Deployment Options & Pricing

PAAS or Installed

To successfully implement TalentD, different subscription models provide the right fit. We provide a fully scaleable Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) services based on Microsoft Azure. We usually suggest starting with the PAAS infrastructure to immediately impact performance and create experience in the Talent Retention & Development Process. 

More information on the options, please read below on this page.

Solution Implementation Process

The automatice AI-environment requires no manual work after the initial setup of the employee structure. To ensure that employees and managers are successfully transitioning to a Talent Retention & Development mindset, we have developed communication templates as well as specific trainings for HR or Talent Management team.

Solution Pricing Models

In general, the application is priced “per employee”. We are convinced that the platform will create significant savings due to Employee Retention and improved Supervisors awareness.

We offer a mix of different pricing models to accommodate for the setup and priorities of your organization. To test the application, contact us for the setup of your free test-account.

The indicative pricing on the PAAS is :

  • 15 USD / person / month (AI platform only)
  • 25 USD / person / month (AI platform + Talent Retention Partner)

Platform as a Service

Worry free. Automatic software and hardware updates and upgrades. SSL secured. World-class scaled server infrastructure. No setup cost or effort. Pay as you go.

  • License Cost
    • Free Tier : Limited feature-set available, for up to 5 users
    • Basic Tier : Full basic features available, charged per user access per month
    • Premium Tier : Advanced reporting and integration features, charged per user per month
  • Support & Maintenance
    • Charged based on required Service Level (response time and support hours)
    • Flat fee per user

Installed Solution

Set up the application within your own environment. We provide support and guidance in the hardware selection and application installation.

  • License cost
    • The basic license cost is determined by the number of entities and named users
  • Support & Maintenance
    • Software Maintenance is charged based on the Service Level required (response time and support hours)
    • The basic calculation is a percentage of the license and customization effort

For more information, please contact us.