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1. Email Internet Marketing Strategy


Email marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing that your business can’t afford to ignore. Although it may not be unknown to businesses, many of these businesses don’t understand the science and exact logic behind the need to manage and streamline their email marketing efforts. As a result, the conversion rates and return on investment remains below par for many of them. If your email marketing efforts have not yielded desired results so far, it may have been due to the lack of understanding of the following concepts.

  • Types of marketing emails
  • Lack of specific conversion strategies in your email campaigns.

Let’s expand on the ideas now.


Types of Internet Marketing emails


Email marketing remains one of the strongest marketing and communications channel even after being around for nearly four decades. Some of the most important types of marketing emails that every business manager needs to schedule and send regularly or periodically depending on the type of the email are as follows:


  • Welcome email: When a prospect or lead that you have been tracking and engaging, through some other channel, decides to take a favorable action like subscribing for your newsletter or making an online transaction, you need to welcome him onboard and ensure that he feels wanted.
  • New content update email: One of the most important types of emails is the one through which you notify availability of a new blog post, a new article, newsletter and encourage your prospects/ customers to view them and read them. It requires a lot of research as it won’t work without personalization. Also, offer him an option to unsubscribe from the newsletter or the notification emails.
  • New product or service updates related email: Whether you have an old customer on your CRM software or you are introducing your services for the first time to a new lead, you will have to periodically send them updates regarding your products or services. But don’t send these too frequently as these are often highly technical and not very interesting. Rather send a roundup or summary of a few updates.
  • Invitations for registration to an event: Whether it is a seminar, a webinar, a trade show or some other event, invite people to register for it. Many take active interest in these events and can help to create a stronger bond. Instead of sending it to all, you can also send it to a small, dedicated group of people.
  • Birthday/ anniversary emails: Marketers need to understand the importance of sending emails on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to their clients and prospects in order to make feel special. You should not only wish them but offer them personalized, time-bound offers. E.g., offer a special deal or discount offer and set a deadline to complete the transaction or offer an online voucher and set an expiry date.
  • Confirmation emails: If your website allows clients to make purchases, you need to immediately send a confirmation email after the transaction. This helps to build confidence in the business. Also, you can send emails like shopping cart abandonment emails that remind the customer or prospect to come back and complete the abandoned action. Sending emails that encourage cross-selling and up-selling may also be looked at, depending on the nature of your business.


Types of Email Marketing CampaignsTypes of Internet Marketing Emails

Marketing Email Conversion Strategy


No email campaign will work if you don’t have a well-defined conversion strategy. A conversion strategy maximizes your chances of monetizing your efforts because it takes into account the purchasing history, preferences, and uses analytics to make forecasts about a customer’s likely actions, etc. Basically it helps personalize your targeted email campaigns and increases chances of a favorable response from the customer.


Some of the important conversion strategies are as follows:


  • Personalize your emails for the customer. Use relevant data collected from every touchdown to create the best offers possible for the customer.
  • Make clear offers and make them compelling. Use strong, graphically attractive CTAs depending on the preferences and habits of the customers.
  • Know the best time for sending the emails. Send them when they are available to read them. Follow the patterns of the click through rates and modify your email schedules accordingly.
  • Test your emails multiple times. Test the format, design, copy, CTAs, pictures and every aspect of your emails multiple times. Think in the context of individuals or small homogenous groups when creating your emails. The same thing may not work for everyone.
Increase Email Conversion RateIncrease Email Marketing Conversion

We understand that you may be too busy or have resource constraints to set up a dedicated team for email management and strategy. Globibo Media can solve your problems. We have a dedicated team of experts from various domains like digital marketing, anthropology, psychology and traditional marketing. They coordinate and work in tandem to create the best email marketing strategies for your company which will help you to hit the bull’s-eye with your campaigns every single time!


2. Internet Marketing & Email list management


Internet Marketing Email list management often remains an ignored aspect of email marketing. With great focus on acquisition, activity tracking and deciding the correct creative, marketers often forget the importance of pruning the email list, checking whether the emails ids still work, have options for opt-ins, unsubscribing, re-opt-ins and checking the bounce rate, etc.


Also segmentation of your list based on different parameters like demographics like geographic regions, income levels, age, gender, education level, etc. as well as based on behavioral traits of customers and their psychological makeup and why they act in certain ways- all need to be analyzed.


Three factors that need special attention are as follows:


  • Bounce rate of emails: If your website has an email subscription form, you need to use a good email script that can verify the validity of the address at the time of signup. The script should check the format of the address, look for some words in the id that can throw up red flags and it is also a good option to send a confirmation email before adding the customer to the CRM. Having a high bounce rate or failure to deliver the email or having a very low CTR is never acceptable. You will also need to prune the list and keep it small. Send regular emails to those who show interest in the emails and the notifications. By removing those addresses which are not genuine, are deactivated, are not used regularly or doesn’t evoke a response, will save you money.
  • Unsubscribe: You need to incorporate a clear option to unsubscribe in your marketing emails. If someone is not interested, you can’t force them to engage. If you push too hard, they might list your emails as spams. It will be counterproductive. However, if you have multiple email lists give them the option to unsubscribe from one service or notification or everything at one go. An engaging unsubscribing page on your website should be designed to recapture and reengage the attention of the customer.
  • Segmentation: It is an important marketing best practice that has still not caught on completely. You need to understand that all your buyers and targets aren’t the same and they don’t always have the same needs. Even if they want to buy the same object, they might have completely unrelated and different reasons for buying it and a solution that solves their particular problem needs to be highlighted when sending them an email. Highlight the aspects of an offer based on your past experience with the buyer that will compel them to engage and take a favorable action.


