Qualcomm Apple Patent War Continues


Since January Apple and Qualcomm started their patent fight, it has ascalated over time. Now Qualcomm has file 3 suits against Apple for the fringing of 3 non-Standards-Essential Patents in China.

Apple to Setup Data Center in China

Apple Inc told the Press on July 12th that it is to set up its first data center in China, which will be located in Guizhou province, one of the lowest per capita income provinces of China. Guizhou has an average temperature of 15ºC around the year and local government offers discount water and electricity supply.

Foxconn Moving to the US


Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn told the Press that the Company is considering invest in a joint monitor factory in the US, which involves USD7 billion and is to create 30,000-50,000 jobs. Foxconn is also planning a Molding factory in Pennsylvania and move SmartTechnology from Canada to the US. In response to President Trump’s possible 45% import tax on goods from China, Apple’s suppliers are transferring from China to the US. Meanwhile there are over 350 Apple suppliers located in China.