Internet Advertising Platforms


1. Search Engine Internet Advertising

  Search engine advertising, also called search advertising remains one of the most popular forms of online advertisements. Digital marketers bid for certain keywords that their target market usually use to search for information or products. Search engine majors have created algorithms and tools to enable and assist marketers to understand the relevant keywords in context of a certain topic, product, region or other demographic and psychographic factors.   Search advertising is a lot less intrusive than banner advertising and pop-up advertising. This is because these ads are published on the search engine results page (SERP) in relation to the search query made by the user. That means, the user is himself seeking the advertisement, presented in the form of information or a link that takes the user to a landing page on the marketer’s website. This increases chances of conversion.   Users also feel less frustrated by frequent intrusions and disruptions of banner or pop-up ads which are often not related to the user in any way. It can often prove to be counterproductive as it creates a negative perception about the promoted product or concept and the promoter of the business.   The actual price of a keyword during the bidding process is usually determined by two factors. It depends both on the popularity of the keyword or phrase, i.e. the frequency of their appearance in search queries in a particular context and also on the profit potential of the keyword. Profit potential means that certain keywords may be equally searched but the kind of profit that the marketers hope to make differ. Hence, a key phrase like “car financing in California” is likely to attract much higher bids than “haberdasheries in California” because the first one involves thousands of dollars worth of business potential, while the second, although popular involves lower profit margins and business potential.   Sometimes, marketers may also choose to include their advertisements on websites that appear on the search results page. This type of advertising is called contextual advertising and it is less popular than search advertising. Search engines use crawlers to index new websites or when new contents are added to it. When the webmaster or publisher of that website gets into an agreement with the search engine, it uses its crawler to relate relevant keyword queries with the ones in the content of the page. These keywords are then fed into the auctioning system which is used to buy and sell search ad “keywords” and can also attract high bids.   There are both sponsored content and links that appear on a search engine results page and also organic search results that appear due to use of keyword optimization techniques. Most of these bids work in terms of pay per click (PPC) format. So, the highest bidder has to pay for a certain keyword, every time there is an exact match, partial match or contextual match (the rates may vary) in the queries typed by a prospect in the search field.   The biggest benefit that search and contextual advertising offers marketers is that they allow selective targeting. The marketers can choose the keywords, the contexts, control the parameters of segmentation based on which certain groups would be included (or excluded) from the campaign and they are in tremendous control of the impact and reach of the ads in some ways.   Each of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Naver, Yandex and Baidu have their own bidding processes and search algorithms and keyword finders.  
Common Advertising Platforms
  • Google adwords: Being the primary search engine of over 70% of internet users, Google sits pretty at the top of the online advertising chain. Google has two types of networks to make use of the adwords or keywords. The Google Display Network allows marketers like you to tailor your ad in order to have high ROI from your contextual ads that are published on other websites. You can not only choose specific keywords but also age, gender, location, time of the day or other parameters to set the match criteria. The Google Search Network is ideal for search ads and would allow you to again set parameters so that your ad will be displayed on the SERP whenever a specific keyword is entered in the search field.
  • Yahoo Gemini: Yahoo, another highly popular search engine allows marketers to use its Gemini network to target prospects and create interesting ad concepts that can engross the users. Again, it allows marketers to set separate budgets, ad concepts, keywords and other parameters for search ads and native ads on websites that have a tie up with Yahoo.
  • Bing ad network: Bing is a search engine which is powered by Microsoft. Bing is a highly popular network and it also allows marketers to target their ads as per their set parameters. It claims to get 5.5 billion searches on Bing ads itself and 31% market share in the U.S. search market. It also allows you to import a campaign that you have set up on some other search engine network on its own network domain. It also claims to offer very higher conversion rates.
  • Naver ads: Naver is South Korea’s number one search portal and is expanding across the world rapidly. Naver claims to use one of the most advanced human friendly search algorithms and is promoting voice-based searches as also NLP and dialogue based texts. Its click choice ads, similar to PPC ads on Google, are highly efficient and have a high reach and impact rate.
  • Yandex ads: The Russian technology giant provides a wide range of advertising and marketing services. It uses dynamic URL parameters and a wide range of statistics for creating your retargeting lists. You can also create your segments based on a range of online and offline data that the company provides once you sign up and create a campaign.
  • Baidu ads: Baidu is a Chinese major technology firm. It allows Western businesses to target customers across the world, but especially in China and the South East, which has one of the largest consumer markets and accounts for a big chunk of the total population. It can create and run your ad campaigns, integrate your analytics platform, create landing pages for your website and along with paid ad options also offers a Baidu Brand Zone service which would showcase a large chunk of text, images, videos or other multimedia support when someone searches for your brand.
  At Globibo Media, help you set up and manage your PPC and display ad campaigns on multiple search engine networks. It is through a true synergy between your individual campaigns, that you can see a great return and since we understand this well, our team will work with yours to understand the specific areas where investments are required and how to maximize the returns.  

