Fever Scanning System & Thermal Scanning Solutions

Monitor groups and individuals for increased body temperature via innovative fever scanning solutions. Integrate the right thermal detectors and tracking solutions with the software to improve the identification of individuals or groups with fever and track all participants for better contact tracing.
Seamless thermal scanning allows monitoring of larger groups in motion and to identify potential risk individuals to prevent contamination and infections.

Fever Scanning Integrated Solutions

Thermal Scanning Systems include hardware and software components to facilitate safe/thorough scanning and a smooth visitor experience. The Fever Scanning System usually includes the following components:

  • Isolation Camera System
  • Crowd Walk-through Scanning System
  • Warning & Notification System
  • Facial Detection
  • Self-check-in function
  • Video Incident Recording
  • Temperature Reporting
  • Contact Tracing System

Mounted Fever Scanning Solutions

Mounted Fever Scanning Solutions can automate a big part of the monitoring for larger venues or larger crowds of many days. The systems will perform a general total human traffic count, show the thermal image and create an alert upon fever detection. The key process is as follows:

  • 1 or multiple mounted thermal cameras scan walk-through individuals for fever
  • Upon fever detection, an alarm can go off at a specific gate
  • An incident report is logged and automatically email / SMS notifications are triggered to key staff
  • Further information can be documented for the fever detection

The thermal fever screening cameras can perform high-precision VCA and trigger real-time warnings. The fast image processing and temperature exception alarm function allow calibrating for different background environments. The fever detection cameras can perform advanced facial detection to avoid scanning other hot objects (e.g. drink or technical devices). They can scan and detect up to 10 faces and thermal images at the same time.

Get more detailed information on why you should buy our fever scanning system in our blog ‘Why Your Company Should Invest on Medical Scanners’

Mounted Fever Detection Solution

Example: AI Thermal Scanner Fever Camera Imager screening system

  • Temperature Measuring Range: 30-45C (accuracy may decrease beyond this range)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +-0.5 C
  • Measuring Distance: 0.15-2m
  • Camera Resolution : 256x192
  • Camera FPS: 25 Hz
  • Camera Focal length: 3.2mm
  • Camera Field of View: 56"x42"
  • Camera F# : 1.1
  • Camera Size : 80x80x14.2 mm
  • Camera Weight: less than 77g
  • Camera IO: Mini USB
  • Camera Accuracy: +-0.5 C
  • Operating Temperature: 2-50C
  • Storage Temperature : -20C - 60C

Hand-held Fever Scanning Solutions

Hand-held Fever Scanning Solutions are battery-powered and create flexible infrastructure for thermal scanning. Small-scale solutions work as dongles to smartphones or tablets. Dedicated fever hand-held scanners are usually more optimized for a specific purpose.
The small 3d laser scanners and dedicated software accommodate for distance analysis and compensation (as fever measurements reduce with distance) and common devices measure fever accurately up to 3 meters. More sophisticated devices have a larger reach and provide 1280 x 960 pixels resolution with good thermal sensitivity. Many hand-held thermal scanners have HDMI interfaces for data transfer to an external screen, they can also be used in semi-stationary applications such as security checks.

Warning: Some handheld or smartphone-specific accessories do not have sufficient measurement accuracy for fever detection (Example below). The details are visible in the technical specification.

Smartphone Thermal Scanner Solution

Example: Smartphone Thermal Scanner - Not sufficient for fever detection.

  • Material: metal
  • Color: black
  • Temperature range: -20C to 300C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±3C or ±5% of reading
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1C or 0.1C
  • Working band: 8-14μm
  • Horizontal viewing angle / vertical viewing angle: 43°±1°/ 43°±1°
  • Infrared image resolution: 32 * 32
  • Visible image resolution: 640 * 480
  • Image format: png
  • Video format: mp4
  • Frame rate: gHz
  • Focal length: fixed
  • Operation temperature range: 0C to 35C
  • Storage temperature range: -20C to 60C
  • Plug: USB Type-C
  • Power supply: power supply from external devices, such for Android phones
  • Item size: 60 * 30mm / 2.4 * 1.2in
  • Item weight: 19g / 0.7 ounce
  • Package size: 175 * 100 * 60mm / 6.9 * 3.9 * 2.4in
  • Package weight: 250g / 8.8 ounce
  • Detection Distance: within 2m
Hand-held Thermal Scanner Solution

Example : (Fever-detection capable) Non-contact temperature measurement with 0.1s quick detection, Real-time temperature display with high and low-temperature automatic tracking, Accuracy ≤0.3 ° C after calibration (emissivity, temperature measurement point, temperature adjustable), Customizable automatic high-temperature alarm

  • Sensor: Uncooled focal plane
  • High and low-temperature alarm: Can be set for high and low temperature warning
  • Temperature measurement range 30°C 〜45°C
  • Temperature Resolution 0. 1°C
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0. 3°C (Best working distance: 1M)
  • Temperature measurement response time W350ms
  • Thermal imaging pixel 19200 (160*120)
  • Pixel size 12 |i m
  • Colour:  Iron Red, Rainbow, White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Lava, High Contrast Rainbow
  • Infrared spectral bandwidth 8〜14卩m
  • Thermal imaging sensitivity 50mK
  • Frame rate 9Hz
  • Temperature display: ZF Center point temperature measurement and high-temperature tracking (default high-temperature tracking)
  • Image format BMP
  • Picture mode: Thermal imaging, digital camera (visible light), fusion
  • Temperature measurement point: In addition to the center point, 3 temperature measurement points can be added
  • Daylight visible: Yes
  • Visible light resolution 640*480
  • PC Analysis Software(PC)included
  • Real-time image transmission Yes (PC software real-time image projection screen)
  • Data communication Type-C USB
  • Display type 2.8" TFT LCD
  • Display resolution 320*240
  • Battery Li-ion 3. 7V/5000mAh 26650 Single section
  • Image storage Micro SD card
  • Working temperature 0°C〜35°C

Thermal Scanning & Contact Tracing Integration

We support clients to smoothly document critical information to facilitate quick contact tracing in case of potential risk exposure.

  1. Track movement across all doors, entry / pass-through points, and locations.
  2. Provide specific contact lists for individuals with cross-contact.
  3. Automated email / SMS follow-up with contact lists.

Fever Scanning System & Thermal Scanning Solutions FAQ

1. What should I Check When Buying a Fever Scanning Solution?
An ideal fever scanning solution consists of different components that make it convenient for the users. Our fever scanning system comes with a facial detection option, self-check-in option, temperature reporting, warning and notification system, etc. These are a few things that you need to check when bringing a fever scanning solution home
2. Which fever scanning solutions do you have to offer?
At Globibo, we have Mounted Fever Scanning Solutions and Hand-held Fever Scanning Solutions. Both these systems have unique features that make them suitable for your needs. You can learn more about them in detail above.
3. Why Do I Need a Thermal Scanning Solution?
When you have a thermal scanning solution, you can easily identify the individuals who can be a potential health risk in a crowd of countless people. It is a powerful way to prevent contamination and infections.


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