Animated Content


Below are some of our demo scenes. If you have an concept, a product, an environment, we can visualize it in 3d software and render out videos for you. An image is better than 1,000 words, and 1 second of video is comprised of 24-30 still images. Do the math! The virtual space also provides you more possibilities than the real world. Physics is in our control over there. Light, object, material, speed, time, weight, scale and everything else can be at your service. Modern technology has made the line between reality and imagination thinner then ever.


We build very detailed models and render them into animation. Remember those commercials on TV, in which products look so perfect that moves and changes like manipulated by magic? Yes, they are 3D animations, not real objects. This virtual world is where you can defy physics and changes things according to one’s desire.

















Our creations can be big like the GlobiPlanet (Left) and GlobiCity (Right) below or small like very detailed ojects above. Fly freely in space or over a virtual city, viewing your creation bigger than planet earth or whatever you would like to out-scale. And we can also go down to atom level if you wish so.





To learn more about our portfolio and process, please contact us.