approach cannot be used for a B2B audience because it simply will not work.

That’s exactly why it is necessary to understand the difference between B2B portals, such as LinkedIn, and B2C portals, such as Facebook, when developing content marketing strategies. For example, one of the key differences between the two is intent. B2B marketing must be focused on establishing thought leadership. If you’re a B2B business, you need to convince your customers that you’re an authority on the subject. B2B audiences are looking to skip the research and move onto evaluating alternatives. To make this happen, it is necessary to choose the right platform.

On the other hand, portals such as Facebook are effective at convincing the B2C audience. Since B2C audiences are driven to make purchases based on factors such as emotions, a vibrant portal such as Facebook or Instagram is likely to have a greater impact.

Customer Segmentation What is your Internet Marketing Customer Segment

B2B audiences look for service, trust, and value, which are communicated better through portals such as LinkedIn. B2C audiences make buying decisions based on factors such as emotional satisfaction and pricing, which are communicated through portals such as Facebook or Instagram.

The point being that the portal you choose to deliver your messages through, matters a lot. What works for a B2C business may not deliver the same results for a B2B business.

At Globibo Media we possess a firm knowledge of such matters. With our knowledge and analytical tools, we can determine the ideal platforms and channels for your content marketing strategies.

2. Manage Internet Marketing Portals for Text

Creating and delivering content for your blog or Wikipedia page is a small part of the content marketing process. What’s equally important is managing the whole thing. That’s where Globibo Media can be of great help to you. You might wonder why hiring us would be useful. Well, there are a range of reasons and here are a couple of them.

For starters, let’s just assume that you don’t have the kind of talent that can deliver high quality content as and when needed. Yes, you might have the best brains to run the business, but, writing is a different sort of skill. We’re not simply talking about writing e-mails or text messages.

What we’re referring to is the kind of writing that is consistent, interesting and reliable. If you have that kind of talent in your organization, you won’t need us. But, if you don’t, you’ll definitely benefit by hiring us.

Also, there is the whole question of time. As a business, your time is obviously worth a lot. It is only when you know the value of your time will you be able to calculate your ROI.

You don’t want to spend hours developing, distributing, posting, and moderating content for your business. All that time can be used for the bigger stuff. For example, you could spend all those hours finishing up a high priority business deal that delivers massive commissions.

Globibo Media’s text portal management services help you prioritize your objectives. We’ll take the extra load off your shoulders, allowing you to handle matters of extreme importance. Our services are designed to offer you a range of benefits and the best part is, it’s not going to cost you the earth. We have multiple service plans; each designed to meet your exact needs and budget limitations.

We’ll deliver effective content that can drive traffic and increase your conversion rates. Our approach to content posting schedules and consistency is disciplined, which ensures increased engagement. We also implement some of the most intensive quality control processes, which ensure that your content is of the highest quality possible.

3. Manage Internet Marketing Image Portals

Image portals such as Pinterest and Instagram have a significant impact on your business, which is something you already know by now. However, like a lot of other businesses, you may not have the resources to consistently manage your activities on such image portals.

As experts in the field, we at Globibo Media can offer our skills to help you manage your image portal requirements.

We offer comprehensive image portal management packages that cover all aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy. We can develop plans that meet industry specific requirements including content creation, analytics, and community engagement.

We can setup your entire presence on portals such as Pinterest and Instagram, establishing a robust foundation that fuels future growth. Our prices are budget friendly and we hardly take any time in setting up your presence. We even offer trial services to help you make up your mind on contracting us for your image portal management requirements.

Our management strategies are devised to handle your interaction with your community. We manage your following and also engage with your audience as often as possible with the intention of adding a “human” dimension to your brand.

We eliminate the effort involved in carrying out activities that help brands build a strong brand on image portals. We offer consistency, which is a key ingredient in successful social media marketing. We even simplify your online marketing strategies, while boosting their effectiveness on consumers.

Our plans are designed to handle the complete management of your profiles on various image portals, allowing you to focus on tasks of higher priority. We can either work on existing profiles or create a new one right from scratch.

While implementing our plans, we develop and incorporate a wide range of strategies that fall in line with changing marketing requirements. Once your followers grow, we’ll even carry out outreach activities to get in touch with industry influencers that are likely to have an impact on your target demographic. In no tie, you’ll enjoy a solid online reputation that be replicated across platforms of other types.

