Talent Retention Solution Objectives

Talent Retention Theory

The Johari Window or Jungs Personality Profile highlight existing tensions, especially in larger organizations. Solutions towards resolving those tensions remain rather unstructured and are often limited to narrow strategies (e.g. coaching, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, etc)

Talent Retention Reasons

We use a sophisticated methodology to identify and address the underlying reasons behind employee turnover. The Platform examines an organization holistically to uncover trends and issues. This includes the managerial and institional level.

Talent Retention Strategies

Identifying the most important talent in an organization allows for targeted retention efforts. By focusing on specific talent, the platform pinpoints perceptual mismatch that would often unnoticed and factor in the an indivuals decision to leave an organization.

  • Compare perceptions of taleht with that of their supervisors and peers
  • Determine the talent that is most important to retain

Talent Retention Leverage Factors

We tailor the approach by determining and exploring a client organization’s most critical areas of employee satisfaction. Those areas become key action items in the Talent Retention Strategy.

Rootcauses Talent Turn-over

Identifying areas of perceptual mismatch hones in on the root causes of underlying issues. The absolute as well as the relative scores can be put into context of peers and general trends to identify potential avenues to address the Talent Retention problems

Individual and Leadership Solutions

Our approach fixes specific problems with individuals while increasing leadership skills throughout the organization.

Action Plan Development and Follow up

The result of the analysis is a smart action plans for talent retention with continuous follow up.

Talent Retention Process & Platform

Deployment Options & Pricing