Global Business Portals

All global business portals-whatever industry they may operate in- have a common agenda: to create an effective business-to-customer stratagem. They want to exceed their customer expectations. Competitive advantage comes naturally.

Commercial organizations like eBay, Amazon, TripAdvisor and Glassdoor constantly wants to improve their web presence. They wish to provide seamless user experience to end users. It follows that organizations having portals want upgrades to overcome any technological incompatibility. Scalability and functionality must also be present to quench rising demands. The portals enable companies to integrate IT systems at the time of acquisitions or mergers. This ensures a much better control over investments. Maintenance and administration.

Prior to portal deployment, companies must assess existing portal for bench marking. Improvements, if made, must provide maximum benefits. Portal strategies develops business case to justify effort and investments. It also assists to describe needed transition path, and at the same time be aligned with enterprise architectural landscape.

To solve all these needs, at Globibo Media we provide a strategy framework. Our solution assists in forming the business case and the implementation roadmap. This roadmap offers clarity when it comes to developing the long term objectives, insights to architectural solutions, implementation ways and process guides for portal implementation. The IT spend on any portal will be streamlined. Implementation risks will be reduced.

Customer Portal is Company's Face

If your company has a face, it is the customer portal. Present day customers expect the face to so much more. They prefer it to mirror what the company could offer them. They also want to know why you are (as you claim to be) better than the competition. You must have a comprehensive business-to-customer strategy. This will assist you to deliver innovative services. This activity must be done in a method which aligns and even extends the business strategy.

Customers Deserve More

A customer portal is said to be effective when it creates brand awareness, attracts customers and retain them and enable service delivery. It must also promote sales. This is all done with the aim to put the company ahead of its competition. A successful portal does much more, enabling considerable end-to-end integration through lines of business or value chain. It offers differentiating values for customers located across geographies.

Our value proposition concentrates on crafting a resilient and solid framework for the business-to-customer strategy. It should have proven design principles. A lifecycle approach is taken to meet customer and business needs. Offerings must span complete range of services, systems and software.

Our experts at Globibo Media have helped companies of all sizes and types to create the best customer portals, partner portals and employee portals. Our rich experience is for your sole benefit. We believe in aligning IT and business goals through a collaborative framework. Our solutions involve the synchronization of IT and business to take advantage of change.

More than Technology

It is all about business and customers. There are no servers, protocols, platforms and software. It is unquestionable that technology plays an important function in constructing and sustaining any successful portal. It is equally important that you should align IT and business aims to ensure that the portal accomplishes what you require. Any company can design and then build any web presence. However, all efforts will come to naught if it is only a temporary solution which does not offer a lasting value to customers and not solve the business needs.

Our approach at Globibo Media concentrates on building a robust foundation for customer strategy and then linking that particular strategy to the specific business aims. We adopt a structured and participatory approach which integrates requirements of both IT and primary stakeholders in your organization. We methodically capture vital information from implementation, business, technical and functional aspects of the organization. We will partner with you to apply such a foundation across the entire enterprise all through the business units, technology bases and geographies.

High Expectations-and then Some

The best customer portals decrease cost of serving customers while considerably increasing services offered to them. The businesses with effective customer portals provide these differentiations:

  • More customer service. These includes improved efficiency and lower cost of adding new customers while existing customers are retained
  • Customers can check by themselves the order status, reading instructions and viewing specifications
  • Electronic fulfillment of all digital products
  • Ability to launch new services and products
  • Better and quicker self-service access so that customers enjoy accurate information
  • Full service and anywhere or anytime access for all mobile users
  • Ability to start targeted and creative marketing and sales efforts
  • Dynamic tailor made information based on customer profiles
  • Quicker response to market shifts and varying business requirements

Business-to-Customer Stratagem

The last five years saw customer portals evolve a lot. It also happened at a much quicker pace. Your portal is most likely being used by customers and as effectively as it is possible, the question is whether it provides more benefits than the competition. Your portal must give your customers an integrated and consistent view of products. It must also provide an easy method of finding information-while simultaneously offering a competitive advantage to the business.

For your company to succeed, a customer centric strategy is a must. Important decision makers must ve involved. Technology must be supportive too. A number of business-to-customer methods are much less effective than they can be. There are a number of reasons:

  • Redundant-multiple- technologies across enterprise
  • Non-rationalized and complex collection of servers, protocols and internet standards
  • Tough internal competition for resources. The problems are amplified with stunted governance and oversight.
  • Unable to present consistent “face” to customer
  • Inability to respond when opportunities are available in the market and quick implementation of changes.
  • Efforts getting duplicated across a company, resulting in unnecessary expense

Bird's Eye View

Companies today recognize portal technology advantages and the implementation of appropriate solutions. They must make sure that the new solution is in tandem with existing applications, IT vision, technology, people and infrastructure. The portal must have the scalability, functionality and capability to quench new business needs. They must sustain the growth that will happen in the future. More importantly, this solution must be inclusive of impact analysis on the existing technology and business functions. New portal systems could be commissioned.