Globibo Media can help you with this process. We have designed an email list management software program that allows us to manage the list of the addresses in your CRM depending on your specific needs and the specific demands of your industry. This means you will have a small but efficient list of addresses that can be used to improve the conversion rate.


3. Email Marketing tools & analytics


Email marketing campaigns will never be successful without the use of some awesome tools that help you to customize your campaigns, generate auto-response emails, help you to schedule and send across bulk emails and use various data and metrics to analyze the performance of your campaigns.


Some of the best services and tools available in the market are as follows:


  • Mad Mimi: Mad Mimi is an awesome email delivery and customization tool that allows you to choose themes, add social media sharing options, add links quickly and easily and create marketing campaigns. You can even replicate old campaigns using cloning tools.
  • MailGet: MailGet is an affordable email marketing software service that provides email analytics, auto-responder services, email list management and hygiene and helps you to design responsive emails.
  • Mail Chimp: A wonderful service that provides interesting statistics and data based on your list and their responses, it also allows you to important your email marketing lists in the background, send customized emails to everyone or people in a specific segment and each of the services are highly customized.
  • Yesware: Yesware is a service that allows you to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns using loads of data that are collected. Clicks rates, open and reply rates, presentation page views, attachment clicks are all tracked meticulously so that you can personalize and modulate your emails depending on needs and preferences of your customers. Other services include drip campaigns, auto-responders and sales prospecting among others.
  • Boomerang: Boomerang email marketing services is one of the best services when it comes to creating and monitoring email campaigns. You can also view reports prepared on the basis of specific data collected from your campaigns. It also has an easy learning curve and enough support (webinars, tutorials, etc.) for easy learning.
Email Marketing ToolsEmail Marketing Tools

Globibo Media can provide you similar services. We understand the significance of personalization of services and the importance of customer data and stats that help you to make business decisions and fine-tune your marketing campaigns. We can also help you set up accounts in other email management and marketing tools and mange them on your behalf, while providing you frequent feedbacks and analysis reports.


4. Internet Marketing Newsletter Tools & Analytics


Email newsletters are one of the easiest ways to connect with your marketing prospects and customers. It can be used to help them graduate to the next level in the sales funnel, empower and educate them so that they can themselves find answers to their specific questions and doubts and also create confidence in them regarding the business and its products and services.


A complete email newsletter suite not only helps you send the emails, segment the list and design campaigns but also allows you to manage the list, clean it periodically so that the bounce rate never exceeds 20%, helps you to send bulk emails, helps you to merge bulk emails and also also send advertising newsletters with embedded .gifs and .webps as also interesting links.


Some of the best newsletter tools and analytics software that you need to be aware off are as follows:


  • ActiveCampaign: If you are looking to make your newsletters more interesting while also mining through data that can make the emails more clickable and increase response rates, then ActiveCampaign is the ideal solution to your problem. It can help you design your overall email campaign and also provides you with email subscription forms on your website, imports data from your CRM, gathers customer data and helps you to segment the entire list.
  • Comm100 newsletter software: It is a free newsletter platform that can be used to send bulk emails, set auto-responder email campaigns, view email marketing reports, set and schedule future email sending times, verify email ids and contact details at the time of subscription and also comes with an email editor that allows you to customize your emails. It also has a solid anti-spam policy that operates in accordance with various international anti-spamming laws.
  • GroupMail: GroupMail is an awesome software tool that allows you to send bulk emails and newsletters without the fear of exposing the addresses in your CRM to your rivals or outsiders. Even the recipients would only see their address and that of the sender. So, the addresses of co-recipients would remain concealed always. While sending newsletters, you can also set various filters that help you to send specific emails and newsletters to specific target groups at predetermined times. These filters also help to export and import lists, include and exclude contacts from the lists and also modify content of the emails according to the specific nature of the different segmentations.


At Globibo Media, you will be allowed to use these platforms and more. We can help you setup lists as per your specific segmentation needs and manage the reports, email sending schedules and analyze the performance of your campaigns for you.


5. Content Management in Internet Marketing Emails


Content management remains an important aspect of every email that is created and delivered. It includes the copy, images, videos, animations that are embedded in the email and their relevance to a particular recipient. A content management platform can help you to decide the content based on customer data and analytics reports and make each email highly targeted and relevant.


Email content management software tools help you to organize your lists and increase the conversion rates of your emails. It also enforces the anti-spam policies.


We at Globibo Media will help you to create the ideal content vis-à-vis your target group. Our years of experience in creation and management of content across multiple marketing channels gives us an edge over our rivals. We always analyze the specific needs of businesses and clients and carry out extensive market research to understand the trends, preferences, choices and situations and thereafter help companies to make the most of the opportunities.


6. Translation & Localization of Internet Marketing Emails


Email translations are simple word to word (literal) translations of email contents into multiple languages, in context. It is relatively easy to manage but sometimes the clarity and intention of the email may be lost in the translation.


Email localization refers to adoption of content for local consumption, not only by translating the language of the copy used in the email but also making the whole email culturally sensitive and relevant. Here, the ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc. of the recipient will have to be considered before an email is delivered.    


Translation and localization tools can help you to segment your content based on languages and regions. Although some challenges are unique to a region, language and culture, there are some common challenges, which don’t need to be addressed individually.


At Globibo Media, we understand the need for internationalizing your product and services and the high returns on localization of emails. We also know that studies conducted in the past have shown that customers are easier to convince in their own languages and when the content is created keeping the local tastes and contexts in mind. Our expertise can help you to breach international boundaries easily and go “glocal”.


Email management is a truly humongous field of marketing and needs to be understood in great depth before one can leverage it. We can not only take care of it on your behalf and help you increase your returns from email marketing exponentially. With the right inputs from your end, we can help you launch world class email marketing campaigns that will revolutionize your business!





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