4. Internet Marketing Video Asset Management

Video is a key marketing tool and businesses are relying on it more than ever. Reciting brand stories through video allows consumers to enjoy a rich experience. This is because it is simply more effective at getting the message through.

Video can communicate a brand’s personality and character through the use of elements such as music or sounds in a way that is yet to be rivalled by any other medium. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy increases engagement because the average consumer finds it much easier to relate to video.

Videos can be educational, promotional, or purely focused on product use; the point is that there are no limitations to what you can do using video content. Even in recent years, many brands have used innovative video based concepts to interact with their customer base.

Video based content is also easier to access to now, thanks to the growth in the ability to stay connected. Faster and wireless internet connections have led to a tremendous increase in the consumption of video through various portals.

Studies have shown that videos play a significant role in boosting click-through and open rates in content marketing strategies.

In fact, it is the era of multiscreen engagement, with users viewing content simultaneously on multiple screens. This has led marketers to focus on creating high quality video content in order to get the customer’s attention.

The bottom line here is that video is a big deal and if you’re a business that keeps up with the market, you’re obviously creating a lot of video content. But, producing videos is an expensive affair and your business needs to make sure that your video assets deliver the intended ROI. For that, you need to have an effective video asset management protocol in place.

Managing your video assets improves efficiency across the entire content lifecycle; right from production to delivery.

At Globibo Media, we can help you streamline the entire process and gain the maximum ROI through our tired and tested video asset management strategies.

5. Manage Slides & Other Internet Marketing Content Portals

Content marketing isn’t limited to channels such as blogs, videos, or social media platforms. There are other mediums that work just as well. For instance, let’s take the example of presentation sharing portal “Slideshare”.

Slideshare is home to the largest presentation sharing community. Around 60 million users visit the portal every month and the site boasts 130 million page views. It’s not just presentations that are highlighted on Slideshare. Even PDF files, documents, webinars, and videos are shared through this portal. So, it would be possible to present your case studies and white papers as well.

To put it simply, Slideshare and other portals like it are brilliant marketing tools. They cater to a very specific audience and possess the advantage of minimal competition.

There are several other benefits to using portals like Slideshare. For instance, your SEO can be boosted. When your content is keyword optimized, it’s likely that your Slideshare presentations will show up on the first page of the Google search results. This can further lead to increased traffic.

Slideshare presentations can also be embedded onto other portals, which allows for cross-platform marketing. Naturally, this means more viewers. In fact, you’ll be able to share your presentations with groups that are outside of your existing community. Now, these people could end up sharing your presentations further.

However, in order to make the most of your content sharing strategies through portals like Slideshare, you require someone to actually manage everything from creation to delivery. That’s where Globibo Media can be of great help to your business.

We have worked with portals such as Slideshare and understand the deeper aspects. We’ll help you manage your content for such portals right from scratch. This includes all the stages such as conceptualization, production, moderation, distribution, and delivery.

6. Main HR Portals and Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Companies that monitor HR portals such as Glassdoor and Payscale definitely realize the impact of social media. These sites are used by employees to post reviews about the organizations they work for. Naturally, it is in the best interest of any organization to manage the information posted on such portals.

HR portals do allow organizations to flag reviews that maybe in violation of their terms and conditions. In the case of Glassdoor, a flagged review is revisited by the content moderation team to identify problems. If there is a violation, the team will delete the review. If there is no violation, they will ask the employer to respond to the review in the form of a comment.

It has been observed that when employers provide carefully worded responses, it does have a significant effect on balancing out the effects of positive and negative employee reviews. It has also been noted that organizations that encourage the use of HR portals like Glassdoor, actually reap benefits in the form of more reviews. When there are more reviews from employees, it causes the extremely negative reviews to seem like exceptions. As a result, these reviews do not serve as reflections of the prevailing opinion. They also tend to lose their value in terms of reliability.

However, not all businesses have the resources or the time to be sitting around and monitoring HR portals for negative reviews. It requires a dedicated team to moderate these portals and point out discrepancies and escalate the issue to the portal’s own content moderation teams.

At Globibo Media, we have the resources to help your business in this regard. We have dedicated teams who will monitor HR portals for questionable content and work towards clearing them up.

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