The competition for great talent is fierce, just as it is on the ice or mountainside.

Great Candidates, just like athletes, are few and far between. Every candidate has a goal in mind when they interview at your organization, whether that is “Get the Job” or “Just seeing what’s out there”.

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HR and Talent Management in the Digital Era: Strategy and Challenges

Digital transformation is a term that can generate confusion and is perceived by many as a challenge. Others, despite fully grasping the concept, struggle to see how the strategy is truly connected to actual innovation.

Generally speaking, digitalization is directly connected to enhanced customer experience (CX). In the era of omnichannel transactions, customers expect to have immediate access to products or services, and a smooth experience throughout the entire customer journey, from discovery to support.

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The 4 Proven Pillars of an End-To-End Talent Management Solution

Your recruitment team has a pretty obvious goal: source, hire and retain the best talent that will grow with and support the company. What isn’t so obvious is just how that team gets to the end goal. There isn’t a simple, one-size fits all answer, but there are solid solutions to common problems and barriers. We used to turn to multiple tools to hire and manage our teams, but this often proves inefficient. Gone are the days where siloed solutions effectively stand on their own.

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HR trends becoming popular in the manufacturing industry

With the flurry of advancements in the manufacturing sector, keeping pace with the needs of manpower is one of the biggest supports expected from HR. Besides, the challenges of retention and getting quality hire catering to the manufacturing niche, in the stipulated time still haunts the HR department. That’s why it’s incumbent upon the HR to keep track of the following trends in the manufacturing industry.

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Keeping a Good Employee From Leaving Is Your Best Growth Strategy

It’s hard to find a good employee, so when you do find the right person you want them to stick around. As the boss, there are things you can do to help ensure that your employees and co-workers not only stay, but thrive in their jobs.

Choose carefully.

Don’t rush and hire someone on impulse. Take the time to find someone who has the credentials and experience and the drive to want to do the type of work you are offering. This could takes weeks or even months.

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HR Re-Skilling: Top 3 Areas HR Pros Should Master Now

HR pros, when’s the last time you attended a training and development course? When is the last time you checked to see if your skills were up to par? For most of you, the answer is likely, “not lately”. I mean, for real, where is the time? However, changes in the workplace have placed training and development programs at the top of executive’s lists. The speed of work, the pressure of competition and the rise of new and improved technologies are forcing companies to re-skill employees continuously just to keep up.

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6 Best Practices for Bridging the Talent Gap Through Training, Development

o bridge the talent gap and meet the demand for a strong, competent workforce, companies must take matters into their own hands by training and developing their employees.

1. Engage Upstream

Many employers complain about the status of America’s workforce development programs, but wait at the end of the education pipeline for the finished product to come out. Successful companies engage upstream by developing partnerships with nearby community schools.

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Three Critical Considerations for Evaluating Talent Assessments Today

Over the past several decades, many organizations have turned to psychological testing and assessment methods to improve the talent selection process. Not only do these tried and true methods increase objectivity and prediction, but they have been well-researched and identify reliable measures of ability, personality, values, interests, knowledge, and skill.

Today, with the rise of machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and increased attention on the candidate experience, new, technologically-driven selection methods are emerging.

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How Focusing on Employee Experience is the Key to Engagement

Employee experience is one of those terms that’s just now gaining some traction in talent acquisition discussions, and some people in the industry believe it to be a trending buzzword sure to lose ground sooner rather than later. While the hesitancy in jumping on a potential bandwagon is understandable, this is one of those phrases that should already hold a place in your organization’s vocabulary. If you need a little convincing, or still haven’t heard the specifics, read on…

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Onboarding and Engagement: HR’s Favorite Power Couple

It’s no secret by now that a new hire’s first days on the job are crucial for their career at their new company. The onboarding process gives them time to learn the ins and outs of an organization and understand their role within the company. The company culture and commitment to onboarding has the power to influence employee engagement. Engagement and onboarding make quite the dynamic duo and, unlike the ill-fated “Brangelina,” this power couple is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work.

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