Website Design

1. Website Layout

It’s a no brainer that the design layout of your website is the very first level of user interaction, and it speaks a lot about what to expect next. Based on their experience with what they witness first on your business website, your customers either develop a certain curiosity to go ahead or simply lose out on interest to pay any more attention to it.

When a user first visits a website, he expects the layout to be simple to understand and navigate through. Unfortunately, there are several websites that are not exactly designed in a user friendly way. Having a solid navigation system is critical to a website’s usability and popularity among its visitors. It not only helps the user understand where he is, but also assists him in identifying as to where he will be going next.

With the constant evolution in website design trends, we now have several different types of navigation menus all of which have a unique and innovative layout. While you can get your own website navigation menus designed by professionals, there are a few key aspects that you must keep in mind such as:

  • Use a standard navigation model for all the pages of your website to ensure consistency.
  • Let the users know where exactly they are, by using different backgrounds or colors to make the navigation menu more conspicuous.
  • Consistent navigation design is also important for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for improving the visibility of your website on the search results’ page and driving more traffic.

Above the Fold

The concept of ‘above the fold’ originated in print media and newspaper deign wherein an important image or textual content was located on the front page in such a way that it was visible even after the newspaper had been folded. However the ‘above the fold’ is now being widely employed in user interface designing strategies also. It is the first piece of content or image that a user sees on your homepage without scrolling. The idea is to keep this ‘above the fold’ bit as intriguing as possible to instantly capture the attention of the visitor and entice him into navigating your site further.

Having an interesting website layout design is the key to attracting more viewers and generating higher number of conversions for your business. At Globibo Media, we provide you the expertise required to develop incredible web designs that are not only attractive to look at, but also extremely simple to navigate through.

2. Website Style

While a well designed navigation system is crucial for helping new customers get rapidly aquainted with your website, the one thing that can actually make or break their very first impression of it, is the style used for its creation.

WebSite style


An important aspect of successful web designing is an effective incorporation of the color theory in choosing the right shades and hues for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your website. Typically, the web developers employ the use of the color wheel to pick shades and schemes that are both alluring as well as soothing to the visitor’s eye. It is all about choosing a color palette that strengthens the image of your brand as a whole. While brighter and warmers colors such as red, orange or yellow are great for advertising fun and vibrant products (such as sports cars) and highlighting snippets about exciting deals and offers, it is good idea to choose more earthy pastels for creating backgrounds of pages that deal with more serious issues such as medical or academics.


Well placed icons that direct you to the main points are a great way of enhancing the readability of your web content. They not only act as a functionality that condenses the gist of a large piece of information, but also help you draw adequate attention towards what you want your customer to actually read. Using graphic icons instead of boring lists for your website tools is an elegant way of capturing the user’s attention and enhances the interactivity of your website.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your website must also have content that is crisp and clear to grasp the attention of your visitors. It is therefore extremely important to make good use of your website fonts in displaying the content on your page. The size and type of font helps you differentiate between the most important points and those that are lesser attractive. This ensures that your visitors read the content in bold and large fonts first.


Cascading Style Sheets or CSS as they are commonly referred to is a kind of language that is used for defining the presentation of a document in a web layout. It can be used for regulating or customizing the positioning, styling, colors and fonts of the data included throughout the website. CSS is not only great for building technically sound website, but also helps in a faster loading of the WebPages by using lower bandwidth.

Globibo Media offers you the assistance of professional designers and developers that can help you optimize the style for your we design and make it more attractive and appealing for the first time visitors. We make sure that you are able to not only acquire new customers, but also retain them for years on end.

3. Desktop Website vs Mobile Website

It is quite obvious that a website designed for a desktop cannot work as effectively on a mobile device. The screens are smaller, the functionalities are different and basically the entire ergonomics and layout of the website have to be adapted to enhance the readability of the content on your mobile webpage. Let’s have a look at the various key factors that distinguish the web design for a mobile from that of desktop.

