Internal Social Media Staff Strategy

1. Opportunities/Dangers of Staff Posting in Social Media

Having an internal social media strategy is just as important as having an external social media strategy. The latter helps businesses communicate and engage with consumers, while the former, on the other hand, encourages employees or staff to interact with each other.   The benefits are tremendous with an internal social media network. To begin with, communication is more consistent and staying connected isn’t a problem any more. Unlike traditional communication channels, an internal social media network allows employees to connect without interference.   Also, it provides a platform for staff to voice their opinions and share their ideas.   Some of the most significant benefits of implementing an internal social media strategy have been observed among large enterprises with employees located across the globe. These businesses save significant costs by closing the physical gap that exists between employees.   On the whole, employee collaboration and engagement is greatly increased.   However, there are also a few risks that come with having an internal social media strategy. For starters, businesses find it hard to manage the identities and profiles of all their employees. This is worse for companies that are diversified and have multiple subsidiaries located across the globe.   There is also the issue of data security and confidentiality. An internal social network can be used by staff to discuss a wide range of topics that businesses may want to prevent from being leaked to competitors or the general public. As a result, robust and effective security measures must be implemented.   This further leads to issues of monitoring and privacy. Does the company decide what can be discussed? Who can be trusted to ensure that sensitive or confidential information isn’t being shared? These are some of the questions that are bound to arise, when implementing an internal social media network.   As a business, you may not possess the time, expertise or manpower to implement an internal social media network or deal with the challenges it brings. That’s where Globibo Media can be of great help. We are experts at internal social media management. With us on your side, you can take the time to focus on your primary goals, knowing that your internal social media is being managed by the right people. We’ll ensure that your employees interact in the way that they’re supposed to, while also helping them leverage the best of what an internal social media network can offer.  

2. Company Policy for Staff’s Online Behaviour

  When implementing an internal social media network, it is also necessary to have a social media policy in place. This is to ensure that all your internal social media activity is regulated. Having no control over what kind of information your staff post on social media can lead to all sorts of repercussions.   For example, you wouldn’t want an old employee to still have access to your social media accounts. He/she could easily misuse it to tarnish your company’s image, especially if the person happens to hold a grudge against you.   Similarly, you cannot trust one person with all those responsibilities. What if he/she were to leave or get fired? Going back to square one and resetting everything is a waste of time. You will need to have backup.   The point we are trying to make is that managing your internal social media network becomes easier when there is a policy in place. A policy gives you greater control over what is shared and who has access to information. It also helps you avoid liability, especially when an employee posts something that is controversial and not in line with your image.   For instance, a well-crafted policy will list out steps/measures/schedules to deal with topics such as password changes or the implementation of updated systems etc. A policy also ensures that your employees understand how such a system should be leveraged and how to deal with challenges or issues that arise from it.   At Globibo Media, we can help you craft a social media policy that is effective and in line with your organizational goals. We can also guide you on successfully implementing the policy. Our expertise allows us to understand the finer nuances of drafting social media policies, which we believe can be of great advantage to our clients.  

3. Social Media Training for Staff

There are a number of reasons as to why companies should offer social media training to their employees. One of the most significant reasons obviously has to do with the company protecting its reputation and image. It is important that staff know how to present themselves on a platform that can, practically, be seen by the whole world.   Staffs need to understand how social media works, in order to make sure that their social media practices do not go against company policy.   However, the necessity for social media training does not end there. There are plenty of other benefits that come with social media training. For starters, studies have shown that employees, who are trained on the finer nuances of social media, tend to have a direct impact on the employer’s brand.  They are 3 times more likely to share brand related content. They also become aware of what exactly to share, when to share and which channel to use. To put it simply, they gain a better understanding of how social media impacts their organization.   This also leads to higher rate of impressions. Trained employees yield almost three times the impressions that non-trained employees are capable of. This is because employees are already likely to have a network in place and the additional training gives them an edge over those haven’t been trained.   More impressions further lead to better engagement in the form of shares, likes, and comments. Studies have indicated that trained employees can generate almost up to 50% more engagement than employees who haven’t received social media training.   Globibo Media has the expertise to make sure your staff is trained in all aspects of social media usage. We’ll meet with you, discuss your goals and get to know your brand. Based on our interaction, we’ll devise a strategy that’ll lay the foundation for your team’s social media success.   Before you realize it, your staff will have gained key insights concerning social media.   In fact, we’ll even monitor your team to make sure they’re getting it right. If there’s a need for changes, improvements or additional training, we’ll get on it right away.  

