Talent Retention Process & Platform

Talent Retention Impact

We use a comprehensive process to provide targeted, efficient solutions for employee retention. The entire platform is geared towards:

  • reducing organizational turnover
  • increasing employee engagement in their own development
  • institionalize talent development at all management levels

Talent Retention – Step 1: Identify critical talent

The process starts with defining criteria for the selection of talent and communication models. The selected employees are then grouped to establish follow-up cycles. The the platforms supports reviewing all employees or a targeted subset.

Talent Retention – Step 2: Identify individual motivation / risk

All talent and supervisors are informed and the feedback processes initiated. The results are automatically analyzed to suggest targeted plans of action.

Talent Retention – Step 3: Suggest appropriate solutions

The platform suggests action plans to fill gaps to the supervisors and/or HR. Potentially the action plans are discussed between talents, supervisors and senior managment. The most appropriate set of action is deployed and potential milestones defined.

Talent Retention – Step 4: follow through with action

The platforms follows up on the implementation of the action items and elicits feedback on the performance from talent and supervisors. Based on the feedback, potentially updated recommendations are provided.

Talent Retention – Step 5: Evaluate the strategy & learn

The continuous feedback from talent & supervisor allows the optimization of action plans. Furthermore, institional reviews can be conducted to address and remediate structural challanges.

Deployment Options & Pricing