Interpretation Equipment - Console, Radiators, Transmitters

Apart from interpretation booths, microphones, speakers and headset, our basic infrastructure includes components like interpreter consoles, transmitters and radiators, the entire cabling as well as security elements. We make sure that the system has the ability to provide you with the best simultaneous interpreter, equipment and technicians to micromanage every single aspect of your event.

Interpretation equipment infrastructure Interpretation Equipment Infrastructure: Providing you everything

Beyond the basic technology of microphones, speakers, headsets or interpretation booth we provide all other infrastructure including transmitters and radiators, the cabling as well as security components.

Interpretation Equipment Infrastructure: How transmitters and radiators work

The transmitters use different frequencies and many channels in each of the frequency range. This ensures that you get clear voice signals in many languages. Our transmitters are also integrated into our central management application software to remotely fine-tune changes required. The stationery transmitter connects to the main audio system. The high quality audio signals are broadcasted to wireless speakers, wireless receivers and stationery receivers. As a result, everyone in the audience is able to hear the translation in the specific language channel load and clear. With the usage of radiators the signal of transmitters are extended into larger venues. The radiators are fixed in different locations based on the thorough measurement of the event venue's particularities. We also provide a comprehensive range of receivers that help the audience to listen to the audio stream. Our stationery transmitters fulfill the need of transferring the audio signals from one point to another.

Interpreter Consoles

Different Interpreter Consoles are available in different location to integrate well with transmitter, receivers and the auxiliary audio system. Some of the basic models are listed below.

Brahler Digital DigiMic DDol 32

DIGIMIC’s DDol 32 digital Interpreter Console for one interpreter and up to 32 audio channels (OR + 31 languages). It's clearly arranged controls, its large, bright display and the illuminated buttons allow straight and intuitive operation. Up to 3 selectable output channels and 5 pre-selectable monitoring languages are just as self-understood. Additional separate call channels are provided to technical team or the chairperson. All common (mono and stereo) headphones can easily be connected to the console and in combination with various microphone types or combined headsets it guarantees maximum comfort for the interpreter. The interpreter console is divided into 3 sections: Interpreter Console DDol
Speaking section

  • Three outgoing channels (A/B/C)
  • Microphone ON/ OFF button
  • Mute button to mute the activate microphone temporarily
  • Clear indication of active and occupied channels

Listening and relay section
  • 5 pre-selectable relay channels
  • separate floor button
  • Relay interpretation quality indicator

Monitoring section
  • Loudspeaker with channel selector to monitor all languages
  • All loudspeakers within one both will be muted automatically when a DDol 32 in the booth goes live

Additional Features
  • Operator and/ or chairperson call
  • Auto Relay, Auto Floor
  • Various take-over modes programmable
  • "Hearing guard" LED to indicate high headphone volume level
Technical Data
  • Complies with the standards IEC914 and IEC2603.2
  • OR + 31 channels
  • Sample rate 48kHz
  • Resolution 24 BIT
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Latency end to end 1.5 ms
  • LC-Display, 2 x 56 characters, backlit
  • PREVIOUS (D9) for interconnection
  • NEXT (D9) for interconnection
  • Microphone TM58/6 or TMD01 (Minicon socket) lockable
  • Headphones (3.5/6.3 mm jack)
  • Electret Headset 8-pin socket (DIN)
  • Housing Lower part: robust plastic, black
  • Housing Operation panel: aluminium, "silver" anodized
  • WxHxD: (305 x 96 x 175) mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Certifications : CE (Europe)

Brahler Interpreter Console Dol7

Interpreter Console DOL7/2 is designed for the transmission of 1+6 channels (6 languages). DOL7/2 is interconnected with the control console and the next interpreter console by single-cable technology with fixed mounted A36 connection cables. The control panel is divided into clearly organized function-oriented sections: monitoring - speaking - special functions.
The controls are designed in a user-friendly manner and are easy to operate. Via the two "Monitoring" function sections, one may preselect an interpretation channel using the 6-digit rotary switch. The interpreter can choose between this interpretation channel and the ORIGINAL (floor) channel using the RELAIS toggle switch. Volume, bass and treble are individually adjustable via separate controls.
Below a list of the prominent features: Interpreter Console Dol7