4. Social Listening of Staff’s Activity

Once an internal social media strategy has been realized, there is bound to be a lot of engagement between staff. This creates the need for businesses to actually listen to social media conversations and comb for sentiments in order to intervene at the perfect time.   For example, the announcement of a controversial policy or business decision is sure to get conversations started. It’s the perfect time and place to know what’s running through your employees’ heads. This will help you identify pain points soon enough and address them immediately.   Internal social media listening requires a lot of planning. You need to know what to listen for and where to listen. There is likely a single location where employees discuss their opinions on organizational issues that affect or impact them. It could be an internal forum, blog, or discussion board. If there is no such thing, you might have to create a space where your employees do get the opportunity to discuss.   Listening on employee conversations allows you to get to know them better and helps your realize as to how your decisions are actually affecting them. At the same time, it also helps you monitor the communication that occurs between employees and the external environment. You can prevent sensitive information from being leaked or at the very least, work on a plan to deal with the negative attention that might follow in the form of media interrogation.   However, not everything is negative. You could also end up coming across solutions offered by some of your employees.   Whatever the case, internal social media listening can be leveraged to your benefit. Executing it in the right manner will allow you to access critical information that will aid you in developing solutions and dealing with employee concerns.   Globibo Media has the necessary skills to help you in this area. From the usual social medial listening approach using basic tools to the more complex analytical approach, Globibo Media can employ various listening methods to make sure that you’re kept aware of employee concerns.   With us, you’ll always be a step ahead in solving problems.  

5. Managing Ex-Staff and Account Access

With technology playing a key role in how businesses function today, it is necessary that companies invest in measures to protect their data and information.  Companies undergo several changes over the course of time and this puts their data at risk.   For example, team members could change or employees might resign. When all of this occurs, there can be a lot of confusion in determining who has access to what.  This is truer for businesses that are too caught up with achieving their goals and objectives. Important aspects such as security often take a backseat at such organizations.   There are very few businesses that actually bother to implement measures that prevent employees from leaving with sensitive data, such as the password to company social media accounts.   Social media is one of the many channels through which sensitive company information can be leaked. That’s why organizations must make sure they have a system in place to manage official social media accounts and the access to such accounts.   A recent survey, conducted by Osterman Research, found that 89% of former employees still have access to, at least, one of the services offered by their previous employer. This could very well include a social media account. The study also found that 45% of former employees still have access to sensitive data and 49% admitted to accessing such data even after leaving.   The point we’re trying to make here at Globibo Media is that your company’s data is at risk and it’s an issue that requires immediate attention. However, businesses are like complex machines with several important components that need to function at optimal levels at all times. This can often lead to certain issues such as social media access being left on the backburner. This can have dire consequences.   We understand your problems and that’s exactly why we offer a service that allows companies to keep a check over who has access to their social media accounts. We’ll manage internal social media network and make sure only the right people have access to it.   Your security is our responsibility.  

6. Company Review Sites

Company review sites such as Payscale and Glassdoor are very valuable portals for employees and employers alike. While employees can get to know more about their prospective employers, organizations have the opportunity to present themselves as ideal employers.   This is exactly why organizations must take company review sites seriously. They are just like any other form of social media. What’s being said on these platforms can directly impact a company’s brand image and reputation.   Sites like Glassdoor and Payscale function like any other review site. As a business, you probably realize the value of reviews. Sometimes, all it takes is a few bad reviews to affect the sales of a product or service. Reviews posted on such sites by your employees can have the same impact. Only this time, the product/service happens to be your organization.   In fact, prospective employees are bound to take these reviews way more seriously. So, if you’ve got mostly positive reviews it’s a good thing. If you’ve got negative reviews, that’s also fine because your employees are entitled to their opinions.   However, not all employees deal with a negative experience the same way. There are plenty of reports on how disgruntled employees publish falsified information in the hopes of ruining their former employer’s image. This can lead to serious damages and the fact that it is likely untrue just makes things worse.   Globibo Media can help your company avoid such situations. We can monitor company review sites to identify false reviews and alert you to the situation. We will even work with you to determine how such a situation should be handled and what the ideal response should be.

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