JD Share Holdings Change | JD, share holoing, Liu Qiangdong, Tencent, Walmart

According to documents submitted by JD group to SEC, Mr.LIU Qiangdong, CEO and the Founder of JD holds 15.8% of its equity, and 80.2% of voting rights, is the second largest shareholder only after Tencent who holds 18.1% equity and 4.4% voting rights. Walmart holds 10.1% equity and 2.5% voting rights.


Walmart Increase Holding in JD | Walmart, JD, Shareholding

According to documents submitted to SEC by JD.com, China’s major online shopping portal, as of Dec 31, 2016, Walmart holds 12.1% of JD’s A class ordinary shares. In June 2016, Walmart acquired 5% of JD’s issued share capital, and pledged to increase holding.