Digital Content

Art and Technology


We live and love graphic design. Whatever is the tool, whatever is artwork, we conceptualize it, draw it, render it, finetune it. With a great team of creatives and technical experts we challenge what is possible to get of the current graphics engines. Computer generated graphyics used to be clunky and super fake, but it has improved significantly and is getting better everyday. We use the latest tool in this trade in our creation and we are constantly updating our toolset. Our creation can be in the following format:

1. 2d / 3d- design

Digital composition
Digital composition
  • Content Development
  • Content Editing / Curation
  • 2d / 3d design and conversion

2. Animated Content

  • Graphic Animations
  • Video Animation
  • Blended Animations

3. Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • Motion Graphic Development
  • AR / VR integration
  • Desktop or mobile rendering

We Create Together

You don’t need to have experience with those complex tools, you don’t even need to know them, we will walk you through the entire process. We won’t bother you with technical terms. You only need to let us know your idea, and we will provide draft samples, based on which we can modify and add in more details, untill you see your imagination right in front of you.If you are not sure what exactly you want, we are happy to provide ideas and modify based on your feedback.


There will be 4 stages:


  • Define the purpose. What  you want to archieve by creating visual content?
  • Confirm the form of the final product. Will it be a video, a VR demo or a simple poster?
  • Build the draft sample, based on which we will improve and develop together.
  • Finalize the project. Do you want to distribute it on-line, make multi-language versions, or print it out?


Globibo City Overview
Globibo City Blue Version