How to Virtual AGM

Virtual AGMs have been done since years but the increased relevance of conducting meetings with external stakeholders virtually, has increased the importance of using a proper platform for such meetings.

Different countries have published legislation since 2015 on how to conduct virtual AGMs and many of these guidelines have been updated in early 2020, with strict and/or rather generic policies. To provide some guidance on how to execute Virtual AGMS, we have consolidated a small guide.

Key Elements of Virtual AGMs

Virtual AGMs need to follow the principles laid out in the constitution of the organization / associations as well as the laws / guidelines for the country of registration. The following areas need to be covered in a virtual AGM:

  • 1. Virtual AGM Invitation & Registration
  • 2. Virtual AGM Login & Authentication
  • 3. Virtual AGM Platform & Information
  • 4. Virtual AGM Voting and Q&A
  • 5. Virtual AGM Video Streaming & Conference
  • 6. Virtual AGM Audit

1. Virtual AGM Invitation & Registration

Stakeholders need to be informed about the AGMs and the organization needs to maintain evidence that it has done so. The stakeholders may or may not confirm their participation in the AGM. The prior participation is sometimes important to ensure a quorum is met for passing resolutions / motions during the AGM.

We support multi-layered track-able and audit-able invitation and registration processes. Create different templates for the notifications and reduce the complexity of registrations. Our deep-tracking technology provides great inside in regards to the delivery and registration process.

Virtual AGM Registration

2. Virtual AGM Login & Authentication

Virtual AGM stakeholders need to log in and authenticate to the event via 1 or multiple layers. 2FA methods depend on the availability of data (e.g. mobile phone number or mailing addresses). Also proxy forms, authorizations and consent to Terms & Conditions might be required during the login process.

Our platform provides Web-based as well as native app access to the virtual AGM. Designed for different stakeholders and large-scale events, the login process has been simplified to the minimum, keeping security and auditability in check.

Virtual AGM Authentication

3. Virtual AGM Platform & Information

A virtual AGM provides the opportunity in increasing the value to the stakeholders and presenters with creating a more holistic and engaging experience. The AGM environment provides a great platform to publish rich media before, during and after the event to better inform and engage stakeholders.

Our platform has over 50 add-on modules built for large-scale as well as private AGMs. All components can be switched on / off and can be beautifully designed to personalize the user experience. From agendas, session information, files, Q&A, speaker information, live streaming, tours, ticketing, shops, news, articles, videos, posters, chats, breakout rooms, demos, galleries, etc - you pick the best template to suit your AGM.

Virtual AGM Platform

4. Virtual AGM Voting & Q&A

Voting is a key element of every AGM. Usually before the voting, stakeholder must be given the right to raise questions. This can be done via video / audio or text. After the Q&A, the voting process must accommodate for voting shares as well as proxy / manual voting structures. The resolutions may have different answer-types and coercion / caveat evidence might be required.

Our system is laid out and has been proven in large-scale voting. The following key elements can be configured to create the right voting process

  • Voting Anonymity : Create different user levels for organizers & auditors to see the voting result.
  • Proxy Votes : Manage replacements or differentiated proxy structures and report details accordingly.
  • Manual & Pro-Voting : Incorporate manual or pre-votes in a fully auditable environment. Incorporate results into overall results seamlessly.
  • Weighted / Share Voting : Allocate different share values to different stakeholders and report based on shares and/or lots.
  • Question Types : Configure different question types and maintain full audit-trail of configuration
  • Coercion Evidence : Ensure caveat evidence through specific design layout (contact us for more info)
Virtual AGM Voting

5. Virtual AGM Video Streaming & Conference

Presentations to the stakeholders should be rendered through video conferencing and/or live-streaming platforms. Those platforms need to be scaleable for thousands of participants and provide the opportunity to engage the participants.

We work with different public and private video conferencing and video live streaming platforms to maximize the exposure of the AGM. With integration of standard tools, the presenters can leverage well-known platforms to upstream their video and engage with other presenters or the audience. Our AGM studio provides a great central point to monitor the virtual AGM.

Virtual AGM Video Streaming & Conference

6. Virtual AGM Audit

The key component of the virtual AGM remains the audit elements of the event. Invitation, Login, platform transactions and especially the voting needs to be audited. The audit covers the actual configuration of the system as well as the voting results.

The Virtual AGM platform includes detailed reports of every single configuration change as well as the user behaviour. In regards to the voting process, it captures detailed information about the voting result as well as the participants that voted. Detailed reports provide information about quorum as well as potential risk for inaccuracies.

Virtual AGM Audit

Your Virtual AGM Experience

We have run events from 2 to 20,000 participants. Our technical onsite team has experience from thousands of events, understands the subject-matter and is happy to support on questions or concerns.

To learn more about our Virtual AGM Solution, please check out our Website or contact us

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"Very professional and flexible. Our event ran very smoothly."

Jess Mondragon
Virtual AGM - Governing Sports Body

"We used Globibo’s Virtual AGM platform for our organization’s Annual General Meeting in 2020 and it went exceptionally well. Not just the platform but especially the team was very supportive in making sure the entire event created a great experience for our shareholders. Also, our auditors were impressed by the setup."

Head Client Relationship at International Financial Services Company

"To the great relief of our management team, the entire event went very well. Great technical support by the team throughout the meeting even supporting outside the normal event hours."

Senior Manager of Investor Relations at International Logistics Group

"We have used pre-registration services, pre-voting, as well as the Virtual AGM platform. Despite some challenges on our side, the overall process went to our full satisfaction. We will definitely keep on using the platform."

VP IR, International Retail Group


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