2. Internet Advertising Affiliate Programs

  Affiliate marketing as an advertising model is a highly successful one because it has a high revenue generation chance for low investments. For this model to work, a marketer/ advertiser would need an affiliate (publisher), which is invariably a third party with business interests similar to the marketer in question. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.   While the advertiser (merchant) will be in charge of the logistics and sales channels used, the affiliate would publish content, use PPC, display, organic SEO optimization techniques to promote the products of the merchant across multiple channels and forums, including its own. It is in no way responsible for the logistics and responsibilities that traditional sales models encumber you with. From the perspective of the merchant, he will be paying only when the affiliate makes a sale.   Some advantages are as follows:  
  • Cost effective program
  • Involvement of a small sales force and affiliate marketing team. Best possible resource utilization for all the parties involved. This helps to keep prices down, which proves to be an added attraction for the end customer.
  • Better page rank since affiliate programs bring in quality inbound links through a strong advertising network to your website and also brings in extra traffic and more page views that may or not always convert to sales but definitely helps your website to rank higher. Also, since the advertisers from your affiliate program will be from related fields, your website will rank even higher as they would be relevant to keyword queries made even on affiliate channels.
  • Helps businesses set up the right kind of advertising budgets since the performance of affiliate programs and networks can be tracked quite easily. The CTRs, link open rates and the click on banner, pop-up, sponsored content pages can be tracked and you can see which affiliate programs and tools are working better than others and allocate funds from your advertising budget accordingly.
  Some of the main affiliate program portals are as follows:  
  • CJ Affiliate- One of the largest portals that provides a platform for affiliates and merchants to meet and get into deals, its huge network helps you to get the right size of advertisers, set specific budgets and offers for advertisers of different sizes and with different reach and also keep your overall budget low. Affiliates can also choose different offers and ads that they want to promote on their sites, social media pages and other forums. With such a wide range of affiliates and merchants available, it makes it easier for both groups to segment their offers and choose their offers.
  • Affiliate window- It is one of the largest affiliate program networks in Europe and offers a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting. It allows deep linking which means you can link to any page of the affiliate’s website or networks using your affiliate link. The charges are comparatively lower and it has a simple, easy-to-use business model.
  • Linkshare- Linkshare, now Rakuten Affiliate Network, is arguably the largest affiliate network in the world. It has a huge number of affiliate programs and options to choose from. You can get every aspect of your campaign managed or you can control the entire campaign using the resources, skills and huge network of this platform.
  At Globibo Media, you will be helped not only create campaigns but set up affiliate programs as per your budget, needs and other resources. We can also help you set up programs on big affiliate networks and manage the programs on your behalf. We will also correspond with your affiliates and look after the payment process.  

