Huawei Release 5G Products | 5G

Huawei Release 5G Products

Huawei released its Balong5G01 chips, being the first of its products to support 5G web. The Company also released 5G CPE, the first commercial 5G terminal in compliance to 3GPP standard. The release is regarded as a breakthrough for 5G products and marks the starting point of 5G at manufacturing level.

Chinese Mobile Phone Brands Dorminate Chinese Market | Mobile Phone, China, OPPO, Huawei

July 10th, according to report released by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), from Jan-Jun, Chinese brands have shipped 216 million mobile phones, accounting for 90.5% market volume in China.

Huawei Banned in UK Over UPI Case | Huawei, UPI, UK


June 15th, Huawei received court decision from Supreme Court of England and Wales that its products are banned from sales in Britain. This is a result of the patent dispute between Huawei and UPI(Unwired Planet International) since March 2014 when UPI sued Google, Samsung and Huawei over patent violation. Google and Samsung have reached into settlement with UPI.

Huawei Former Executives Arrested | huawei, arrest, patent, coolpad, letv

Jan 18th, 6 former Huawei senior executives are arrested for disclosing internal info to Coolpad and LeTV, while their managers in charge told the press that the case was a patent dispute and is now being handled by legal means.