Strategy Solution Objectives

The 1st objective is to clarify the Organization’s strategy via a clear definition and structure for all activities

  • Enables common understanding of goals and objectives
  • Facilitates consolidation and integration of activities
  • Provides purpose for every measurement, action and project as it relates to the overall strategy
  • Provides clear targets for all measurements
  • Clearly defines responsibility
  • Fosters consensus and teamwork among management
  • Improves prioritization

Sample Strategy Map
Sample Strategy Map

With linking objectives to strategy and projects to objectives, the overall performance improves

  • Objectives are created to support strategy
  • All objectives have KPIs and all KPIs have targets
  • Ensures projects are only created to support strategic objectives
  • Individual performance goals and objectives are contextualized within corporate strategy
  • Eliminates unnecessary activities
  • Reduces waste and redundancy

Increased transparency facilitates focus on strategy by employees at every level

  • Provides a comprehensive view of all activities
  • Enables navigation of data/information from high-level overview to detailed measurements
  • Status toward KPI target achievement is known at every stage
  • Encourages proactive actions to improve subpar results
  • Creates a common focus on strategy & goals

Increased clarity, alignment and transparency together enhance efficiency

  • Increases organizational productivity
  • Encourages timely actions with notifications
  • Streamlines communications
  • Provides organized, up-to-date results and metrics
  • Reduces need for informational PowerPoint presentations
  • Reduces time spent on numerical/data reporting
  • Increases management focus on strategy

KPI Management Sample
KPI Management Sample

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