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Our Individual Language Course Programme is probably the most flexible setup that can be provided. We can fully customise our learning method and teaching style to your learning preferences, professional need or personal interest. Following your expectations and preferences, our experienced instructors will prepare intensive courses or more relaxed lessons.

Individual Language Courses

Individual Lessons are offered for any language at your preferred location, whether it is at your office, home, or in our classroom. The courses are based on all of Globibo's Learning Material, ranging from the GlobiBook to our Learning iPhone apps, iPad apps, android apps, facebook pages, online lessons, GlobiCards, GlobiMaps, and many more. For more information, please contact us.

Individual lessons do not follow a predetermined schedule and are not published online, so please contact us for more details.

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French Language Course iPhone App iPhone App - French A1

ver 1000 French words, phrases and dialogues, now for your iPhone

French Language Course at youtube French A1 Words

Basic French Vocabulary
(60 words with audio)

Mandarin Language Course iPhone App iPhone App - Mandarin A1

Over 1000 Chinese words, phrases and dialogues, now for your iPhone.

Spanish Language Course facebook app FB App - Spanish A1

Over 1000 Spanish words, phrases and dialogues, now for your android phone.

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