Internet Marketing Text, Video, Audio Creation & Co-Creation

1. Internet Marketing Copywriting for the Web

Copywriting is a form of writing that involves creating messages that are capable of convincing the average person to take action. In the case of copywriting for businesses, a well-written message can lead to a successful sale and good reputation. That’s exactly why your business needs to take copywriting seriously.

The copy that you create for your products and services can end up as the first source of information for a consumer or a client. If the copy isn’t well written or convincing, you could end up losing a potential opportunity.

Good copy helps your business in a variety of ways. For starters, it establishes the image you have in mind for your brand. For instance, if you’re a company that’s easy going and humorous, the best way to show or highlight that aspect would be through humour laced copy.

Good copy also tells customers that you’re different and why they would benefit by doing business with you.

If you’re concerned about preparing high quality copy for your products and services, you should ideally get in touch with a skilled copywriter. But, where do you find someone like that? Well, don’t look too far because Globibo Media already has the answer.

Globibo Media is home to a team of highly talented writers who are more than capable of producing high quality copy. They hail from diverse arenas and that gives them the added advantage of being experts in their respective areas. So, no matter what industry you’re from, Globibo Media is sure to have a copywriter who can understand your requirements and meet your exact expectations.

Apart from producing high quality copy, we even offer options with regard to type, format and length. Here are a few types of content that we can create for you.

  • SEO Copy: SEO or search engine optimization copy is primarily aimed at getting your company website noticed. It maybe promotional or informative, but, the priority is to always make it noticeable enough to appear right on top of Google’s search results.
  • Sales Copy: Sales copy involves crafting creative messages that are capable of convincing the audience to make a purchase or take some form of action.
  • Technical copy: Technical copy involves creating copy that incorporates highly technical information. As a result, this form of copywriting is usually handled by subject matter experts.

It doesn’t matter what kind of copy you want, be it type, length or format, Globibo Media has the expertise to handle any form of copywriting. We always have the right words.

2. Internet Marketing Image Creation, Rights & Protection

The core objective of marketing is to present a product’s true value to prospective customers. When creating marketing content, there are several important ingredients that go into the mix to achieve this very objective. Images happen to be one of the most important ingredients. Consistent and stylish images have a significant impact on consumer minds.

Apart from presenting the many qualities of a product, images also convey messages concerning brand status and reputation. To put it as simply as possible, an image can tell the consumer what the company is all about.

Humans are visual by nature. We make judgements based on what we see. Analysis comes in much later. Images help us perceive context. In fact, we don’t even have to read what the product is all about if the images are presented in the right manner.

Now, thanks to the growing dependence on mobile technology, images play a much bigger role in helping businesses create an impact. So, the need to have good, high quality images for marketing purposes is much greater.

Images increase engagement and it’s a fact that cannot be disputed. For instance, studies have shown that articles that contain images achieve 94% more views than articles that purely textual. Similarly, a press release with images has a 15% higher chance of garnering online views than a press release without images.

If that isn’t convincing enough, here’s more – 60% of consumers indicated a preference for sellers or retailers who used images. 70% of e-commerce shoppers state that product images play a major role in helping them make purchase decisions.

There’s no denying how important images are for marketing and that’s exactly why every business out there needs to invest time and money into this particular component. But, the big question is how can a business source or create the images they need?

Well, that’s what Globibo Media is for. Globibo Media specializes in the field of digital marketing services and naturally, image creation is one of the many services we offer. We work with a team of skilled photographers and graphic designers, who are more than capable of delivering the images that you need.

We employ a range of tools to create and deliver high quality images of all types and sizes. In fact, we can even source images for you from existing image sharing sites.

Apart from image creation, we also offer image protection and rights. Our image protection services ensure that your pictorial assets are restored and maintained for long term reference and use.

Similarly, our image rights services are designed to help you fight issues of copyright infringement, ensuring that your brand image and reputation are never compromised.

3. Internet Marketing Video & Animation Creation

It is a major struggle for a lot of businesses to create awareness around their brand and their products/services. Naturally, this makes it even harder to meet the annual sales target. An online presence is very much needed to attain the goals that a business has set before itself. This is where marketing comes in handy and in this day and age of digital marketing, there are several components that contribute to success. Video and animation happen to be one of them.

According to a recent survey, it was found that around 90% of customers who shopped online were in support of videos being used to market a product or service. They felt that videos played an important role in helping them make buying decisions.

Another study found that almost 84% of internet users have viewed at least one video ad per month while browsing the internet. Out of this group, 64% were likely to buy the product or service highlighted in the ad they saw.

