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What is Transcreation? This word is coined from the combination of two words: “translation” and “creation”.Transcreation describes the process of adapting a message from one language to another while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language. It is related to the concept of localization, which similarly involves comprehensively adopting a translated text for the target audience. Transcreation highlights the translator's creative role. Unlike many other forms of translation, transcreation also often involves adapting not only words but video and images to the target audience

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Transcreation is often used for:

  • Slogans
  • Campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Headlines

It is adapted for the use of global marketing and advertising especially driven via the eCommerce industry and multinational organizations.

To know more about Transcreation, visit Wikipedia

Purpose of Transcreation

The purpose of Transcreation is to create an emotional connection with different audiences globally. If the translated content includes local values, beliefs, and cultures it puts a positive impact on consumers. Consumers start building trust for a particular brand or product which is one of the crucial parts of global marketing.

The overall purpose of Transcreation is to make content emotionally and culturally relevant for the consumer and not just translate the text.

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Translate & Create

  1. Content is adapted (copy-editing) and created for the specific local target audience
  2. Language, dialect, and images are aligned to local culture, norms, and environment
  3. Emotional representation or intention is replicated or modified towards local audience & culture by use of words that can trigger emotions from the target audience, for example culturally adapted idioms, metaphors, figurative expressions, etc.

Transcreation Process

The transcription process is much more engaging than Translation. Globibo follows a 10 step process for a world-class transcreation service that is highly time-consuming but necessary. Following are the steps:

  • Step 1: Creative Brief
  • Step 2: Draft Process Flow
  • Step 3: Expectation Setting
  • Step 4: Transcriber Onboarding
  • Step 5: Glossary Preparation
  • Step 6: Transcreation
  • Step 7: Draft Review
  • Step 8: In-market review
  • Step 9: Final Approval
  • Step 10: Media Handover


Globibo works with world-class transcreators with substantial academic knowledge along with industry experience. Our pool of transcreators includes professional linguists from different countries worldwide. The aim is to work with professionals who understand the local markets and culture to meet the objectives of transcreation/copywriting

Globibo transcreators are selected based on the following skills:

  • a) Writing Skills for creative writing keeping in mind the global marketing strategies
  • b) Cultural Understanding for understanding audience requirements and emotions
  • c) Research & Analytic skills for thorough research and analysis about the audience, market & competitors
  • d) SEO to make sure it follows Google’s best practices in case of internet marketing

Transcreation FAQ

1. Do you have experienced and skilled transcreators?

Globibo's team of transcreators are academically able and have enough industry experience to get the job done right. We follow a precise selection process for transcreators and check for certain skill sets before choosing them. You can talk to our team to learn more about our transcreators hiring criteria.

2. Does transcreation offer support for SEO?

Along with making your content accessible to a variety of people, Globibo’s transcreation services will also benefit your SEO efforts. With transcreation, you can have keywords targeted to your specific audience incorporated into your content increasing the chances of local traffic.

3. How long will transcreation take?

Although we do offer a quick turnaround for each transcreation task, the amount of time needed depends on the number of words and the size of the project. After assessing your requirements, we will provide you with an estimated time for the project’s completion. We can always talk and plan according to your requirements.

4. Why do businesses need Transcreation?

Poorly translated marketing slogans can be disastrous for companies. E.g. KFC decided to go for the literal translation of their slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” when they entered the Chinese market. The slogan became “Eat your fingers off” in Mandarin. This blunder provided evidence on the importance of transcreation. Therefore, businesses require the skills of a transcreation specialist to enhance their marketing campaigns (especially from the cultural aspects) to suit the target markets, and eventually create an impact on these markets.

5. What’s the difference between Transcreation and Translation?

Both are language services, but they differ in a few ways, and they are as follows:

  • Transcreation conveys a brand new message (creation of new content) in the target language and is localized; but translation merely conveys the same message replacing the words in the source language with corresponding words in the target language.
  • Transcreation specialists are copywriters/writers in other languages; but translators are not (though some translators offer copywriting services).
  • To begin work, a transcreation specialist requires the creative concept/desired action that the copy aims to achieve; but a translator only needs the source text to begin work.
  • As transcreation is a creative service, the cost of hiring a transcreation specialist is a lot more than hiring a translator.

6. Can transcreation help in improving sales?

Transcreation deals with converting a particular advertisement campaign into another language. As it can reach out to a localized audience, it can help improve sales.

7. How is transcreation different from translation?

Transcreation is the conversion of the given campaign into another language. However, in doing so, the style, intent, and emotion invoked remain the same as the original statement.

8. Who needs transcreation?

If you are developing an advertisement campaign, you can reach out to audiences that speak a particular language with transcreation. As a result, they will understand the campaign better.

9. Does transcreation involve copywriting?

Transcreation involves copy-editing and not copywriting. However, copy-editing is necessary to understand the exact intention behind the campaign.

10. Does transcreation involve SEO practices?

Yes, transcreation involves SEO, as this is a part of advertisement campaigns. We follow global SEO practices to ensure that we provide you with the best-transcreated campaign.

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"It was handled professionally. The response from your end was quick and efficient. Globibo managed to produce 4 articles in a span of 5 days for a demanding client. Even though it was a rush, all the articles were well written and delivered in time."

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