ZTE Settle Penalty with US Gov | ZTE, US, Penalty

According to ZTE’s results report for 2016, the Company received a revenue of RMB101.233 billion, and suffered a penalty of USD892 million imposed by US government over its deal with Iran and North Korea.The total loss of RMB767 million. Net loss attributable to holders of ordinary shares is RMB2.357 billion.

Foxconn Moving to the US | Foxconn, Apple, US, China, import tax, Trump


Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn told the Press that the Company is considering invest in a joint monitor factory in the US, which involves USD7 billion and is to create 30,000-50,000 jobs. Foxconn is also planning a Molding factory in Pennsylvania and move SmartTechnology from Canada to the US. In response to President Trump’s possible 45% import tax on goods from China, Apple’s suppliers are transferring from China to the US. Meanwhile there are over 350 Apple suppliers located in China.