Our portal strategy framework helps companies to make an effective transition to their needed new portal system. They will comprehend present portal performance and compare them to the reported industry benchmarks. Investment costs will also be reduced. Implementation will be optimized as well. The framework is inclusive of:

  • Understanding priority requirements of implementation of portal in servicing the business functions
  • Examining overall IT landscape, existing portal and assets, along with existing process so that opportunities can be unraveled for improvement or optimization
  • Solutions must be developed for long or short term optimizing. They should be best on industry benchmarks and best practices.
  • Develop tailored and modular implementation program which deliver long term and short term benefits

Our solution framework provides a well aligned plan which gels with the IT landscape. Portal components are leveraged to provide superior services to both external and internal customers. As these strategy solution efforts are based on close examination of present IT landscape and planned changes to underlying frameworks and applications, this solution is capable of sustaining any future changes in technology and business.

Method of Work

At Globibo Media, we deliver results via four stages: planning, discovery, analysis and recommendations

  • Planning: This includes scoping too. This stage confirms scope processes, timelines and procedures for entire engagement. Specialists schedule and then review the work at this stage. The step needs questionnaires, project plans and checklists.
  • Discovery: It includes the evaluation of present state. This stage involves understanding and then documenting high level processes. These actions include business function all over the company. Personnel look carefully and collect all relevant information which can impact the portals. This steo requires gap analysis and requirement templates.
  • Analysis: This may include the three distinct stages of defining the target state, solution and business case development. The first, known as target state definition, describes the vendor or technology agnostic state architecture. It also includes drafting of technical digital strategy. It includes Gap analysis and the use of different architecture templates. A solution involves identification and then evaluation of options to implement strategy. The latter is done with defined architecture constraints. This action consists of crafting financial models and benchmarking data. Best practices are implemented. Business case development involves developing business scenarios. The financial impacts of strategies must also be modeled. We also rely on external benchmarks. Best practices are employed to formulate models. This step includes selection of vendors and the evaluation matrix. Score card systems are implemented. Ready comparisons are made. A number of varied integration templates are used.
  • Recommendation: This involves roadmap formulation. In this stage, the phased implementation roadmap is defined. The projects are implemented and the organization is transitioned to the selected model. This involves using templates and implementing the best practices.

Internet Marketing Platform Strategy Process Internet Marketing Platform Strategy Process

Problems Encountered

We can partner you to overcome a few common obstacles, including:

  • Need for managing change all over the organization
  • Absence of internal preparedness when it came to e-business initiatives for all business processes
  • Not being able to integrate the complete business processes to portal solution throughout the company
  • Difficulties in the aligning of strategies within big enterprises. Comprehensive planning and subsequent execution start at the separate business units at their divisional level. It is also a problem for integrated global operations to accommodate country particular needs.
  • Changes in the organization need integrating new technologies and organizations for achieving process efficiencies and savings in costs
  • Transformation of businesses for better adaptation to market forces like new revenue opportunities. Compliance must be achieved with standards linked to industry data transaction.

Customer Comes First

Globibo Media is proud to present the best customer value and customer experience possible. A challenging Professions program is built to create awareness of capabilities and qualities needed for consultants to deliver peak customer satisfaction. This satisfaction must be achieved in business consulting, service management, solution architecture and program management. Our professionals have an in-depth experience. You will be offered:

  • In-depth experience coupled with proven methodologies
  • Turnkey horizontal and vertical expertise
  • Robust partnerships with known independent software vendors
  • Unique products, complete lifecycle services and proven success
  • Excellent relationships with all known global systems integrators
  • Complete support for diverse environments

Internet Marketing Customer Comes First Internet Marketing Customer Comes First

Strategy and Architecture

We have our own unique approach to architecture and IT strategy. Our methods are built on well proven methods which includes many years of experience. We believe that a well-made and formally defined architecture offers an excellent framework for better IT decisions. We have previous success in a number of customer engagements. Principal focus is a 360 degree model which provides our solution architects and consultants with a consistent and systematic method of information capture. We do business view, implementation view, functional view and technical view.

Why us

Our portal framework makes a blueprint needed towards portal implementation. It also offers clarity on implementation roadmap. A pilot is provided to demonstrate overall potential prior to beginning an important transformation. The benefits of the framework include:

  • Streamlining the IT spend on portals. It offers more visibility on the future spends
  • Reduction of risk when it comes to implementation by anticipating, mitigating and identifying issues which could arise during the portal transition
  • Offering clarity on ROI or Return on Investments on the portals via a scenario centric business case. These are appreciated by the business users.
  • that there are quick turnarounds on the decisions and with substantiate metrics
  • The improvement of agility towards the demands of portal business and the accompanying changes.
  • The offering of clarity on the future technological landscape and also existing resources optimization

At Globibo Media we provide a proven and matured portal strategy framework evolved via a number of implementation experiences across varied geographies and domains. This framework has a readily available toolkit which provides a swift turnaround time. Engagement is strengthened with artifacts and unique solutions. Pre-built questionnaires are built into artifacts.

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