The Authorities Interviews Samsung over Memory Price Hike

The Authorities Interviews Samsung over Memory Price Hike

This is the 6th quarter in a raw that memory chip prices are rising. The National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese economy governing body, has request Samsung to explain the continued price hike of memory chips. An anti-monoply investigation maybe underway.

Samsung and LG Cooperate in TV

Samsung and LG have reached an agreement that LG is to provide TFT-LCD to Samsung to substitute the miss gap from SHARP’s withdraw. Samsung and LG are competing fiercely in TV business and have been the 1st and 2nd largest player in this market. But as Chinese competitors catching up fast, taking 5 of the top 10 TV makers in the world. The two have to cooperate to keep their positions.

TSMC to Offer 12nm Process

TSMC is upgrading its 16nm process, likely to 12nm. Presently the best process on the market is 10nm by Samsung in making Snapdragon for Qualcomm. TSMC will also provide 10nm process for iPhone this year. 12nm will be TSMC’s answer to over-order on 10nm and counter measure to 14nm from competitors.