Conference Mobile App – Customization

Conference App Personalization

Conference App Personalization

Basic Conference App Navigation

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Conference App Theme Customization

The color theme of the App can be entirely customized to suit your needs and requirements.

Conference App Main Page

  • The Event banner can have its picture changed and adapted
  • Colour and font of the text in the header, as well as in the rest of the App are customizable
  • Transparency is adjustable for the boxes
  • Choice between a solid background colour or to insert a personal background pictures

Conference App Navigation Page

  • Buttons will be displayed depending on which features have been selected for the Event
  • Colours for the background and the text are customizable
  • Alignment for the buttons are adjustable
  • Background colours for buttons can be chosen for both active and inactive buttons
  • Grouped or un-grouped navigation structures can be configured

Conference App Bookmarks

  • Bookmark your favourite sessions and view them all at once in this category
  • Bookmark sessions, speakers, participants, exhibitors, media and sponsors and many other app items
  • Remove bookmarked and archive activities

App Languages

  • Allows adjustment of different languages
  • One language only can be set at a time
  • All content is preset via the backend
  • Multiple languages available, such as Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Bahasa
  • User can choose in which language the information will be displayed

Conference App Wallet

  • Virtual points or currencies can be configured
  • Top-up structures can be configured
  • Shows transaction history : debits and credits
  • Indicates the total balance of credits/points remaining for the user
  • Wallet can be integrated to in-app or outside transactions via QR-code / Bar-code / NFC or other APIs.

Conference App Login & Registration

  • Login instructions will be shared at the time of registration and/or visible on Event Marketing materials e.g. Website, flyer etc.
  • Login is personalized with username + password
  • Open access platforms available upon special setup
  • Registration can be done through Globibo Registration Engines or 3rd party applications
  • Login & Registration can be integrated with 3rd party CRM systems
  • Standard password reset and self-help tools

Personal Profile

  • Update personal details, such as names, password, company, title or date of birth
  • Manage social media channels
  • Upload different profile images
  • Manage huge array of other personalization details
  • Administrate flights / hotel information
  • Manage passport and logostic information
  • Manage settings for visibility and contact modes
  • Manage notification settings
  • Display integrated ticket QR-code

Home & Navigation Pages

  • Navigation & Home Page are entirely customizable
  • Add and remove modules and components
  • Add logos, colors and images
  • Alerts will appear in the app, at the top, either pre-scheduled or sent ad-hoc
  • Manage event newsfeeds (internal news or social-media feeds)
  • Push-notifications will also appear for news, alerts, private messaging, meeting requests. These can be pushed on the home-screen
  • Link to dedicated event information pages

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