Augmented & Virtual Reality

We conceptualize, design and program Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications for different industries and platforms. With broad expertise and a huge array of templates available, we can turn around specific storylines within a short period of time.

Augmented Reality

With a big footprint in the event industry, we worked with industry-leading product and marketing managers to create great use-cases for Augmented Reality. From tablet, phone or external video devices, we are confident of transitioning great ideas into great implementations.

Virtual Reality

As one of the first labs for Oculus Rift in Asia, we started developing on this platform while it was still in SK1. Over the period of time, we identified best practices for both, development as well as storyboards for true VR projects. Furthermore we have developed a set of light-weight applications for simpler consumer driven applications for Samung Gear, Google Cardboard, etc.

We can cover both interactive as well as static VR content on different platforms (based on the opportunities and constraints provided from the envisioned hardware devices).

Other Animated Content

Beyond pure computer-animated content, we also work on blended animations, like telestration or professional video editing. Being able to see your imagination is cool, but what if you can interact with it? The best way to show a place to your client without really build it is to let them walk in it, and Virtual Reality is the answer. You can use it for real estate business, staff training, demonstration and many other purposes you can imagine. Users can interact with the environment, just like in a video game. The technology from gaming industry has trickled down so far that it is now available for small-mid sized companies.


Our Virtual Room on desktop (1st image below) and environment on mobile device (2nd image below). Interaction leaves much more impression to human brains as it requires user to make decisions rather than just sit back and watch. Once content has been created, we can modify and update it for future purposes. Flexibility is the best feature this technology offers. Your investment in such assets will be very well protected. VR is the most dynamic part of graphics industry in recent years and is getting better everyday. We expect this trend to continue and wish you will join us in this revolution of user experience.