  • control panel for two interpreters
  • 1+6 channels
  • compatible with equipment for 1+8 channels and former control consoles
  • interconnection using single-cable technology
  • A, B, C outgoing channel selection
  • CALL channel for internal communication
  • processor-controlled functions
  • display of the output channel and the language complying to ISO639
  • HEARING GUARD (Protect your hearing!)
  • programming switch to program outgoing channels
  • As an optional extra: ChipCard reader for saving and reading the configuration of the DOL interpreter console
Technical Data
  • Complies with the standards IEC914 and DIN56924 Part 1 "Booths for simultaneous interpretation"
  • Plug standard : A36K
  • Permanently attached connection cable 3.5m and socket A36K standard for hooking up to the control console, additional power supply unit or distribution box and for connection to the next interpreter console
  • 2 K2-CN sockets for headphones having 6.5mm jack plug
  • 2 D7-CB connector sockets for headphones or headsets
  • 2 D5-BS connector sockets for electret microphone TM55/18
  • Processor-controlled
  • Sliding switch for interconnecting several consoles in a single booth
  • Programming switch to program outgoing channels
  • Microphone pre-amplifier equipped with limiter; balanced output +6dBV, frequency response 125Hz-15kHz, S/N ratio >60dB(A), distortion factor < 1%;
  • LC-Display consisting of 2x16 characters for displaying the number, language and state of the output channels
  • Monitor amplifier for headphone, separate controls for bass, treble, volume, frequency response 100Hz - 20kHz, S/N ratio >70dB(A), distortion factor <0.5%
  • HEARING GUARD for both listening positions, optical warning if the permitted level is exceeded
  • CALL channel to external loudspeakers
  • Three locking modes concerning the outgoing channel interlocking function
  • Robust plastic housing, colour: black
  • Dimensions: 306x40/98x187mm
  • Control panel made of aluminium, anodized black; labelling in white, engraved
  • Angle of slope of the control panel: 21.5°
  • Weight (incl. cable): 1.9kg

Interpreter Control Unit

Brahler Digital DCen 32 Interpreter Control Unit

The Central Control Unit DCen 32 controls all connected delegate units within the DIGIMIC 32 channel discussion system, configures them automatically and routes the digital audio precisely where you need it. DCen 32 includes all common microphone modes, including automatic,push to talk and request to speak, voting (with CMic CSV), chairperson priority and VIP management. In addition, DCen 32 manages and completely controls the interpreter consoles type DDol 32.

Interpreter  Control Unit
Technical Data
Digital Audio
  • 48 kHz sample rate
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response
  • Approx. 1 ms latency time
  • Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference like bluetooth, UMTS, WiFi etc.
Audio device interfaces
  • ADAT input and output
  • AES/EBU input and output (XLR)
  • One analogue input (IN) XLR balanced
  • Five analogue outputs XLR-plug: 1 Master
  • +1 separate for each line
Dante Interface Configurable Ethernet switch for redundant Dante digital output (Dante 1-4)
  • 4 port integrated network switch
  • Link Speed: 1 Gbps
  • Sample Rate: 48 kSps
  • Sample width: 24 bit
  • Maximum number of input channels: 64 (32 languages fixed / 16 Floor audio inputs fixed)
  • Maximum number of output channels: 64 (32 languages fixed)
Control input and output
  • Network interface (TCP/IP)
  • Wordclock input
  • RS232 interface (CR9-socket) for microphone keyboard, media Control, camera systems, etc.
Connection of units
  • UNITS L1 ... L4 (D9-cable)
  • Up to 100 delegate units on four chains or several interpreter consoles on one chain and delegate units on the other chains
  • Line extension with Power Supply DExt
  • Four independent power supplies - one for each chain
  • HOT SWAP functionality. After replacement of a defective unit, the new unit will automatically be configured with the settings of the old one.
  • Dante™ multi-channel networked audio
  • Multi
  • LC Display for menu controlled operation
  • 8 buttons for operation of the LCD menu
  • 4 green LEDs for indication of the accurate operating voltage at the four outputs L1-L4
  • 4 yellow LEDs for indication of AF signal level
  • 4 x 5 audio matrix allows sophisticated sound reinforcement and audio distribution
  • Outputs protected against short circuit and overload
  • Expandable for over 2.000 delegate units
Microphone Modes
  • AUTomatic - Each delegate can switch himself on and off
  • AUTomatic NEXT/FLOAT
  • MANual - Each delegate can put himself into a request list
  • PRIOrity - Chairperson can override all other delegates
  • VOX - Voice activation
  • Up to 32 channels
Power Supply
  • Mains power: (90 ... 240) AC voltage, (50 ... 60) Hz
  • Power consumption: 480 W max.
  • CE (Europe)
  • complies with international standard IEC914

Compact Transmitter MSI8D

The Compact Transmitter MSI8D is used within the INFRACOM conference system for the transmission of 8 audio channels by infrared light. The audio signals are converted into frequency modulated infrared light and then transmitted with IRad radiators, which are directly connected to the MSI8D. The original (OR) and up to 7 further languages can simultaneously transmitted on different carrier frequencies by narrow band frequency modulation.
The transmitted signals are received by the IRX32 receiver and can then be monitored with headphones. With miniature-switches on the front panel the frequency band can be choosen and the channels can be switched ON or OFF. With a rotating switch it is possible to assign up to 32 transmission channels. 3 infrared transmitter diodes allow monitoring for the technician without radiators. Eight green LEDs (INT) indicate the status of the interpreter channel. LEDs on the front panel are indicating the operation mode: channel ON (red) and audio signal available (green).