3. Direct Internet Advertising Platforms/ Processes

  Direct advertising is a form of advertising where the publishers try to attract advertisers or merchants directly to their websites, blogs or other digital properties without any affiliate or ad network trying to set them up and taking a heavy commission. One of the foremost criteria for setting up a direct advertising platform is to have a site or a blog which attracts heavy traffic in the context of the topics, domain or industry you represent or focus on.   Google Adsense is a great tool for setting up publishers and merchants as they have a huge network. However, there are also restrictions like you can’t publish more than 3-5 banner ads on your affiliate website and also they control the payment process. In case of direct advertising, the publisher can set his own rates, own publishing schedule, publish as many ads as he wants to and his domain supports and be in control of the creative process as well.   For advertisers, the advantage is that they can negotiate better since they don’t have a ‘middle man’ to pay off. You can sponsor the website, a certain topic or blog post or a certain page or publish display ads or PPC ads through a direct advertising platform. These platforms allow the publishers to control the rate, the program and every aspect and share a percentage for setting them up with a merchant.   Some of the best platforms that publishers and merchants can partner with are as follows:  
  • Buysellads- It can connect the advertiser directly to the publisher and has a large network on both sides of the game. As a marketer, you can choose the specific websites or blogs you want to sponsor or publish ads on and also set different budgets for websites or blogs depending on the traffic and other parameters.
  • Puxee- A simple online interface that connects advertisers directly with blog owners and relevant websites. The model of business is cost-effective and profitable at the same time.
  • Linkworth- With over 9 different ad products to choose from, Linkworth is a platform that allows advertisers to promote link ads on websites or blogs of their choice, thus improving the conversion rates for advertisers and the page rank and domain authority for publishers.
Direct Advertising Platforms
Globibo Media is the best place to plan your direct advertising campaigns and choose networks. We will help you set up your innovative campaigns on relevant forums and help you enjoy the best ROI on every investment you make.  

4. Internet Advertising Conversion Tracking

  Conversion tracking is a tool that lets you view, gain knowledge about and analyze a specific customer action that you have defined as valuable. Having knowledge about these specific customer actions helps you to make more informed spending choices, set up budgets, personalize your offers and make them more customer-centric.   You can find out by incorporating conversion tracking tags or code snippets or mobile codes that can be used to create temporary cookies in the mobile phone or the PC of a customer and find out whether they performed a recommended action like buying a product, calling a telephone number listed in your ad, sent an email or SMS, signed up for a newsletter, placed a product in the cart or installed an app on their mobile phones.   Any of these actions will qualify as a successful conversion as per your predetermined definition. A good conversion tracking tool also allows cross-device or cross-channel tracking i.e. these tools can track multiple actions or movements between devices that the user performed. Even offline conversions can be tracked.   Conversion tracking is important because CTRs and similar metrics just tell you the number of people who landed on a page or viewed your ad but can’t provide you information about the actions taken afterwards.   At Globibo Media, we use a number of conversion tracking tools and algorithms to track the performance of your ads and marketing activities and provide you with accurate information that helps to make more informed decisions regarding your campaigns.  

5. Online/ Offline Internet Advertising Integration

  It has almost become a marketing cliché to state that no marketing channel should be leveraged in silo. But, very few know how to integrate online and offline marketing platforms and efforts into a single campaign. Thinking in terms of black and white can be dangerous for a marketer. Just because a pundit has recommended, email marketing has a high conversion rate, doesn’t mean you will have to do away with direct mailers.   Although many experts recommend increasing your budget allocation on non-intrusive marketing channels like social media ads, search and native ads, sponsored content, SEO optimized content, etc, you can’t ignore the power of traditional advertising like outdoor advertising or electronic and print media altogether.   A synergistic approach is the best way forward. Online TV, podcasts, YouTube channels, subscription model adopted by some TV channels, inspired by online ad models, etc should be encouraged because this how the schism can be eliminated. Maintaining the same brand voice across all channels and promoting cross-channel functioning is recommended. Also promoting one communication channel through another is also a good idea. For example, even if you send a direct mail or make a direct call or put up a hoarding, you can share your landing page details or promote your ecommerce site so that people would take interest in it, visit it and make transactions.   Globibo Media is a company which has years of relevant experience in the field of marketing. We understand the importance of online/offline marketing integration and can help you to not only select the best delivery channels, analyze their performances individually and in the context of the entire campaign but also reinforce one with the help of the other channels.   We value the feedback of your customers and prospects. Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions with us and get in touch with us to know more about relevant business offers.                

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