SHARP AQUOS to Leave Japan | SHARP, AQUOS, Japan

SHARP’s new CEO Tai Jeng-Wu told the Press AQUOS, SHARP’s screen factory is to leave its home in Kameyama, Japan. Incompetitive business will be handed over to Foxconn and relocated to overseas. There are 59.60 million TVs sold in China, 26.2% of the total number sold in the world and China manufactured 60.3% or 137 million sets of TV. The resources of TV industry is shifting toward China.

SHARP building OLED Factory in China | SHARP, OLED, iPhone, Samsung

SHARP is building OLED production line in China and is expected to start mass production in 2019. iPhone 8 will use OLED screen from Samsung, but is likely to buy from SHARP once it can provide supply to factories of Foxconn, the maker of iPhones in China.