Globibo Media has developed a set of business solutions with subject-matter experts and key customers. The solutions are operated in a SAAS model and / or might be fully customized to the specific client. For detailed information about each solution, please check out the corresponding page.

Solution Approach

Our business solutions describe a suite of processes, systems and people which focus on delivering value to your organization. That means you have to look beyond a system provider to develop successful approaches for new and old challenges.

System solutions have to strike the right balance between being flexible to accommodate different priorities as well as focus to solve a specific problem consistently. To manage this balance you need an expert of the subject matter inhouse as well as a solution provider.

We are experts in different industries and functions and provide simple and complex solutions

With leading experts from the industry and research our solutions provide the next step of strategic capability for your organization. Our solutions for business risk management, human resource management, financial services and customer relationship management are geared into providing an exceptional high level of value as well as to continuously evolve based new ideas and approaches.


Strategy Management Solution


Talent Retention & Development Solution


GRC Solution