Interpreter  Control Unit MSI8D
  • OR-IN (1 x XLR-socket) for input of the original language (OR)
  • OR-OUT (1 x XLR-plug) for balanced output of the original language, adjustable (-14 - +6)dBV/ 600Ohm
  • LINE-OUT (8 x XLR-plug)
  • IR-LINK (2 x BNC-socket) 1: Connection for up to 10 radiators IRad, 2: Connection of up to 10 further radiators IRad
  • RF-LINK (1 x BNC-socket) for cascading (RF) with further transmitters
  • INTERPRETER (2 x A36-socket) for connection of interpreter consoles
  • Green lighted mains switch for power ON indication
  • Red LEDs for channel ON indication
  • Green LEDs for Audio available (AF)
  • Green LEDs for interpreter control
  • 55kHz -975kHz in 40kHz steps up to 1335kHz (channel 31) Intermediate frequency: Intermediate frequency: 455 kHz
  • Distortion: < 0.2%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 70dB
  • Channel separation: > 60dB
  • Mains power: (90 - 250)VAC, (50 - 60)Hz
  • Power consumption: 40VA max
  • Housing: 19", 2 HE, Aluminium, "silver" anodized
  • Size: W x H x D: (433 x 88 x 305)mm
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • The unit is complying with the international standard IEC914

Interpretation System Radiators

IRad - IR Radiator for band II and IV

The radiator IRad belongs to the latest generation of infrared power radiators of the INFRACOM wireless audio distribution system. With a corresponding IR-transmitter up to 32 channels in FM quality can be transmitted simultaneously to the radiator IRad and be emitted in a frequency range within band II and band IV according the IR transmission standards of the conference technology (IEC61603-3 and IEC61603-7).
The metal swivel bracket can be mounted on a wall or ceiling mounting bracket or a tripod. The mounting thread is of 3/8". The high-power radiator requires no cooling fan; heat exchange is secured by natural convective cooling and heat sink of metal on the rear, thus guaranteeing totally silent continuous operation.
Operation modes: There are two modes of operation: half IRpower and full IR-power output. The operation modes are selectable using the corresponding switch on the rear side.
Protection circuit: Additional to the ESD-protection the radiator is equipped with a temperature control. This control decreases the radiator output power or switches completely off in the event that the temperature is too high. This mode is indicated by different colours of LED-light at front.

Interpretation System Radiator
  • Carrier frequency range: 40-4000 kHz (band II and band IV)
  • Number of transmitter diodes: 336
  • Average radial angle of the IR diodes: 30°
  • Average IR transmission power: 20W
  • Switch for 50% / 100% IR power output
  • Switch for line termination
  • Highly linear input and output signal quality
  • Mains power connector on the rear of the radiator (recessed IEC panel plug) with ESD-protection
  • The IEC mains socket connector placed next to the mains power connector can be used for connecting the next radiator in line
  • RF-input with one BNC-connectors (50 Ohms). The second parallel electric BNC socket is used to loop through the signal Accessories (in delivery)
  • 4.0 meter mains connection cable
  • 3.5 meter BNC - cable
  • Status Indication: A LED (multicolour) displays the current mode of operation: OFF (Standby), Blue permanent: ON (full IR power out), Yellow permanent: ON (half IR power out), Red flashing: failure, e.g. excess temperature, one or more diode-lines are defective, other malfunction
  • Temperature Range: Operation: +10°C to +40°C
  • Storage: -20°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: < 80%, non condensing
  • Convective cooling
  • Power Supply: Mains power: (100 - 240) VAC, (50 - 60) Hz provided by the built-in switching power supply
  • Power consumption: Stand-by: 9 W, Half power: 25 W, Full power: 50 W
  • Housing: Plastic cabinet, anthracite - swivel bracket and the heat sink are in metal
  • Size: W x H x D: (420 x 282 x 50) mm
  • Weight: 4.9 k
  • Complying with international standard IEC60914 / IEC61603-3

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

The portable interpreter booth provides working accommodation for one, two, three or four interpreters. The whole booth can be assembled by means of hook fastenings. The dimensions and weights of the individual modules make it possible to transport and assemble the booth by one person only. The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame which surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material. The booth is designed to take two low noise tangential fans ensuring an adequate amount of air circulating in the booth. In addition two reading lamps are provided for each booth.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers

Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers

Our wireless simultaneous interpretation receivers use infrared for audio transmission of up to 32 channels. Based on proven technologies our comfortable wireless Receivers provie noise-free reception. The receiver losses are minimized by using a special design.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Software

Simultaneous Interpretation Software

The interpretation software drives the infrastructure that the presentation is rendered in one or many other languages. Our System consists of all components required to link to wireless transmitters and receivers to provide a voice-silenced communication system that is fully self-contained and portable. This system provides clear, quiet and accurate communication between a speaker and a multilingual audience without distraction, interruption or misunderstanding.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Infrastructure

Simultaneous Interpretation Infrastructure

Apart from interpretation booth, microphones, speakers and headset, our basic infrastructure includes components like transmitters and radiators, the entire cabeling as well as security elements. We make sure that the system has the ability to provide you with the best simultaneous interpreter, equipment and technicians to micromanage every single aspect of your event.

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ISO 9001
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