  • The screen size is the first key difference between a desktop website and a mobile website. Your mobile device not only has a substantially smaller screen as compared to a desktop, but also features fewer pixels in comparison. Smaller display implies that the designer has to take extra caution in presenting critical information on the top of the page, making use of readable fonts and ensuring that he does not overwhelm the user by squeezing in the entire content of the homepage of a desktop website into a smaller mobile screen.
  • Also, since mobiles have slower processors as compared to their desktop counterparts, the web design layout of the former is kept simpler and lighter on the memory, with less CSS and markup.
  • Another major factor that influences the mobile website design is its touch screen functionality which is extremely different to your regular mouse pointers of the desktop. Great caution is exercised in ensuring that no desktop-only functionalities such as the hover event are used for the mobile website. Most Smartphones today allow the users to use gestures such as pinching or swiping, that may also be incorporated in the mobile websites.
  • The keyboards of mobile devices are trickier than those used in desktops, and people prefer not to type a lot in their mobile browser for reaching a particular website. Most websites designed for mobiles carry shorter URLs, auto complete functions for search fields and preemptive filling of web forms to minimize the efforts for accessing relevant information on the web.
  • Another important differentiating factor for mobile and desktop website designs is that while the latter can be integrated with both global and contextual navigation, the former largely depends on global navigation only. This stems from the limited screen real estate that is available on mobile screens.
  • While desktop displays have a landscape orientation, websites for mobile devices are designed in a portrait orientation. This aspect of mobile website design influences several factors such as negligible use of widescreen multicolumn tables or images, fewer columns of content and the navigation functionality located on the top instead of the side edges.

At Globibo Media, our dedicated team of developers will offer remarkable solutions for your website design needs and requirements for both mobile and desktop. For those of you, who already own a desktop website and wish to expand your business to the world of Smartphones, we will help optimize your site to be extremely successful on the mobile devices as well.

4. Website Conversion Process

While optimizing your website design might seem like a daunting task, it is actually simpler than you think. Your visitors are constantly dropping signals and trying to tell you about the areas of your design that need improvement, and the ones that are spot on. You only need to employ the right analytical tools to identify these signals and determine what your customers are trying to convey. By analyzing the between page and in page experience of your website visitors, you can determine as to why people come to your website and what they wish to gain from it.

An attractive web design plays a crucial role in establishing a reputation of your brand and enhancing your overall conversion rate. Let’s have a look at the various steps that occur in a conversion process that is when a random visitor converts into a potential lead.

  • When a visitor first lands on your website, he experiences his first interaction with your business. The design and content of your website will either lure him into exploring further or make him lose his interest and leave the site.
  • Next step is the call to action on your webpage that prompts the interested user to register or sign up for your services or free email newsletters.
  • Once the user clicks on this call to action, he is redirected to a landing page that tells him more about your offerings and features a registration form that needs to be filled.
  • Submission of a filled form by your visitor ultimately converts him into a hot lead that is not only interested in your business, but also willing to go ahead and make a long lasting relationship with it.

Website conversion process

In all the aforementioned points you would notice, that a well designed website is the first and most important aspect of improving your conversion rate. It is only through the layout, design and navigation system of your website’s homepage that a prospect will convert into a potential lead who will bring in more revenues for your business. At Globibo Media, we will help you design an effective website conversion path that will enhance your conversion process and help you reap the benefits in the form of increased ROI for your business.

5. Chat / 3rd party Modules Integration

The world of web designing has witnessed a drastic evolution ever since its inception. Through major advancements and cutting edge innovations, web design has reached a whole new level of technology and engineering. An interesting aspect of web design that is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s world is the integration of third party or chat modules to further enhance the functionality of a website and the user experience related to it.

For instance, adding a live chat window plug-in to your website’s homepage not only enhances the overall design quality of your website, but also enables users to interact with you more conveniently. Third party integration helps your online business grow and expand by luring visitors into chatting with your customer care officials before they leave your website.

Through live chat plug-ins you can easily communicate with your prospects, leads and customers in real time and offer them an opportunity to clear their doubts and give feedback with regard to your website in general.

Our highly talented and experienced team of professionals at Globibo Media, will ensure that you can tap the immense benefits of third party integration into your web design to generate higher number of conversions and produce greater revenue and profits over time. It will not only help you connect to your potential leads but also ensure a long lasting bond with your existing customers through adequate engagement and enhanced user experience.

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