Qualcomm and Baidu Cooperate on AI

Qualcomm and Baidu Cooperate on AI

Dec 7th, Qualcomm and Baidu agreed to optimize DuerOS AI solutions developed by Baidu on the upcoming Snapdragon 845 and other mobile platforms. This strategic cooperation is to capitalize the expertise of both companies to develop a AI human voice and smart assistant solution.
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Qualcomm Apple Patent War Continues


Since January Apple and Qualcomm started their patent fight, it has ascalated over time. Now Qualcomm has file 3 suits against Apple for the fringing of 3 non-Standards-Essential Patents in China.

Qualcomm Fined by Taiwan Authorities


Taiwan Fair Trade Commission has issued a NTD23.4 billion fine on Qualcomm for violations on anti-monoply laws. Qualcomm has exclusive position in CDMA, WCDMA and LTE, but refuses to grant patent to other chip makers and threatens to stop supply. Such actions are considered undermining competition in the chip market.