Conference Mobile App – Audience Engagement

Mobile App Audience Engagement

Polling Quiz Suggestions Shop Auction Mindmaps Abstracts


    • Polling can be activated per session upon request
    • There are no limitations for number of questions and answers
    • Questions can be single-choice, multiple-choice or text answers
    • Text-answers can be displayed as tag cloud
    • Other answers can be displayed in charts



  • Surveys can be in form of text or option answers
  • No limitations for the number of surveys, questions and answers
  • All results are visible in the moderator panels and in the backend for the Client


Quiz Station

From the backend, quizzes can be monitored and customized.

    • Configure Quiz Stations based on GPS location or scanning spots
    • Illustrate potential answers and option to submit choices
    • Count points based on correct answers


Event Suggestions

  • Allow participants to submit suggestions before, during and after the event
  • Monitor suggestion from backend via moderators








  • Listing of items which are managed via the backend
  • Categorize items for easier viewing and navigation
  • Decide for purchase via payment gateways or in-build wallet structure
  • Provide backend systems for administrators to finalize sales











  • Manage different items via the Content Management System
  • Participants can place bids for items
  • Bids are visible to other participants
  • Maximum bid and auto-increments can be placed
  • Notification structures can be configured












Collaborative Mindmaps

  • Feature similar to an in-built mini notepad
  • Allows the user to draw out thoughts and ideas
  • Mind-maps can be shared within participants and attendees
  • Mind-maps can be screened in real-time via a projector or external monitors
  • Participants can add details and/or other mind maps in real time










  • Submit abstracts to peer reviewers
  • Inform peer reviewers of open tasks
  • Document peer reviewer feedback
  • Manage different versions and resubmissions
  • Show list of categorized abstracts
  • Full-text search through abstracts
  • Download abstracts








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