So, why does video or animation have this kind of an impact on the buyer’s mind?

Well, it all boils down to the human brain. You see, the human brain possesses the ability to process visual ideas much faster than it does anything else. There have been several studies done in this area. In one such study, researchers observed that the human brain was capable of processing an image shown for a mere 13 milliseconds. In layman’s terms, the brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster than it can process text.

This is why ideas conveyed in video form (animated or non-animated) tend to get absorbed faster by the average human being. But, there are some cases, where animations have an edge over live video. For instance, if you had to show the inner workings of a complex machine, it is best done through animation.

The bottom line here is that video and animation based marketing content have an impact on consumers that can’t be rivalled by any other medium. So, a good dose of video/animation in your digital marketing strategy would be a wise idea.

But, what if you don’t have the expertise to create your videos or animations?

Well, in that case, you come to Globibo Media. At Globibo Media, we have only the best of the best to help you with your video and animation needs. Just let us know what you want and we’ll deliver. We can provide you with videos and animations of all formats, types and sizes to meet your exact specifications. Our video and animation content is produced using the most preferred tools in the industry.

4. Internet Marketing Audio Creation

When it comes to the various elements that make up digital marketing, audio marketing is sort of a latecomer. However, it is definitely not insignificant. In fact, the use of audio is growing. It isn’t uncommon now to see webinars and podcasts dominating a brand’s digital marketing campaign. Also, the number of users who interact with audio content is also growing.

According to a study conducted by Edison Research in 2015, it was noted that around 53% of Americans, from the ages of 12 and above, were listeners of online radio. In 2008, this number was just 2008. So, there is a clear increase in the number of people opting to choose pure audio content.

In fact, not only have the numbers increased, listeners are even dedicating more time towards radio. In 2015, the average number of hours a user spent listening to radio went up from 6 to around 13.

Apart from the positive statistics, there are several other reasons why you should try including audio content into your digital marketing strategy. To begin with, audio creation requires less effort to pay attention to. Video requires the customer to actually view your content. With audio, prospective consumers can be introduced to products and services, while they are driving to work or executing any other task; even cooking or exercising, for example.

Your message can be heard in the background, while your prospective customer does other things

Also, audio isn’t likely to ever go out. People still love listening to music and thanks to faster internet speeds, live streaming is more possible than ever. People are signing up with live audio streaming services like never before and this is the perfect opportunity for marketers and businesses to make the most of audio with regard to their digital marketing campaigns.

More and more people are downloading audio streaming services and applications now for a wide range of reasons. One of the most significant reasons is that there’s a lot more high quality content available than before. There is also tremendous growth in the arena of ad supported audio streaming platforms. According to statistics, the global revenue for these platforms is expected to grow at a rate of 17.6%.

Globibo Media can help you strike while the iron is hot with our top notch audio creation services. With our skill and knowledge, we can deliver the kind of audio that’s sure to make your digital marketing campaign stand out. We can deliver audio content of all types, formats, and sizes.

5. In-House Vs. Outsourced Internet Marketing Content Creation

According to statistics, inbound marketing produces around 54% more leads than conventional marketing. What this tells us is that content creation is more important than ever. Your business needs its fair share of e-mails and blogs etc. to make an impact.

However, content creation isn’t an easy task. Many businesses have great ideas, but, actually finding the resources to execute those ideas is where the trouble starts.

In order to ensure that your business’s digital marketing strategies are effective enough, it is necessary to have a dedicated content creation team to help out. This brings us to another issue – is it better to have an in-house team or an outsourced team?

Having an in-house team does have its advantages. For starters, going in-house could work out to be less expensive. Secondly, there is definitely more control because the marketing team can always supervise the content. Also, the content may not require constant reviewing, which can reduce delivery time.

However, there are more problems than benefits with an in-house approach. For starters, it is a known fact that in-house teams lose motivation after a short initial run. Consistently churning out high quality content becomes a problem.

In-house teams also rely on SMEs (subject matter experts) for information. But, SMEs are utilized to the maximum in most businesses, which brings about prioritization issues. SMEs may not always be available to the content team. This interferes with the efficacy of marketing strategies and campaigns.

On the other hand outsourcing, though more expensive, eliminates all of these issues. There is always a dedicated team to handle your content requirements. External agencies never run out of resources and always have the necessary assets ready and waiting.

They also have the time to actually research market trends and test out strategies, which gives them an edge over in-house teams.

Finally, as outsiders, they can give you fresh insights on which strategy would work for you best and where you need to make improvements and changes.

Globibo Media, being an external agency, can offer all of these benefits and more.

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