Conference Info Management

Conference App Information Solutions

The following modules are available to provide basic as well as advanced information to all stakeholders of the event. Those modules can be deeply integrated to the other areas of the platform.

Agenda / Sessions Speakers Rating Localisation Search Social Media News Program Information

Conference Agenda

  • Items are sorted by track, time, venue, room or category
  • They are cascaded by different organizations
  • The entire agenda is searchable
  • Specific agenda items can be added to bookmarks
  • The agenda can be fully integrated with the external Event Website
  • The color theme of the agenda is fully customizable

Session Information

  • The user will be able to view speakers in this feature
  • Document(s) can be uploaded and downloaded
  • The user can ask questions and comment
  • Users can rate sessions
  • Take notes
  • Access polling sessions

Conference Speakers

  • View Speaker’s information
  • Show brief of extended profiles
  • Manage profile images and media channels
  • Show agenda items from this speaker
  • Contact details, titles and other, can be maintained in this feature as well

Program Ratings

  • Rate sessions and speakers
  • Rate on scale from 1-5
  • Provide qualitative / text-feedback
  • Rating remains anonymous to other users
  • Show current rating results

Event Maps

  • Show different type of maps (e.g. Floorplan, Conference Halls, Exhibition Halls, Evacuation Plan/Map)
  • Static Maps uploaded via backend
  • GPS-based maps can be configured
  • Indoor mapping available upon request

Integrated Search

  • Search all modules of the application
  • Narrow down your search items quickly among the various modules

 Social Media News

  • Integrate popular social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter page feeds into the App
  • In-app Facebook page: scroll up/down the in-app Facebook page
  • Clicking on Like/Comment/Share will open the official Facebook page of the Event


Conference Program

  • All events and activities outside of the standard agenda
  • Categorize and sort program items based on predefined structures
  • Provide full information about each program item
  • Allow booking of program items

Conference Information Pages

  • Configure any number of information pages
  • Include images, text and rich media in information pages
  • Full-text Search through all information pages

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