Baidu Map to Cover 150 Countries

April 19th, Baidu Map hold a strategy presentation in Beijing. According to the Company, it has included 18 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific region, and is to include 150 or so by the end of 2016. 4月19日消息,百度地图在京举办国际化战略发布会,宣布已登陆亚太18个国家和地区,并将于2016年底覆盖全球150多个国家和地区。

Suning Buys Alibaba Share

April 17th, Suning released announcement stating that the Company is to purchase 1.09% of Alibaba’s equity. Its subsidiary Shiny Lion Limited is to apply loan not more than RMB10 billion for a period less than 4 year. 4月17日消息,苏宁云商今日发布公告称,为认购阿里巴巴集团约1.09%的股份,旗下子公司Shiny Lion Limited拟向银行申请专项贷款,贷款金额不超过100亿元人民币的等值美元,期限不超过4年。

Qualcomm & GREE Patent Agreement

April 7th, according to Qualcomm and Chinese major home appliance maker GREE’s subsidiary Ewpe had reached into an exclusive patent agreement. This is another Chinese company agrees to pay patent fee to Qualcomm. 4月7日消息,高通周三宣布,公司与中国电器制造商格力旗下的珠海Ewpe信息科技公司签署专利授权协议。这是又一家同意向高通支付专利费用的中国公司。

Foxconn Acquires SHARP

Mar 30th, Foxconn told the Press that its Board has confirmed the purchase of SHARP’s new ordinary shares at the price of JPY88 per each, 25% lower than previous JPY118. Foxconn is to acquire 66% of SHARP’s equity with a consideration of JPY389.0, about JPY100 billion lower than original offer. Foxconn also expressed that the Company is to purchase another JPY113.64 billion of special shares that to be issued by SHARP. 3月30日消息,鸿海(富士康)今日下午证交所举行重大讯息说明会,董事会决议认购夏普发行新普通股,每股为88日元,从原先的每股118日元再往下砍,降幅达到25%,富士康以3890亿日元(折合35亿美元)收购夏普66%的股份,比原出价降低约1000亿日元。另外,鸿海亦表示,亦将认购夏普公司增资发行1136.4万股的特别股。

SHARP Acquisition Price Dropping

According to informed sources, Foxcomm is still in acqusition negotiation with SHARP, and new changes might happen anytime. According to latest terms, Foxcomm is to purchase new shares to be issued by SHARP with a consideration of JPY389.0 billion. Upon completion of the deal, Foxcomm is to own 2/3 equity of SHARP. The latest price is much lower than Foxcomm’s original offer JPY489.0 billion. 据知情人士透露,目前收购夏普的新方案仍在谈判当中,并随时可能会出现新的变化。根据新条款,富士康将斥资3890亿日元(约合223.3亿元人民币)认购夏普发行的新股,获得夏普三分之二的股权,但相比富士康最初4890亿日元(约合280.7亿元人民币)的报价,数额仍是下降了不少。

Shanghai Disneyland Ticket Sold Out

The first batch of tickets for Shanghai Disneyland, theme hotel and music opera Lion King had been available on official website on AM01:00. Official website was stuck and according to Disneyland’s partner, standard tickets for the openning ceremony scheduled on June 16th were sold out in 5 minutes. 今天凌晨零点零一分,上海迪士尼乐园门票、主题酒店、中文版音乐剧《狮子王》同时开售、接受预订,但官网却出现长时间的瘫痪,记者只能通过其合作伙伴了解销售进展,6月16日开幕日标准票,在正式开售5分钟内告罄。

US to Remove ZTE from Blacklist

According to a report by WallStreetJournal, a high ranking official from the United States Department of Commerce told the reporter that ZTE has made bonding committemnt to US government and the Department is likly to remove part of the restrictions upon ZTE temporarily as early as this week. 据华尔街日报报道称,美国商务部一名高级官员3月20日称,根据中兴通讯已向美国政府做出的具有约束力的承诺,商务部预计本周能够暂时解除部分许可限制。

Foxcomm Like to Reduce Investment to Sharp

Mar 21st, according to JijiPress, Foxcomm is likely to redunce investment to Sharp from JPY489.0 billion to JPY389.0 billion. 3月21日消息,据路透社报道,日本时事通讯社周一报道称,富士康很可能减少对陷入困境的日本电子公司夏普的注资,由此前计划的4890亿日元(约合43.91亿美元)减少至约3890亿日元。

Zuckerberg Meets Communist Leader

Mar 19th, Mr.Liu Yunshan, a standing member of the Political Bureau of Chinese Communist Party and member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, had a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg in Beijing. this might be a indication of lifting ban on foreign social media in China. 3月19日电 中共中央政治局常委、中央书记处书记刘云山19日在京会见脸谱公司创始人兼首席执行官扎克伯格。